Lake Placid 2

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Lake Placid 2
Lake Placid 2 DVD.jpg
DVD cover
Written by Todd Hurvitz
Howie Miller
Directed by David Flores
Starring John Schneider
Sarah Lafleur
Sam McMurray
Chad Michael Collins
Alicia Ziegler
Joe Holt
Cloris Leachman
Music by Nathan Furst
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Jeffery Beach
Phillip Roth
Cinematography Lorenzo Senatore
Editor(s) John Quinn
Running time 85 minutes
Production company(s) Sony Pictures
Distributor 20th Century Fox
Original network Sci-Fi Channel
Original release
  • April 28, 2007 (2007-04-28)

Lake Placid 2 is a 2007 made-for-television horror comedy film directed by David Flores, starring John Schneider and produced by Sony Pictures and the Sci-Fi Channel. The film is a sequel to the 1999 film Lake Placid and the second installment in the Lake Placid franchise. The film aired as a Sci-Fi Channel original movie on April 28, 2007. The rated, and unrated DVD, releases of the film are distributed by 20th Century Fox. They also distributed the unrated Blu-Ray. The DVD to the film was released on January 29, 2008.


The film begins with two researchers, Frank and Tillman on a rubber tube raft until Tillman is dragged into the water and killed by a crocodile. In Aroostook County, Maine, Frank shows Sheriff James Riley the severed body parts of Tillman. James, Frank, Fish and Wildlife officer Emma Warner venture to Black Lake to investigate. After stopping the boat, Emma jumps into the lake to see if there’s anything, eventually to find Tillman’s severed head.

Next up, three adventurers, Mike, Edie, and Sharon visit the lake. James, Frank, and Emma return to land to visit a cabin home to an elderly lady named Sadie Bickerman. Emma and James requests a few questions from Sadie about her sister Delores from the previous film who gone missing ever since but Sadie declines the answer. On the three adventurers’ scene, Mike, Edie, and Sharon are all killed by a crocodile while swimming.

The sheriff’s son, Scott Riley wanders into the woods, mistaking an incoming crocodile for his pet dog, Daisy. Scott then meets Kerri and her boyfriend, Thad. Daisy barks about something moving in the lake but Kerri sees nothing. A much more lenient Sadie talks with a photographer at a boat dock before going back to her cabin and the photographer is captured and killed by a swarm of baby crocodiles while taking pictures.

Riding the boat again, James forcefully hits the brakes, knocking Frank into the lake but James and Emma bring him back on board to safety. When a crocodile appears, James draws his gun and the crocodile dives under to knock the three off the boat. The boat is demolished and all three go to land. The three meet Struthers and Ahmad, who drove a plane to distract the crocodile.

The next scene shows Rachael and Larry, along with Scott, Kerri, and Thad venturing in the woods to some other side of the lake. On the scene of the Sheriff’s team, Deputy Dale Davis comes in to unload the boat while the crew sets up a tent for overnight camping. They next see a wild boar trapped in a rope net and feed it to the crocodile. The crew neutralizes the crocodile with their guns and Dale ties the mouth with a rope, but the crocodile easily breaks free, severs Dale’s arm and devours him. Frank dies from a fall and the others move on.

On the younger crew’s scene, Rachael mistakes Larry giving her a foot massage for a crocodile that drags her into the lake, killing her. Larry runs away horrified. The other three of the younger crew find eggs in the woods. Thad breaks some eggs and is killed by a crocodile. The Sheriff’s crew feed a boar carcass to one crocodile and Ahmad shoots a harpoon arrow that accidentally touches Struthers' plane. James and Ahmad abandon the boat and Struthers is thrown off his plane. Ahmad neutralizes the crocodile and lets out a celebrating yell. Thunderstorms strike the night, forcing the crew to their tents. Scott and Kerri are stranded in the woods until they find a horrified Larry. The Sheriff’s crew is wide asleep in their tents until the crocodile attacks and kills Ahmad.

The next morning, Scott, Kerri, and Larry climb a tree to avoid one crocodile. The Sheriff’s gang meets Sadie, who hints that only three of the younger crew are alive. Larry falls from the tree and on top of the crocodile, which kills him. James witnesses the two surviving teenagers and kills the crocodile with a grenade launcher. Sadie lets the teenagers in her house to be safe, until the elderly woman tricks them into entering the lake. Sadie is then devoured by a crocodile. The police crew battles one crocodile and Emma kills it by puncturing his mouth with a jackknife. Struthers hangs upside down on a tree and he is killed as his head is severed by the last crocodile. James kills the last one with multiple explosive substances that destroys the crocodile's nest.

At the end, Scott and Kerri express their love with a passionate kiss while James and Emma are leaving the lake together and revealed that Emma took the crocodile's eggs from the nest earlier and sends it to the scientific lab.



The film was shot in Bulgaria in 2006.[1]


The film received generally negative reviews, citing an unoriginal plot and low-budget special effects.[2][3]

Home media[edit]

Lake Placid 2 was released to DVD on January 29, 2008 on both rated and unrated versions. The unrated Blu-Ray was released in 2011.

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