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Kosonsoy is located in Uzbekistan
Location in Uzbekistan
Coordinates: 41°15′N 71°33′E / 41.250°N 71.550°E / 41.250; 71.550Coordinates: 41°15′N 71°33′E / 41.250°N 71.550°E / 41.250; 71.550
Country Uzbekistan
RegionNamangan Region
885 m (2,906 ft)
(late 2006)
 • Total43,684
Time zoneUTCUTC+5
Postal code

Kosonsoy also spelled as Kasansay (Uzbek: Kosonsoy / Косонсой; Tajik: Косонсой; Russian: Касансай) or simply, Kasan, (ancient Kathan) is a town in Uzbekistan. Kosonsoy in Namangan Region is different from the town of Koson of the Qashqadaryo Region of Uzbekistan. Kosonsoy is named after the River "Koson" which flows from high mountains of Kyrgyzstan to Turakurgan District of Namangan Region of Uzbekistan, the word "soy" in Tajik and Uzbek means a "brook".


Kosonsoy is an ancient place, its first settlements date back to times of Kushan Empire. The word "koson" came out from the word Kushan. Kosonsoy was an essential part of Kushan Empire together with ancient city Akhsikent, near Namangan city. There are still remains of ancient Mug Castle of Kushanids in the north part of the city. In other books is written that the "koson" means "big town" or "strong castle".


Kosonsoy has a population about 43,684 inhabitants.[1] A vast majority of population in Kosonsoy are Persian speaking Tajiks.


There are five Secondary Special Education Colleges (SSEC) and one Academic Lyceum in Kosonsoy. SSECs include medical college, pedagogical college, transport and communication college, technical college and a few others. There are about 46 secondary schools in Kosonsoy, including two or three Tajik schools and one Russian and Uzbek school.


Kosonsoy is a mountainous place, and the mountain is as close as 3 km to the centre of district. The river Kosonsoy divides the city into two parts.

Prominent people[edit]

Makhdumi Azam Kosoni (also known as Ahmad Kasani), a prominent Muslim scholar/scientist/poet, was born in Kosonsoy, the street of Maxdumi Azam was named after him and there is monument of Maxdumi Azam near the bank of Kosonsoy River, completed in September 2007. Maxdumi A'zam Kosoniy was religion teacher (Pir)of Zakhiriddin Muhammad Bobur. Maxdumi A'zam Kosoniy wrote books about Islam. He was one of the three A'zams in the Muslim world. A descendant of his named Offokkhoja was very famous in Kashgar. Boborahim Mashrab (Shoh Mashrab) was taught by Offokkhoja. Mashrab was his student (murid).