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Lauren Bowker, dressed in black holding hat

Lauren Bowker (born 16 September 1985) is an English designer and scientist, particularly known for her colour-change inks. Born in Rossendale, Lancashire, Bowker now resides in London, United Kingdom.

Bowker is a designer,[1] inventor,[2] director[3] and speaker[4] who works with museums, galleries, institutes and industries across the world,[5] specialising in material science and design. Bowker is the founder and creative director of THEUNSEEN,[6] a material innovation R&D house that develops intelligent materials using colour to visualise data.[7]

She is also the inventor of a number of colour-change inks[8] and compounds, launched an environment-responsive colour change fashion collection into Selfridges department store in October 2015,[9] and is one of the creators of her own version of color changing hair dye "FIRE" in January 2017.[10] In June 2017, Bowker presented a T-Shirt range responsive to climate change at the UN Nature summit on World Environment Day in Washington.[11]

Bowker is Editor at large of Science for Dazed,[12] a Creative Review creative leader[13] and winner of the most innovative brand award at the WGSN Futures award 2016.[14]

Bowker’s skin-based beauty products are set to be launched in 2019. The products include, Atmo Spheres, a colour pigment for the cheeks, eyes, lips and skin that changes when it comes into contact with heat, a breeze or seasonal temperature changes; Soul Shades, a skin-accentuating blusher that responds to skin’s natural temperature fluctuations; and Helio Veil, a self-forming freckle base activated by UV rays.[15]


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