Lavezzi Islands

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For the footballer, see Ezequiel Lavezzi.
View of the Lavezzi Islands

The Lavezzi Islands (French: Îles Lavezzi; Corsican: Isuli Lavezzi) form a small archipelago of granite islands and reefs in the Strait of Bonifacio that separates Corsica from Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. They are administered from Bonifacio on Corsica, itself a region of France.


The uninhabited islands, located at 41°20′25″N 9°15′20″E / 41.34028°N 9.25556°E / 41.34028; 9.25556Coordinates: 41°20′25″N 9°15′20″E / 41.34028°N 9.25556°E / 41.34028; 9.25556, are immediately south of the island of Cavallo. They are 4 kilometres (2 miles) from the Corsican mainland, 7 km (4 mi) from Cape Pertusato, and 10 km (6 mi) southeast of Bonifacio. The islands are 5,123 ha in area and the highest point is 50 metres (164 feet). They form the southernmost point of Metropolitan France.


They were the site of the shipwreck of the French frigate Sémillante on February 15, 1855.

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