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Mark Pathy

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Mark Pathy
BornJuly 1969
Space career
Time in space
17 days, 1 hour and 48 minutes
MissionsAxiom Mission 1

Mark Pathy (born July 1969)[1] is a Canadian businessman, philanthropist and commercial astronaut. He is the CEO of Mavrik, a privately owned Canadian investment company. He is also the chairman of Stingray Group[2] and the former co-CEO of Fednav,[3] a private shipping company co-founded by his great-uncle, Ernest Pathy, who was an immigrant from Hungary.[4][5][6]


His mother Constance was born in the Netherlands while his father, Laurence Pathy, was born in Egypt to Hungarian parents and is a close friend and former business partner of Paul Martin.[7][8] His father is also a cousin of Mariette Pathy Allen.[9]

He grew up in Montreal and attended Selwyn House School,[10] where he was classmates with politician Greg Fergus and businessmen Vincenzo Guzzo and Michael Penner.[11] He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto and an MBA from INSEAD.[12]

The Pathy Family Foundation, which he serves as secretary, had more than $252 million CAD in assets as of 2018.[13] Mark Pathy and his wife Jessica recently contributed to a fundraising campaign for the Montreal Jewish General Hospital (JGH) Foundation which raised $5.5 million to date and saw the recently created Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases named in their honour.[14] The JGH’s Jess and Mark Pathy Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases focuses on advancing knowledge of antibiotics and vaccines; preventing infections; developing rapid diagnostics and mapping the molecular structure of infections.[14]


In January 2021, it was announced that Pathy paid for a seat on board SpaceX Axiom Space-1 as a mission specialist alongside Larry Connor, Eytan Stibbe and Michael López-Alegría.[15] The mission launched on April 8, 2022.[16] He received his astronaut pin during the welcoming ceremony at the ISS, 584th space traveller in the world.[17] Mark Pathy paid $50 million USD for the trip.[18] He became the third Canadian private citizen, after Guy Laliberté and William Shatner, and 12th Canadian overall in space.[19] The Ax-1 mission saw Pathy take part in over a dozen research projects on board involving Canadian universities as well as the Montreal Children's Hospital Research Institute.[20]

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