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Kosuke Kindaichi, as he appeared in volume 6 of Case Closed

Kosuke Kindaichi (金田一 耕助 Kindaichi Kōsuke?) is a famous fictional Japanese detective created by Seishi Yokomizo, a renowned mystery novelist. His first case, The Honjin Murder Case, a novel of locked room murder in an old family, which many people regard as one of the best Japanese detective novels, was published in 1946.

A profile of Kosuke appears at the end of the manga Case Closed Volume 6.

Hajime Kindaichi (金田一 一 Kindaichi Hajime?), the main character of Kindaichi Case Files, is depicted as the grandson of Kosuke Kindaichi.

Works in translation[edit]

The Inugami Clan (1951) is the only one novel of Kindaichi series to have been translated into English.

Two other novels are available in French translation.

  • Le Village aux huit tombes (original title: Yatsuhaka Mura) (1951)
  • La Ritournelle du démon (original title: Akuma no Temari Uta) (1959)


The Kosuke Kindaichi series consists of 77 cases.


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