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Larry Connor

Larry Connor (Born in 1950 in Albany, NY and currently residing in Dayton, OH) is an American real estate and technology entrepreneur. Connor is the head of The Connor Group, a real estate investment firm.


Connor graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1972 from Ohio University in Athens, OH.[1] Connor was a member of Who’s Who of College Students and was one of 22 students out of a class of 4,500 undergraduates selected to the Ohio University J Club.[2]

Orlando Computer Corp.[edit]

From 1982 to 1990, Connor owned Orlando Computer Corp. The company had operations throughout central Florida and Cincinnati, OH. It was the second largest re-seller in the state of Florida for IBM microcomputers and a pioneer in Local Area Networks (LANs) providing hardware and software solutions to businesses.[3]

The Connor Group[edit]

Founded as Connor, Murphy & Buhrman in 1991, Connor successfully bought out his partners and established The Connor Group, A Real Estate Investment Firm, in 2003.[4] Over the next twenty plus years, The Connor Group grew from $100 million in assets to $2 billion with luxury apartment communities in 12 markets.[5]


Connor and The Connor Group gathered several awards over time,[2] including the 2014 Glassdoor Top 50 Best Places to Work in the US, Small and Medium-Sized Companies[6], the 2017 Dayton Business Hall of Fame inaugural inductee[7] and multiple Dayton Business Journal Top 100 Businesses in the Region.[8]


The Connor Group moved into an $18 million facility designed by firm Moody-Nolan[9] in the summer of 2014.[10]

The Connor Group Kids and Community Partners[edit]

In 2007, Connor founded The Connor Group Kids & Community Partners.[11] serving disadvantaged youth in communities where The Connor Group operates. Its goal is to make a significant impact in the lives of 4,000 children annually by 2021.


Connor has been a member of the National Council of McLean Hospital since 2008[12] and works as a strategic partner with the Mayo Clinic.[13]

Heartland Regional Power and First Billing Services[edit]

Connor co-founded Heartland Regional Power, a firm provided billing solutions to the multi-family industry, in 2004.[14] First Billing Services, an online payment and bill processing platform also co-founded by Connor, later acquired the firm.[15]

Personal interests[edit]

Connor is a private pilot involved in multiple aerobatic competitions,[16] participates in off-road racing,[17] and circuit racing.[18]


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