Lake Khasan

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Lake Khasan
Location Khasansky District, Primorsky Krai
Coordinates 42°26′55″N 130°36′29″E / 42.44861°N 130.60806°E / 42.44861; 130.60806Coordinates: 42°26′55″N 130°36′29″E / 42.44861°N 130.60806°E / 42.44861; 130.60806
Primary outflows Tanbogatyi River
Basin countries Russia
Surface area 2.23 km2 (0.86 sq mi)
War memorial outside Khasan, on the bluffs where the Battle of Lake Khasan took place in 1938

Lake Khasan or Lake Hassan (Russian: озеро Хасан; Chinese: 哈桑湖; pinyin: Hāsāng Hú) is a small lake in Khasansky District, Primorsky Krai of Russia, located southeast of Posyet Bay, on the border with North Korea and China, 130 km southwest of Vladivostok. It has a surface area of 2.23 km2. The Tanbogatyi River flows from the lake. The lake, described as "the tight corner where the territories of Korea, Manchuria, and Russia meet",[1] was the site of the Battle of Lake Khasan in summer 1938.

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