Lake Yeak Laom

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Yeak Laom Lake
Yak Loum.jpg
Aerial view
Location Ratanakiri
Coordinates 13°43′48″N 107°00′54″E / 13.730°N 107.015°E / 13.730; 107.015Coordinates: 13°43′48″N 107°00′54″E / 13.730°N 107.015°E / 13.730; 107.015
Type crater lake
Basin countries Cambodia
Max. length 750 metres (2,460 ft)
Max. width 750 metres (2,460 ft)
Max. depth 157 ft (48 m)

Yeak Loam (Khmer: បឹងយក្សឡោម, Khmer pronunciation: [jeaʔ laom]), also spelled Yak Lom or Yak Loum, is a lake and a popular tourist destination in the Ratanakiri province of north-eastern Cambodia. Located approximately 3 mi (4.8 km) from the provincial capital, Banlung, the beautiful lake occupies a 4,000-year-old volcanic crater. Due to the lake’s tremendous depth (157 ft or 48 m), its water is exceptionally clean and clear. The lake is almost perfectly round and measures 0.45 mi (0.72 km) in diameter. Large trees and rich, lush rain forest, the home of many exotic birds and parrots, surround the lake.

Panorama of Yeak Laom Lake.

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