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Kvir Magazine.jpg
Categories Gay men's lifestyle, Men's
Frequency Monthly
Publisher www.gay.ru
Year founded 2003
Final issue 2012
Company www.gay.ru
Country Russia
Language Russian
Website [1]

Kvir (Квир, from English queer) was a Russian gay lifestyle magazine. It was launched by www.gay.ru which runs the LGBT Center "Together", a non-profit organization.[1]

The magazine is a non-profit project designed to provide Russian society with correct and diverse information on homosexuality, to increase public tolerance of homosexuals, as well as to support and unify the gay community in Russia. It is also made to raise self-acceptance within the gay community. The magazine's name (Kvir) stems from the English word "queer".[1]

The glossy color magazine was first published in 2003. The physical publication ceased in 2012 with 113 issues printed.[2] KVIR is transitioned to an all-digital format and currently is an online Internet magazine.[3]


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