Las Águilas Jungle Park

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Las Águilas-Jungle Park
Location Tenerife
Coordinates 28°04′46″N 16°41′44″W / 28.07944°N 16.69556°W / 28.07944; -16.69556Coordinates: 28°04′46″N 16°41′44″W / 28.07944°N 16.69556°W / 28.07944; -16.69556
Land area 7.5 ha (19 acres)[1]
No. of animals 500+[1]

Las Águilas-Jungle Park is a zoological and botanical park located near the Los Cristianos beach on the Canary Island of Tenerife. Consisting of 7.5 hectares (19 acres) of jungle with over 500 animals, the park contains a number walking paths with tunnels, suspension bridges, waterfalls, lagoons, and caves. The park also boasts daily flight shows featuring exotic birds and birds of prey.

Las Águilas-Jungle Park is operated by Spanish tourism group Aspro Ocio S.A. It is the largest such group operating in Europe and is better known for its chain of parks called Aqualand.

One of the parks main attractions are two white lions from South Africa these make up a big cat collection including leopards, jaguars, Bengal tiger, white tigers and pumas. The park also has a large primate collection including orangutans, gibbons, chimpanzees, mandrill, lemurs, capuchin monkeys, titi monkeys and Saimiri. The park's bird collection includes cranes, ibises, flamingoes, swans, storks, parrots, macaws, vultures, falcons, eagles and penguins. Other animals include pygmy hippopotamus, crocodiles, caiman, raccoons, red panda and meerkats.



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