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Langah is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°22′57″N 73°44′07″E / 32.3826°N 73.7354°E / 32.3826; 73.7354Coordinates: 32°22′57″N 73°44′07″E / 32.3826°N 73.7354°E / 32.3826; 73.7354
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Gujrat
 • Total About 30,000 (Approx).
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 0546
Union council No 13

Langay (لنگے) (official name; Langah لنگہ) is a village[1] in Gujarat District in Punjab province, Pakistan. Its population is about 20,000 to 25,000 which is mixture of Jatts and other castes with Jatts being in a ruling position.


Langay is (also known as Langah or Langa) a major village both in size and regional politics.[2] It is a union council of Gujrat District. It is not far from Headworks Khanki on the Chenab River. Langay is located on the Samma road which runs almost parallel to Sargodha road connecting to the city of Gujrat . It is situated 22 km west of Gujrat city, 7 km south of Mungowal Gharbi. Nearby towns include , Asad Ullah Pur, Chakrian, Khojian Wali, and Golayki.

Village Langay comprises Langay itself, Nawan Lok , Ranjhian da Daira, Kot Miana and Kakay Chak. Habib Bank Limited has a branch in this village. It is known as Langay Shareef, because of a darsgah named dars Mian Wada Sahib,[3] named after Hazarat Mian Wada Sahib, which is a centre of religious learning, serving the people of the village for centuries.


A variety of peoples live in Langay, with most of the population belonging to the Warraich Jatt, Waince Jatt, Kashmiris, Arain ,and Mirza tribes. The main source of income is farming.The second major source of income is foreign remittances.


A spiritual personality.


There are three government schools including a Girls’ college; the Boys School's name is Govt Rizvia High School. There are also many private schools. The Ahmed Foundation School is the most Elevated private school of the village have given many bright students. Educating Oxford Syllabus In School by ZAKI UL HASSAN Chaudhry.[4]


Cricket is the main game of Langay village and Gujrat district Name Rizvia Cricket Club and Muneer Volleyball club Nawan Lok is the best volleyball team in Tehsil Gujrat.


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