LG The V (VX9800)

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LG The V (VX9800)
Manufacturer LG Electronics
Compatible networks CDMA
Availability by Region 2005
Successor enV (VX9900)
Dimensions 4.57 x 1.97 x 1 in
Weight 5.19 oz.
Memory 128 MB (built-in, flash shared)
Display 320 x 256 px LCD (18 bit color)
External display 160 x 128 px LCD (65,000 colors)
Connectivity Bluetooth / USB Cable

The V (LG VX9800) is a CDMA[1] smartphone.[2][3] It was released under Verizon Wireless in 2005.[4]

Since then, it has been updated by the enV (VX9900), enV2 (VX9100) and enV3 (VX9200), which are much slimmer and maintain most of the features of The V, while adding a 2.0-megapixel camera and stereo Bluetooth support.[5]


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