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The Kuban Rada (Russian: Кубанская Рада; Ukrainian: Кубанська Рада) was the supreme organisation of the Kuban Cossacks, that represented all the heads of the districts. Its head however, Nakazny Ataman, was appointed by the Tsar directly. After the February Revolution, in April 1917 the Rada proclaimed itself as the supreme administration of the Kuban Oblast. On September 24, 1917, the Rada adopted a resolution on the formation of a legislature. After the October Revolution, the Rada fought against Soviet rule, and proclaimed the Kuban People's Republic on January 28, 1918 with its capital in Yekaterinodar.

White Russian General Anton Denikin abolished the Rada in 1920.

In 1990 was formed an organisation, called Rada, which now administers the modern Kuban Cossack Host.