Larry Loses a Friend

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"Larry Loses A Friend"
The Larry Sanders Show episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 42
Directed by Todd Holland
Written by John Riggi
Original air date August 31, 1994
Guest actors

Jon Lovitz
Mark Roberts as Leo Metacalf
Elsa Raven as Jarina Venvenich

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Like No Business I Know"
Next →
"Doubt Of The Benefit"

"Larry Loses A Friend" is episode 11 of season 3 of the television series The Larry Sanders Show.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Jon Lovitz is set to appear on the show. Every time he makes an appearance, he tries to hook up with Hank’s assistant, Darlene. She claims that she doesn’t want to date anybody in show business anymore, but Jon insists by giving her flowers, and jewelry (a bracelet, which she ends up giving to Beverly).

Artie has two tickets to the Los Angeles Dodgers game. Hank and Artie have a tradition of going to one of their home games once a year, but this time, Larry takes the tickets to go to the game with Jon.

Darlene tells Hank her problem with Jon, and Hank says that he is going to deal with the situation once Jon gets to the studio. Once Jon gets there, Hank confronts him, but instead of setting him straight, he tells Jon that Darlene is a lesbian and has no interest in him. Rumor spreads around the office that Darlene is a lesbian, which upsets her.

Jon and Larry are having lunch when he asks Larry about Darlene. He asks Larry to force Darlene to date him, and Larry refuses to. While Jon is in his dressing room, Beverly walks in wearing the bracelet that he originally gave to Darlene. He becomes upset and then walks off the show, before they start taping.

Beverly, Larry, Artie, Darlene and Paula meet in Larry's office to figure out how to get Jon back. Larry thinks that Jon walked because they got into an argument. Beverly thinks that Jon walked because he saw her wearing the bracelet. Darlene thinks that Jon walked because she hurt her feelings. Jon said that he was waiting in his limousine and wanted to talk to Darlene alone.

Darlene talks to Jon and appreciates that he walked out on the show because he couldn't get with her. However, it isn't just Darlene and Jon in the backseat of the limousine; Larry, Artie, Hank and Phil are in there as well, trying to persuade Jon to do the show. Larry offers Jon the Dodgers tickets and tells him to take Darlene to the game. After Jon is convinced that Darlene likes him, he agrees to do the show. Hank, Artie and Larry stay in the limousine and ponder what it would be like if Darlene was actually a lesbian.

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