Land of the Dead (Voltaire song)

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"Land of the Dead"
Song by Voltaire from the album Ooky Spooky
Released 2007
Genre Rock/Dark cabaret
Length 1.58
Label Projekt Records
Producer(s) Voltaire/George Grant

"Land of the Dead" is a song by the dark cabaret artist Voltaire. It has a soft rock - type sound to it, while keeping to the usual 60's style music. It was written for the opening credits of the movie, Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure.

Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure[edit]

The song was written by Voltaire for the Cartoon Network TV movie Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure, and was played during the opening credits.[1] Voltaire also wrote a song for an episode of the TV Series, "BRAINS!", for the episode "Little Rock of Horrors". The song explained the story and told the episode as it was going on.

Movie plot[edit]

After Grim is stripped of all powers thanks to the Boogeyman suing him for misusing his powers, Grim, Billy, Mandy, and Irwin are sent off to be exiled. Boogey takes them aboard his ship to be tossed into the lava-filled River Styx, while Numbuh 3 of the Kids Next Door becomes the new Grim Reaper. Boogey's main plan is to steal Horror's Hand, an object capable of transforming its holder into the scariest and most powerful being in existence. The four escape and plan to steal Horror's Hand for their own various reasons.

Both groups reach the resting place of Horror's Hand, where the Horror himself (a living statue that cut off its hand) puts them in a race. Grim's group wins the race, and they get the hand. However, Boogey steals the hand but is defeated when he discovers he isn't scary. After, Grim gets his job back from Numbuh 3 and everyone learns that the always had everything they'd always wanted. In the end, a naked, cut-up Billy comes from 2 weeks in the future to warn them if Mandy gets a hold of the hand, she will have the world at her command in 2 weeks. The end credits roll.

Afterwards, Billy returns to the future but is horrified to discover nothing has changed. The Lord of Horror is not Mandy; rather, Fred Fredburger somehow stole Horror's Hand and took over the world. Despite his new power, he is still the same mutant, nacho-loving, green elephant.


The song is featured in the album Ooky Spooky, Voltaire's fifth album. It is also in his kids album, Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids.


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