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Yeak Laom Lake
Yak Loum.jpg
Aerial view
Yeak Laom Lake បឹងយក្សឡោម is located in Cambodia
Yeak Laom Lake បឹងយក្សឡោម
Yeak Laom Lake
Coordinates13°43′48″N 107°00′54″E / 13.730°N 107.015°E / 13.730; 107.015Coordinates: 13°43′48″N 107°00′54″E / 13.730°N 107.015°E / 13.730; 107.015
Typecrater lake
Basin countriesCambodia
Max. length750 metres (2,460 ft)
Max. width750 metres (2,460 ft)
Surface area575.32 square kilometres (222.13 sq mi)
Max. depth48 m (157 ft)

Yeak Laom Lake (បឹងយក្សឡោម)is a crater lake and a tourist destination in Yeak Laom commune, Ban Lung District ក្រុងបានលុង, Ratanakiri Province ខេត្តរតនគីរី, North-Eastern Cambodia. It is Pronounced " Yak Lom." It is about 5 kilometers south of Ban Loung provincial town, and this lake located in a protected area (362 hectares). In 2012, Yeak Laom lake had selected in the list of the 15 most beautiful crater lake in the world.[1]


Around 700 000 years ago, volcanic eruption resulted in the creation of the lake in Ratanakiri's mountain region.[2] The shore of Yeak Laom Lake forms an almost perfect circle. Yeak Laom Lakes's diameter 800 meters, it is about 48 meters deep. Its shape and depth are due to it is volcanic's origin.[3]


On average, the temperatures are always high. Banlung has a lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the month: May, June, July, August, September, and October. Banlung has dry periods in January, February, and December. On average, the warmest month is April, and the coolest month is January. July is the wettest month. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain, January is the driest month.[4]

Sitting Area Around The Lake

Tourist Activity[edit]

It is a popular place to visit in Cambodia. It takes 10 minutes car ride from Ban Lung provincial town. The surrounding of the lake consists of the old jungle, crater volcano lake with crystal clear water, emerald color, refreshing for a swim, rest, watch the sunset, and hide in the forest, a 3-kilometer winding path around the lake and visit Tampuen Community. Yeak Laom lake also included a culture center, handicraft stores that have handicrafts, and souvenirs made by hill tribes living nearby, and ethnic minorities are available for sale.[5] The entrance fee is $0.25 for locals and $2 for foreigners. Some tourists bring their food and beverages and enjoy their meals there.[6]


Ratanakiri Province's population currently is 204,027,[7] it is only 1.24% of Cambodia's total population. In 1995, the provincial authority and international development research center UK gave a right to the Tampuen community to control and protect around Yeak Laom lake.[8] The local Tampuen minority has a 25-year lease to manage the lake through to 2021, and proceeds from the entry fee goes back into supporting the community and the ongoing protection of the lake and the surrounding forest, and is divided into 5 groups of committee such as security, parking guard, administration, handicraft, and exhibition.[9] Tampuen community trained indigenous people (Tampuen population ) guide provide nature tours around the lake, and their culture, and performed their traditional dance to earn money to raise the Tampuen community.

Local Beliefs[edit]

In Tampuen Community, they said that the volcano eruption does not form Yeak Laom Lake. There is local folklore about how this lake is formed. Once upon a time, There was a giant have a beautiful daughter. There is one brave who risk flirting with his daughter, and the two plan to run away from the castle. After realizing his daughter ran away from home, the giant order his minion to dig underground for his daughter. After digging, the giants left a hug pit .after months of raining, the landscape changed into the pond.[10]

Panorama of Yeak Laom Lake.

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