Huechulafquen Lake

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Huechulafquen Lake
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Location Huiliches Department, Neuquén Province, Argentina, in Patagonia
Coordinates 39°46′12″S 71°22′48″W / 39.77000°S 71.38000°W / -39.77000; -71.38000Coordinates: 39°46′12″S 71°22′48″W / 39.77000°S 71.38000°W / -39.77000; -71.38000
Basin countries Argentina
Max. length 30 km (19 mi)
Max. width 5 km (3.1 mi)
Surface area 104 km2 (40 sq mi)

Huechulafquen Lake (Spanish pronunciation: [wetʃuˈlafken]) is a lake in Neuquén Province, Patagonian Argentina. This glacial lake is located in the Andean mountains in Lanín National Park some 25 kilometres from Junín de los Andes and 60 kilometres from San Martín de los Andes. It is one of Argentina's most important Andean lakes, and is fed by meltwater streams and Lakes Paimún and Epulafquén.

The lake's name is Mapuche, and means long lake, an apt name for this nearly 30 km long, 5 km wide lake, which has a surface area of 104 km².

The lake at the mouth of the Chimehuin River.