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Lamb's Conduit Field was an open area of Holborn, London, that was a noted cricket venue in the first half of the 18th century.


Its location was partly that now called Coram's Fields in the London Borough of Camden. Coram's Field is situated on the former site of the Foundling Hospital, established by Thomas Coram in what was then named Lamb's Conduit Field in 1739.[1] It is not to be confused with White Conduit Fields, in Islington, which was another venue of 18th century cricket. It is believed that Lamb's Conduit Field ceased to be a cricket venue when construction of the Foundling Hospital was approved in or before 1739.

Cricket venue[edit]

Lamb's Conduit Field
LocationHolborn, London
Home clubLondon Cricket Club
County clubMiddlesex
Establishmentby 1707 season
Last used1736 English cricket season

Lamb's Conduit Field is known to have been used for matches from 1707. The first match known to have been played there was in June 1707 when London met Mitcham Cricket Club.[2]

There is a gap of over twenty years before the venue recurs in the cricket records. It was used in 1731 for when London played against an Enfield team and was then used twice in 1736 for London v Surrey and Middlesex v Surrey.[2] By this time, the London club was using the Artillery Ground as its primary venue and the construction of the Foundling Hospital probably ended its interest in Lamb's Conduit Field.


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