La Sen Thai

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La Sen Thai
King of Lan Xang
Reign 1486–1496
Coronation 1486
Predecessor Souvanna Banlang
Successor Somphou
Born Tieng Lakon
Muang Sua, Lan Xang
Died 1496
Muang Sua, Lan Xang
Issue Prince Somphou
Regnal name
Samdach Brhat-Anya Chao Lankasena Daya Buvananatha Raja Sri Sadhana Kanayudha
Dynasty Khun Lo
Father Chakkaphat Phaen Phaeo
Religion Therevada Buddhism

La Sen Thai or La Sen Thai Puvanart was the king of Lan Xang from 1485 until 1495. Succeeded his older brother King Suvarna Banlang

Laasaenthai the six son of King Sai Tia Kaphut, Governor of Nongkai before his accession. Succeeded on the death of his childless elder brother, 1486. Crowned in 1491. He enjoyed peaceful relations with his neighbours in Vietnam led by Lê Thánh Tông and cultivated good relations with the Ayutthaya Kingdom, spending much of his time contemplating religious and legal matters, furthering the spread of Buddhism and building monuments. He was succeeded by his only son, Sompou.

Preceded by
Souvanna Banlang
King of Lan Xang
Succeeded by