Almost Human (Voltaire album)

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Almost Human
Almost Human (Voltaire album) coverart.jpg
Studio album by Voltaire
Released August 1, 2000
Genre Dark cabaret
Length 53:36
Label Projekt Records
Voltaire chronology
The Devil's Bris
(1998)The Devil's Bris1998
Almost Human
Banned on Vulcan
(2001)Banned on Vulcan2001
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Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 2.5/5 stars link

Almost Human is the second studio album by Cuban American dark cabaret singer Voltaire, released on August 1, 2000 through Projekt Records.

According to Voltaire on his official website, the album is intended to convey a "look at life from the perspective of Lucifer";[1] thus being, most of the album's tracks deal with existentialism, the human condition and the existence of God, in Voltaire's usual tongue-in-cheek humorous way. Also present in the album are covers of the traditional songs "El Barquito de Nuez" and "Ringo no Uta" – the first one was composed by famous Mexican songwriter Francisco Gabilondo Soler, while the second one was composed by Hachiro Sato and Manjome Tadashi for the 1945 film Soyokaze. They are fully sung in Spanish and Japanese, respectively.

The song "Almost Human" is a song from the perspective of Lucifer, and "Feathery Wings" from the perspective of the Angel of Death. "Anastasia" references the fate of Russian princess Anastasia Nikolayevna.

Voltaire originally wrote the track "The Night" in 1988; a more deathrock-inflected version of it would appear on his 2014 album Raised by Bats.

The track "Alchemy Mondays" is a tribute to the eponymous goth event which used to take place at the famous, now-defunct music club CBGB, in Manhattan.[2] Musician Myke Hideous of Misfits and The Bronx Casket Co. fame is also mentioned on the song's lyrics.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Voltaire, Gregor Kitzis, Matthew Goeke and George Grant, except for "Ringo no Uta" by Hachiro Sato and Manjome Tadashi and "El Barquito de Nuez" by Francisco Gabilondo Soler.

No. Title Length
1. "Out of Reach" 4:23
2. "Dunce" 5:16
3. "Feathery Wings" 5:05
4. "Almost Human" 3:54
5. "God Thinks" 4:12
6. "Anastasia" 5:21
7. "Dead Girls" 4:12
8. "Underground" 4:10
9. "Ringo no Uta" (リンゴの唄; The Apple Song) 1:29
10. "The Headless Waltz" 3:36
11. "Alchemy Mondays" 1:28
12. "The Last Word" 4:40
13. "The Night" 4:32
14. "El Barquito de Nuez" (The Little Walnut Boat) 1:17


  • Voltaire — vocals/acoustic guitar
  • Gregor Kitzis — violin
  • Matthew Goeke — cello
  • George Grant — bass
  • Stephen Moses/Grisha Alexiev — drums


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