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Kunt and the Gang
Also known asMr. Tuppence
Born1973 [1]
OriginBasildon, Essex, United Kingdom[2]
Comedy music
Novelty song
Years active2003–2016, 2019–present
LabelsSelf-released through Disco Minge Records
Associated actsMike Gibbons
Little Kunt (hand puppet)

Kunt and the Gang is a British synthpop dark musical comedian who originated as a council worker from Basildon in 2003.[3] His act generated popularity through performing at a number of pubs and attracting the attention of national magazines. He would then make content for early social networking platforms, predominately MySpace; and proclaims himself a “minor internet hit singer” though has also been described as an Internet celebrity. He states that he used social networking "before the thought police took it over".[4] Despite mainly being a singular comedian, "and the Gang" in his stage name is designed to incorporate his characters such as hand-puppet "Little Kunt" who is referred to in numerous songs. In 2010, his act first reached chart success when his single "Use My Arsehole as a Cunt (The Nick Clegg Story)" reached number #66 in the UK Christmas singles chart.[5][6][7] The following year, another single, "Fucksticks", also entered the charts, this time at number #63.

He released ten studio albums before retiring his act in 2016, and published an autobiography in December 2018. In 2019 he returned with an album featuring French versions of many of his “minor internet hits”. The real name of "Kunt" has never been officially revealed, in his own words “So as to not ruin the magic”. Kunt and the Gang’s early work is best known for its simple electronic production and controversial lyrical content, dealing with such taboo subjects as masturbation and sexual fantasies. Kunt’s later work took a darker turn, following the well documented Operation Yewtree police investigation, often touching on the subject of pedophilia and featured several timely, hearse-chasing ironic tributes to recently deceased celebrities.


Charted singles[edit]

Year Single UK Peak Positions[8]
2010 "Use My Arsehole as a Cunt" 66
2011 "Fucksticks" 63

Other songs[edit]

Year Title
2004 Santa's Sack
2006 Fucksticks (First Release)
2006 This Christmas
2007 All I Want For Christmas is You (To Bring Me Off)
2008 Jesus (Baby With a Beard)
2008 Men with beards What are they hiding?
2009 I Sucked Off a Bloke: 2 New Songs Tour Souvenir
2009 Kuntish Christmas
2011 Jesus (Baby With a Beard)


Year Title
2004 I Have a Little Wank and I Have a Little Cry
2007 I Have Another Wank and I Have Another Cry
2008 One Last Wank and One Last Cry
2010 Kunt and the Gang Presents Shannon Matthews: The Musical
2011 Hurry Up and Suck Me Off Before I Get Famous
2011 Kiss You Under The Cameltoe (The Christmas Singles)
2013 Kuntrarian (Little Kunt's Solo Album)
2014 Japs iTunes
2015 Kunt'll Fix It
2016 Blue ROFL
2019 Bite Ô Ma Bite

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Title
2009 Here's One I Knocked Out Earlier
2010 Complete Kunt: The Greatest Minor Internet Hits of Kunt and the Gang
2012 Sloppy Seconds: More Titbits from the Kunt Archives
2013 Fresh Kunt (download only Greatest Hits)

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