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Laming is located in Cambodia
Location within Cambodia
Coordinates: 13°35′N 107°10′E / 13.583°N 107.167°E / 13.583; 107.167Coordinates: 13°35′N 107°10′E / 13.583°N 107.167°E / 13.583; 107.167[1]
Country  Cambodia
Province Ratanakiri Province
District Bar Kaev
Villages 5
Population (1998)
 • Total 2,622
Time zone UTC+07

Laming (also transliterated Laminh) (Khmer: ឡាមិញ) is a commune in Bar Kaev District in northeast Cambodia. It contains five villages and has a population of 2,622.[2]

In the 2007 commune council elections, all five seats went to members of the Cambodian People's Party.[3] Land alienation is a severe problem in Laming.[4] (See Ratanakiri Province for background information on land alienation.)


Village[2][5] Population[2]
Sex ratio[2]
Number of
Trom (ត្រុំ) 675 0.92 147
Su (ស៊ូ) 212 0.88 49
Nhal (or Nhol) (ញល) 328 0.91 67
Khmang (ខ្មាំង) 285 0.85 58
Phum Muoy (ភូមិ ១) and/or Phum Pram[6]


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