Kunt and the Gang

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Kunt and the Gang
Origin Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom
Genres Synthpop
Comedy music
Novelty song
Years active 2003–2016
Labels Disco Minge Records
Website kuntandthegang.co.uk
Members Kunt
Little Kunt (hand puppet)
Notable instruments
Synthesizer Kazoo

Kunt and the Gang is an English musical comedy performer. Through the release of six studio albums and a number of singles, he has achieved minor chart success, but is best known for his status as an internet celebrity. Kunt's work is known for its controversial lyrical content, dealing with such taboo subjects as masturbation, paedophilia and sexual fantasies.

Based in Basildon, Essex, Kunt and the Gang began his career in 2003, performing at a number of pubs and gaining the attention of various national magazines. His first three albums, I Have A Little Wank And I Have A Little Cry (2005), I Have Another Wank And I Have Another Cry (2007) and One Last Wank And One Last Cry (2008) constituted a "Wanking and Crying Trilogy", each being released on Disco Minge Records. This was followed by a fourth studio album, the topical Shannon Matthews: The Musical (2010).

It was also in 2010 that Kunt first reached chart success, when his single "Use My Arsehole as a Cunt (The Nick Clegg Story)" reached number 66 in the UK Christmas singles chart.[1][2][3][4] The following year, another single, "Fucksticks", also entered the charts, this time at #63.


Formation and early work (2003–2009)[edit]

Formed in late 2003 by Kunt (one of the founder members of Essex rock combo Serious Problem) the group underwent a line-up change even before the band's first gig in December 2003 at the Castlemayne pub in Basildon supporting local duo Retail Outlet, with Andy Kunt (aka And' Job) being replaced by Little Kunt.

A residency at the Castlemayne pub in 2004 led to Kunt and the Gang receiving interest from national press including the NME and adult interest magazines Fiesta and Knave.[5]

The band released their debut album I Have A Little Wank And I Have A Little Cry in 2005 on indie label Disco Minge Records. In December 2006 a live DVD followed, entitled 'Viva Bas Vegas', and the band's second album I Have Another Wank And I Have Another Cry was released in March 2007. This led to interest from Charlie Brooker, who commented that he was addicted to the song "Use My Arsehole as a Cunt" on the online "Comment is Free" section of The Guardian, describing it as "life-affirmingly puerile stuff, set to one of the most infectious and upbeat melodies imaginable."[6]

Kunt and the Gang recorded a World Cup song in 2006, predictably entitled "Let's Have A Wank For England" which was released as a free mp3. After England were eliminated in qualifying for the Euro 2008 Championship the band re-worked their previous effort as "I've Had My Last Wank For England".

The band's third album, One Last Wank And One Last Cry, the final part of the "Wanking and Crying Trilogy", was released in May 2008 and a collection of unreleased tracks and rarities entitled Here's One I Knocked Out Earlier followed in 2009.

Chart success (2010–present)[edit]

In 2010 under the moniker of 'Kunt and the Gang presents' the group teamed up with a collective of amateur actors from Yorkshire to release Shannon Matthews: The Musical, an audio musical based on the disappearance of Shannon Matthews. A "Greatest Hits" package was then released on CD/DVD called Complete Kunt: The Greatest Minor Internet Hits of Kunt and the Gang

Later in 2010, Kunt and the Gang's musical career took off when they re-worked their song 'Use My Arsehole As A Cunt' as a satirical commentary on Nick Clegg's participation in government with David Cameron. Despite no airplay or coverage in the mainstream media, an online campaign championed by digital arts community b3ta led the single to achieve No. 66 in the UK official single charts.

A further re-worked version of another previous single 'Fucksticks', charted at No. 63 in April 2011.[7] There were many campaigns on Social Networking sites to get the song to Number One on the weekend of the Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The accompanying video, featuring effigies of the British Royal Family performing sex acts, led to Kunt and the Gang's YouTube channel being removed "due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines".

During their run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2011, Kunt was widely criticised for his marketing tactic of placing stickers of male genitalia in compromising positions on the posters of other companies. The penises were removed following complaints from several of the victims (including XFM's John Robins) and reported threats of legal action from PR companies.[8] Kunt proceeded to publish a "tongue-in-cheek" apology, in which he commented that "I would like to take this opportunity to say my cocks were not meant maliciously or designed to annoy anyone and I sincerely apologise if one of my cocks got up anyone's nose. Admittedly I didn't think it through properly. I mistakenly thought everyone would share my enthusiasm for seeing Edinburgh covered in crudely drawn cocks for a month."[8] The "cockgate" stunt however gained Kunt and his venue director Bob Slayer, the Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award for 2011.[9] Shortly after returning from the Fringe, Kunt and the Gang released their 4th album Hurry Up And Suck Me Off Before I Get Famous followed by a collection of Christmas songs, most gathered from the Christmas CD's throughout the years. This was entitled Kiss You Under The Cameltoe (The Christmas Singles).

In 2012 Kunt and the Gang embarked out what would be their largest tour to date, playing to venues up and down the country including a packed out comedy tent at the Download Festival. A second collection of rarities and album outtakes was released in this year entitled Sloppy Seconds: More Titbits from the Kunt Archives, and also a free MP3 called Jimmy Savile and the Sexy Kids which poked fun at the scandal surrounding Jimmy Savile.

2013 saw Kunt spend 2 months in Australia to play the Adelaide Fringe, before returning to the UK for more shows, again playing Download and the Edinburgh Fringe. Another massive UK tour followed in the Autumn, and Little Kunt released his own album of covers called Kuntrarian.

Dirty Protest Against Simon Cowell[edit]

In 2013 Kunt and the Gang launched a dirty protest against Simon Cowell's hold on the Xmas charts. Fans were asked via social media to take a photograph of their fecal matter and send it to Simon via Twitter, with #dirtyprotest as the hashtag, on 15 December 2013. This was described as being akin to posting the matter through his letterbox, a traditional way of showing your contempt and distaste for a person.


Charted singles[edit]

Year Single UK Peak Positions[10]
2010 "Use My Arsehole as a Cunt" 66
2011 "Fucksticks" 63

Other songs[edit]

Year Title
2004 Santa's Sack
2006 Fucksticks (First Release)
2006 This Christmas
2007 All I Want For Christmas is You (To Bring Me Off)
2008 Jesus (Baby With a Beard)
2008 Men with beards What are they hiding?
2009 I Sucked Off a Bloke: 2 New Songs Tour Souvenir
2009 Kuntish Christmas
2011 Jesus (Baby With a Beard)


Year Title
2005 I Have a Little Wank and I Have a Little Cry
2007 I Have Another Wank and I Have Another Cry
2008 One Last Wank and One Last Cry
2010 Kunt and the Gang Presents Shannon Matthews: The Musical
2011 Hurry Up and Suck Me Off Before I Get Famous
2011 Kiss You Under The Cameltoe (The Christmas Singles)
2013 Kuntrarian (Little Kunt's Solo Album)
2014 Japs iTunes
2015 Kunt'll Fix It

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Title
2009 Here's One I Knocked Out Earlier
2010 Complete Kunt: The Greatest Minor Internet Hits of Kunt and the Gang
2012 Sloppy Seconds: More Titbits from the Kunt Archives
2013 Fresh Kunt (download only Greatest Hits)

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