Leave It to Beaver (season 1)

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Leave It to Beaver (season 1)
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes39
Original networkCBS
Original releaseOctober 4, 1957 –
July 16, 1958
Season chronology
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List of Leave It to Beaver episodes

The first season of the American television situation comedy Leave It to Beaver premiered on October 4, 1957 and concluded on July 16, 1958. It consisted of 39 episodes shot in black-and-white, each running approximately 25 minutes in length. This was the only season that the show originally aired on CBS.


Leave It to Beaver debuted Friday, October 4, 1957 at 7:30 P.M. (EST) on CBS with "Beaver Gets 'Spelled". Mid-season, the show was rescheduled to Wednesday nights at 8:00 P.M. In the second season, the show would move to ABC. The first season completed its run on July 16, 1958 with "Cat Out of the Bag". The first season consists of 39 black-and-white, full-screen, half-hour episodes (without ads) recorded on 35mm film.

Episodes are picaresque stand-alones with no episode-to-episode continuity of storyline. Very occasionally a reference is made to a previous episode but episodes can easily be viewed out of air-date order. There are no multi-part stories in the season nor in the complete series.

Opening and closing sequences[edit]

For season one, a voice-over prologue by Hugh Beaumont precedes each early episode's opening credits, providing a background to that episode's theme, and always concludes with "And that's our story tonight on Leave It to Beaver." The voice-over prologues are discontinued mid-season and replaced with a short scene extracted from the episode at hand. The prologues are retained in the first-season DVD release but are omitted in airings on TV Land.

The opening titles feature a drawing of a sidewalk, viewed from above, displaying the credits in wet concrete. The characters are not shown. The closing sequence exhibits the credits against a simple, dark background. Both sequences are accompanied by the show's theme tune, "The Toy Parade".


The show's four stars — Barbara Billingsley, Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow, and Jerry Mathers — appear in all first-season episodes.

Richard Deacon as Fred Rutherford, Frank Bank as his son, Clarence ("Lumpy"), Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, Pamela Baird as Mary Ellen Rogers, Doris Packer as Mrs. Rayburn, and Stanley Fafara as Whitey Whitney are introduced in the first season and remain as recurring characters through the series' six-season run, appearing in every season.

Diane Brewster plays Miss Canfield, Beaver's second grade teacher, in four first-season episodes and then leaves the show. Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello, Jeri Weil as Judy Hensler, Burt Mustin as Gus the Fireman, Tiger Fafara as Tooey Brown, Buddy Hart as Chester Anderson, Patty Turner as Linda Dennison, and Madge Kennedy as Aunt Martha all make their debuts as recurring characters in the first season.

Veteran film and television actor Edgar Buchanan makes his first appearance on the show in, "Captain Jack," the episode second in air-date order. Buchanan makes two appearances later in the series as Ward's uncle, Billy. Other acting veterans making first-season appearances are Phyllis Coates, Herb Vigran, William Fawcett, William Schallert, Karl Swenson, John Hoyt, Lyle Talbot, Will Wright, John Hart, and Maudie Prickett.

Direction and writing[edit]

All first-season episodes (with the exception of "The Broken Window") are directed by Norman Tokar, a director distinguished for his ability to work well with children. Most of the scripts are the work of the show's creators, Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher, with occasional contributions from other writers. The writing team of Dick Conway and Roland MacLane (who would write many later seasons episodes) make their debuts in the first season.

Leave It to Beaver universe[edit]

When the show opens, Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver is a seven-year-old boy in the second grade at Grant Ave. Grammar School while his brother Wally is thirteen years old in the eighth grade at the same school (thus assuming Grant Ave. Grammar School is a K-8 school). Their father Ward is a white collar office worker and their mother June, a stay-at-home wife and mother whose specialities are unconditional love and wholesome meals. The Cleavers live in a two-story frame house in fictional Mayfield. Beaver's character is established in the first season and remains essentially unchanged in the following seasons. He is a sensitive but gullible boy of above average intelligence and abilities trying to make sense of the adult world around him while often being led astray by schoolmates and chums.

The first season follows the Cleaver boys as they get in and out of boyhood scrapes and face their father for moral lectures (or more serious discipline) regarding their mistakes and misadventures. First season plot motifs include money-making schemes for the boys, relationships within the family, and school problems. Both boys have encounters with first girlfriends in the opening season (Wally with Penny Jamison, Beaver with Linda Dennison), and those encounters are somewhat sour. The opening season sees the only holiday (Christmas) related episode in the series, "The Haircut", and, even then, the holiday only marginally enters the proceedings.


Critics of the period were generally favorable to Leave It to Beaver. TV Guide dubbed the show "the sleeper of the 1957-58 season". But the season did not break into the Nielsen Top 20. It was in the first season, however, that the show received its only Emmy nominations in its history: the first nomination, for Best New Program Series of the Year, and the second, for Best Teleplay Writing - Half Hour or Less (Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher) for the premiere episode, "Beaver Gets 'Spelled".


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
11"Beaver Gets 'Spelled"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherOctober 4, 1957 (1957-10-04)903A

Miss Canfield wants Beaver to play Smokey Bear in a school pageant and gives him a note to take home requesting parental permission. Beaver believes he's going to be expelled. With Wally's help, he concocts a letter from "Mrs. Ward Cleaver" assuring his teacher he's been punished for his offense. His teacher is mystified and calls June to school. The confusion is resolved. Beaver, however, has climbed a tree to escape punishment and, after much ado, is coaxed to descend.

Guests: Burt Mustin as Gus the Fireman, Doris Packer as Mrs. Cornelia Rayburn, Diane Brewster as Miss Canfield, Ralph Sanford as Fats Flannaghan, Stanley Fafara as Whitey Whitney, Jeri Weil as Judy Hensler, Gary Allen as First Man in Park, Alan Reynolds as Second Man in Park, Steve Paylow as Boy in Park.

"Beaver Gets 'Spelled" was third in production order but became the premiere episode when "Captain Jack", the first episode in production order and intended premiere, was delayed while being reviewed by the censors. First appearances for Burt Mustin as Gus, Doris Packer as Mrs. Rayburn, Diane Brewster as Miss Canfield, Stanley Fafara as Whitey Whitney, and Jeri Weil as Judy Hensler. Whitey is called 'Harold' in this episode. In later seasons, Whitey would be called 'Hubert'.
22"Captain Jack"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherOctober 11, 1957 (1957-10-11)901A

Wally and Beaver order a baby alligator through the mail and hide him in their toilet tank. They treat friends to viewings in their bedroom. When the alligator grows too large for the toilet tank, they move him to a laundry tub in the basement. Minerva the housekeeper finds the reptile. Ward congratulates the boys for taking good care of the alligator but decides he must be sent to a local alligator park. Ward surprises the boys with a terrier.

Guests: Irving Bacon as Postal Clerk, Edgar Buchanan as Captain Jack, Connie Gilchrist as Minerva, Penny Carpenter as Neighborhood Girl.

"Captain Jack" was the first in production order and the intended premiere but was held up in the censors' office regarding scenes displaying a toilet. The show was forced to debut with "Beaver Gets 'Spelled". "Captain Jack" was televised the week following the premiere. The episode has taken its place in television history as the first to display a toilet.[1] The terrier never returns to the show after this episode; nor does housekeeper Minerva. In a later episode, Ward reminds Beaver the dog was given away when he neglected to care for him. It's difficult to believe that a show about a middle class household with two boys wouldn't have a dog, but, in real life, dogs and other animals in films and television can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to work with — which accounts for the fact that very few sitcoms feature family pets with regularity. The alligator and the terrier are Beaver's first of several "one-shot" pets over the course of the series.

In 1997, TV Guide ranked this episode #42 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes.[2]
33"The Black Eye"Norman TokarTeleplay: Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Story: Rik Vollaerts
October 18, 1957 (1957-10-18)902A

Beaver gets a black eye from Violet Rutherford. Ward, thinking Beaver was beat up by a boy, decides his son should learn to defend himself and begins boxing lessons in the garage. Beaver is knocked to the floor by a punching bag. Nonetheless, he heads to Violet's house, but Violet doesn't want to fight and the two instead have a day of fun together. After Wally reveals to his dad that it was a co-worker's daughter that Beaver fought with, Ward and Fred Rutherford, Violet's father, set off in search of them to stop a rematch. They find the two sitting on the steps quietly chewing gum.

Guests: Wendy Winkelman as Violet Rutherford, Richard Deacon as Fred Rutherford, Burt Mustin as Gus the Fireman, Jeri Weil as Judy Hensler, Julie Bennett as Waitress, Philip Greisman as First Neighborhood Boy, Lonnie Thomas as Second Neighborhood Boy, Tommy Berwald as Third Neighborhood Boy, Richard Smiley as Fourth Neighborhood Boy.

First appearance for Richard Deacon as Fred Rutherford. Deacon remained in the series for its entire run. Violet Rutherford would be played in later episodes by Veronica Cartwright.
44"The Haircut"Norman TokarBill ManhoffOctober 25, 1957 (1957-10-25)908A

Beaver loses his haircut money and is afraid to explain the loss to his parents. He gives himself a ragged haircut with Wally's help. The two wear stocking caps to dinner, saying the caps are part of a secret club initiation. Later, Ward and June lift Beaver's cap while he sleeps and discover the truth. June tells Ward Beaver was afraid to come to them after losing his money so they have no one but themselves to blame for his deception.

Guests: Benny Baker as Barber, Gilbert Frye as Mr. Tyne.

This is the only episode related to a holiday (Christmas) in the entire series. In one scene, June sews Beaver's angel costume and, in the finale, Beaver sings a Christmas carol in a choir of angels at a school concert.
55"New Neighbors"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherNovember 1, 1957 (1957-11-01)907A

The Donaldsons move in next door and Beaver carries a bouquet to Mrs. Donaldson. She gives him a kiss. Eddie and Wally give Beaver the business over the kiss and warn him of jealous husbands. Mrs. Donaldson invites Beaver to her niece's birthday party but Beaver is afraid of Mr. Donaldson and hides under his bed. When explanations are offered, Mr. Donaldson tells Beaver he can kiss his wife whenever he likes.

Guests: Charles H. Gray as Harry Donaldson, Phyllis Coates as Betty Donaldson, Yolanda White as Julia, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell.

Ken Osmond's first appearance as Eddie Haskell.
66"Brotherly Love"Norman TokarTeleplay: Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Story: Norman Tokar
November 8, 1957 (1957-11-08)909A

After a fight, June makes the boys create a friendship pact, promising to have fun together. Both boys get separate invitations from friends and try to get the other to break the pact first without revealing his invitation. When they accuse each other of being "sneaks", another fight explodes. Ward settles things by telling the boys that the good times they have together will far outweigh the bad times.

Guests: Burt Mustin as Gus the Fireman, Buddy Hart as Chester Anderson, Herb Vigran as Stanley the Barber.

Buddy Hart's first appearance as Chester Anderson.
77"Water, Anyone?"Norman TokarClifford GoldsmithNovember 15, 1957 (1957-11-15)904A

When workmen turn the water off for the afternoon, Beaver gets rich selling water to Wally and his friends. The boys are angry, saying Beaver has swindled them out of their money. When the electric power is shut off, Beaver gives his earnings to the boys to buy candles which they then sell at exorbitant prices in the neighborhood. With enough money earned from candle-selling, the boys buy baseball uniforms and welcome Beaver to the team.

Guests: "Tiger" Fafara as Tooey Brown, Katharine Warren as Mrs. Brown, Francis De Sales as Mr. Anderson, Buddy Hart as Chester Anderson, Eddie Marr as First Water Worker, Norm Alden as Second Water Worker.

"Tiger" Fafara's first appearance as Tooey Brown. His brother Stanley Fafara appears as Whitey Whitney in the series.
88"Beaver's Crush"Norman TokarTeleplay: Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Story: Phil Leslie
November 22, 1957 (1957-11-22)913A

Beaver has a crush on Miss Canfield and his classmates tease him. To prove he's not the teacher's pet, he puts a spring-action snake in her desk drawer. He tries to retrieve it later, but fails. The next day, Miss Canfield tells him she found the snake early in the morning. She blames herself for the prank saying she shouldn't favor one student over another. She assures him he'll find a nice girl his own age.

Guests: Diane Brewster as Miss Canfield, Doris Packer as Mrs. Rayburn, William Fawcett as Mr. Johnson, Jeri Weil as Judy Hensler, Stanley Fafara as Whitey Whitney, Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello.

First appearance for Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello, although Larry Mondello has been mentioned in previous episodes and Rusty Stevens has been seen in school crowd scenes.
99"The Clubhouse"Norman TokarTeleplay: Joe Connelly, Bob Mosher
Story: Lydia Nathan.
November 29, 1957 (1957-11-29)911A

Wally, Eddie, and Tooey plan to build a clubhouse, charging eighth graders one dollar to join and second graders (Beaver) three dollars. Beaver makes a sandwich board, renting his front for 50 cents and his back for 75 cents. He also charges passers-by 10 cents to spit off a nearby bridge. He makes two dollars but gives it to a seedy gent in the park with a sob story. Back home, Wally and his friends have forgotten all about a clubhouse.

Guests: James Gleason as Pete, Allen Windsor as Ice Cream Man, Johnny Silver as Man on Bridge, Raymond Hatton as Charlie the Fireman, Charles Wagenheim as Bridge Painter, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, "Tiger" Fafara as Tooey Brown.
1010"Wally's Girl Trouble"Norman TokarBen Gershman & Mel DiamondDecember 6, 1957 (1957-12-06)905A

Wally meets pretty Penny Jamison and thereafter has little time for his brother. Beaver mows the lawn for Wally, hoping to win his companionship back. When Penny then calls and asks Wally over to her house, he tells her he can't because he has a commitment to take the Beaver fishing. Penny reacts violently, telling Wally she won't have anything to do with "grubby infants". Ward tells Beaver one way to win a woman's favor is to give her a sentimental gift. Beaver gives Penny his pet frog, Herbie, which ends her relationship with both boys.

Guests: Carol Sydes as Penny Jamison, Erik Nielsen as First Boy in Library, Paul Engle as Second Boy in Library, Stephen Hammer as Third Boy in Library, Louise Lewis as Store Clerk, Barbara Dodd as Librarian, Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello.
1111"Beaver's Short Pants"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherDecember 13, 1957 (1957-12-13)912A

Aunt Martha arrives to tend house when June goes out of town. She buys Beaver a short pants suit and expects him to wear it to school. He does, and his classmates ridicule him. The next morning, Beaver is once again dutifully wearing his short pants suit but Ward ambushes him at the garage and dresses him in his regular clothes. When Aunt Martha leaves for home, Beaver wears the suit, thinking the gesture will please her.

Guests: Madge Kennedy as Aunt Martha, Eric Snowden as Clothier, William Schallert as Mr. Bloomgarten, Jeri Weil as Judy Hensler, Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello.
1212"The Perfume Salesmen"Norman TokarMel Diamond & Ben GershmanDecember 27, 1957 (1957-12-27)910A

Beaver and Wally try to sell bad-smelling perfume to win a movie projector but no one is interested. Ward then secretly calls members of June's Women's Club and offers to reimburse the ladies if they will buy the perfume from the boys. The boys sell all the perfume. When the movie projector arrives, Ward is disappointed to find it's a cheap plastic toy. He quietly buys the boys a real projector and the boys are thrilled.

Guests: Anne Dore as Mrs. Wentworth, Helen Jay as Customer.
1313"Voodoo Magic"Norman TokarBill ManhoffJanuary 3, 1958 (1958-01-03)914A

Eddie talks the Cleaver boys into seeing a scary movie, even though they promised their parents they wouldn't. Beaver blames Eddie for getting him into trouble with his parents so he makes a voodoo doll and sticks a nail in it. Later, Beaver learns Eddie is sick and tells him about the curse but Eddie laughs, telling Beaver he's just feigning sickness to avoid school. When Beaver leaves, Eddie suddenly has stomach pains. Mr. Haskell storms the Cleaver house and insists that Beaver remove the curse. Ward sends Beaver to the Haskell house with a genuine voodoo curse remover that includes three hairs plucked from a small boy's head.

Guests: Karl Swenson as George Haskell, Ann Doran as Agnes Haskell, Doris Packer as Mrs. Rayburn, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell.
1414"Part Time Genius"Norman TokarTeleplay: Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Story: Hendrik "Rik" Vollaerts
January 10, 1958 (1958-01-10)906A

After Beaver takes an intelligence test at school, Miss Canfield informs Ward and June that he received the highest grade of all. Mrs. Rayburn arranges an interview at a school for geniuses. At home, Miss Canfield arrives with Beaver's new classmate, Charles Fredericks. Charles switched Beaver's test paper with his own because he always scores high on tests and his classmates shun him. Ward and June are glad Beaver is just Beaver.

Guests: Diane Brewster as Miss Canfield, Doris Packer as Mrs. Rayburn, Bobby Mittelstaedt as Charles Fredericks, John Hoyt as Dr. Compton, Charles Davis as Willis "Corny" Cornelius, Jeri Weil as Judy Hensler, Stanley Fafara as Whitey Whitney, Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello.
1515"Party Invitation"Norman TokarMel Diamond & Ben GershmanJanuary 17, 1958 (1958-01-17)916A

Linda Dennison is sweet on Beaver and invites him to her all-girl birthday party, which he then tries to avoid. Wally tries to tell Mrs. Dennison that Beaver is ill, but he is caught in the act by Ward. Ward takes Beaver to Linda's house and makes him go inside. When the girls want to play a kissing game called "post office", Beaver scoots off to another part of the house where Mr. Dennison entertains him with the antique gun collection in his den. That night, Ward apologizes to Beaver. Beaver writes a note to Linda asking permission to walk her home after school. He tells Wally he really wants to see the gun collection again.

Guests: Lyle Talbot as Chuck Dennison, Claudia Bryar as Mrs. Dennison, Patty Turner as Linda Dennison, Jeri Weil as Judy Hensler, Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello, Stanley Fafara as Whitey Whitney, Dorothy Anne Collier as First Girl at Party, Betty Budzak as Second Girl at Party.
1616"Lumpy Rutherford"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherJanuary 24, 1958 (1958-01-24)917A

Lumpy Rutherford bullies the boys after school. Ward tells his sons about booby-trapping a bully when he was a boy. The boys try the same booby-trapping method, but Fred Rutherford becomes its victim rather than Lumpy. When the Rutherfords arrive at the Cleaver house to play cards, Fred mentions the incident. Ward suspects his sons. They confess. Fred says he will speak to his son about the bullying.

Guests: Richard Deacon as Fred Rutherford, Frank Bank as Clarence "Lumpy" Rutherford, Helen Parrish as Geraldine Rutherford.

In future episodes, "Geraldine" would become "Gwendolyn".
1717"The Paper Route"Norman TokarFran Van Hartesveldt, Joe Connelly & Bob MosherJanuary 31, 1958 (1958-01-31)915A

The boys get a paper route to earn money for a new bike. Ward and June help out with the workload. One afternoon, June discovers a pile of papers in the garage, and, not realizing they're last week's papers, folds and delivers them around the neighborhood with Ward's help. Customers complain to the newspaper offices. The boys are fired. Ward tries to get them reinstated but the boys have found jobs as grocery bag-boys.

Guests: Jack Kelk as Mr. Merkel, Alan Reynolds as Newspaper Delivery Man, Gilbert Frye as Newspaper Customer, Yvonne White as First Newspaper Customer, Lyn Osborn as Second Newspaper Customer.
1818"Child Care"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherFebruary 7, 1958 (1958-02-07)918A

Wally and Beaver babysit Puddin', the four-year-old daughter of family friends. Puddin' locks herself in the bathroom and won't come out. Beaver passes Benjie Bellamy through the bathroom window but Benjie is unable to open the door. The boys call the Fire Department to rescue the children. Later, neighbors tell the Cleavers that firemen were at the house, but Ward and June decide to wait until the boys are ready to speak.

Guests: Shirley Mitchell as Janet Wilson, Ray Montgomery as Herb Wilson, Will Wright as Pete the Fireman, Gabrielle des Enfants (as Gabrielle) as Helen "Puddin'" Wilson, Joey Scott as Benjie Bellamy.
1919"The Bank Account"Norman TokarPhil LeslieFebruary 14, 1958 (1958-02-14)919A

The boys borrow from their school savings accounts and leave school to secretly buy their father a hunting jacket. Mrs. Rayburn informs Ward of the withdrawal. Ward is furious, believing the boys are skipping school to buy themselves new baseball gloves. When the package arrives from an unusually expensive sporting goods store, Ward calls everyone around to see if the boys' purchase is a worthwhile one. He is rendered speechless to find the boys have bought him a gift.

Guests: Eric Snowden as Salesman, Doris Packer as Mrs. Rayburn.
2020"Lonesome Beaver"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherFebruary 28, 1958 (1958-02-28)920A

When Wally joins the scouts, Beaver is left home alone. Ward finds Beaver wandering idly about the neighborhood and tells him that Wally can't keep him company forever. At home the two discover Wally's trip was rained out and Wally is home. Beaver is glad to have Wally at home. Later, when Wally attends a scout meeting, Beaver goes to bed early, using Wally's official scout sleeping bag in preparation for the day when he'll be a scout.

Guests: Burt Mustin as Gus the Fireman, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, Buddy Hart as Chester Anderson, Tiger Fafara as Tooey Brown, Lillian O'Malley as Mrs. Whitney, John Hart as Troop #21 Scoutmaster Norton.
2121"Cleaning Up Beaver"Norman TokarBill ManhoffMarch 7, 1958 (1958-03-07)922A

Ward and June praise Wally for his neat appearance. Beaver is told he could follow his brother's example. Following an outburst, Beaver moves into the guest room where he can be his untidy self without criticism. That night, shadows in the room spook Beaver and force him back to the safety of his old room. The brothers strike a middle ground: Wally will be a little less neat and Beaver will be a little less untidy.

Guests: Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello.
2222"The Perfect Father"Norman TokarTeleplay: Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Story: Fran Van Hartesveldt
March 14, 1958 (1958-03-14)921A

Ward is jealous when the boys want to play at the Dennison house so he installs a basketball hoop on the garage. The boys and their friends play basketball until Ward joins them, delivering criticisms and comments on how to play like a pro. The boys leave. At the country club, Mr. Dennison tells Ward he doesn't interfere with the boys' play. Later, Ward tells June the secret of being close to your children is to stay away from them.

Guests: Lyle Talbot as Charles "Chuck" Dennison, Richard Smiley as Willie Dennison, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, Tiger Fafara as Tooey, Buddy Hart as Chester Anderson.
2323"Beaver and Poncho"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherMarch 21, 1958 (1958-03-21)924A

Beaver brings home a lost chihuahua and the Cleavers put an ad in the newspaper. Mrs. Bennett calls to claim her "Poncho". The next day, Beaver carries the dog to school in his coat. Mrs. Bennett arrives at the Cleaver house, and grows distressed when Poncho cannot be found. Beaver returns from school and tells Mrs. Bennett he only took Poncho to school because he wanted the dog to remember him a little longer.

Guests: Maudie Prickett as Mrs. Bennett, Diane Brewster as Miss Canfield, Doris Packer as Mrs. Rayburn, Patty Turner as Linda Dennison, Joanna Lee as Newspaper Clerk, Stanley Fafara as Whitey Whitney, Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello, Jeri Weil as Judy Hensler.
2424"The State vs. Beaver"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherMarch 26, 1958 (1958-03-26)923A

Ward helps the boys build a kart with a one-cylinder lawnmower motor. When Beaver rides the kart in the street against his father's orders, he receives a ticket for driving without a license. Wally acts as Beaver's "guardian" in court so Beaver won't have to tell his father about the incident. Beaver gets worried when the judge begins sentencing people to jail. He cries and the judge sends the boys home, saying they've been punished enough.

Guests: Frank Wilcox as Judge, Bill Kendis as Police Officer, Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello.
2525"The Broken Window"James NeilsonJoe Connelly & Bob MosherApril 2, 1958 (1958-04-02)925A

After Eddie accidentally hits a baseball through the Cleavers' window, Ward forbids anyone from playing ball near the house. Then, the boys crack a window in the car door with their baseball and roll the window down, hoping the damage won't be noticed immediately. The next day, when Ward takes the family on an outing, the boys find the damage repaired. Ward says he slammed the car door the night before and heard glass shattering. Believing he broke the window, he had it repaired. The boys confess to their part and Ward is glad they told the truth.

Guests: Buddy Hart as Chester Anderson, Tiger Fafara as Tooey Brown, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello, Charles Davis as Willis "Corny" Cornelius, Ralph Sanford as Fats Flannaghan, Bill Hunt as Grocer.
2626"Train Trip"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherApril 9, 1958 (1958-04-09)926A

Returning home from a visit to Aunt Martha, the boys spend their train ticket money on treats. They board the train without tickets and tell the conductor a fantastic tale about their father falling from an airplane. That evening, Mr. Haskell tells Ward he was on the train and heard the boys' fantastic tale. As Ward tucks the boys in, he slyly tells them he is feeling much better after falling from the airplane.

Guests: Ricky Allen as Boy in Train Station, Joe Crehan as Train Conductor, Mary Foran as Lady in Bus Station, Madge Kennedy as Aunt Martha, Eddie Marr as Ticket Salesman, Alan Reynolds as man in Train Station, Karl Swenson as George Haskell, Bess Flowers as Lady in Train Station Waiting Room (uncredited).
2727"My Brother's Girl"Norman TokarTeleplay: Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Story: Bill Manhoff
April 16, 1958 (1958-04-16)927A

Wally decides to go to a dance without a date but Mary Ellen Rogers has different plans for him. She tells Beaver he can come to her house to see her father's train set if he brings Wally with him. The boys go to Mary Ellen's house where she entertains them with ginger ale and donuts. She then wants Beaver to sit in the kitchen so she can manipulate Wally into going to the dance with her. Beaver realizes he was used to get to Wally and leaves.

Guests: Buddy Hart as Chester Anderson, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, Jan Gillum as Kathleen, Linda Lowell as Frances, Pamela Baird (Pamela Beard) as Mary Ellen Rogers, Raymond Karr as Boy.
2828"Next Door Indians"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Suggested by a Story by:
Robert Paul Smith
April 23, 1958 (1958-04-23)928A

Beaver wants the bigger boys to notice him so he tells a fib about an Indian battle occurring in a field near his house. The bigger boys dig for artifacts in the field and find garnets. They dream of becoming "jillionaires". Beaver's balloon is burst when he learns the garnets are not precious jewels but the worthless kind used for making sandpaper. Ward points out the risks of making up stories and trying to be a "make-believe big guy".

Guests: Burt Mustin as Gus the Fireman, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, Buddy Hart as Chester Anderson, Tiger Fafara as Tooey Brown.
2929"Tenting Tonight"Norman TokarTeleplay: Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Story: Fred Shevin
April 30, 1958 (1958-04-30)930A

Dismayed by the amount of time the boys spend at the movies, Ward plans a camping trip, only to get called into the office. So, the boys camp out in the backyard on their own. It rains heavily and June is worried about the boys but Ward assures her they can take care of themselves. The next morning, June finds water spots in the house. Ward tells her the boys made the spots when they left their tent in the storm and carried their sleeping bags up to their bedroom. He had left the back door unlocked for the two.

Guests: Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, Buddy Hart as Chester Anderson, Tiger Fafara as Tooey Brown, Frank Bank as Lumpy Rutherford, Richard Deacon as Fred Rutherford.
3030"Music Lesson"Norman TokarTeleplay: Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Story: Jack Patrick
May 7, 1958 (1958-05-07)929A

Beaver feels neglected when his parents make such a big deal out Wally making the baseball team, so he sets out to impress the family with his own talents. Beaver takes clarinet lessons but performs poorly and fails to make the school band, but he pretends otherwise, to hide his humiliation from the family. On the night of a school concert, Beaver plans to continue the charade to the last possible moment but the Cleavers have discovered his status and tell him something has come up so they must remain at home. Beaver is relieved and later thanks his father for sparing him the concert.

Guests: Wendell Holmes as Mr. Willet, Douglas Wade as Boy with Trumpet, Jeri Weil as Judy Hensler, Stanley Fafara as Whitey Whitney.
3131"New Doctor"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherMay 14, 1958 (1958-05-14)933A

Wally is showered with attention and gifts from family and friends when he stays home from school sick. Beaver then feigns illness expecting he'll get some loot, too. However, he is disappointed in his expectations. When the new doctor arrives and finds Beaver well, he tells him the story of the boy who cried wolf. Beaver tells his parents he'll never pretend to be sick again. Ward tells him to eat his ice cream.

Guests: Stuart Wade as Doctor Bradley, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, "Tiger" Fafara as Tooey Brown, Stanley Fafara as Whitey Whitney, Jeri Weil as Judy Hensler.
3232"Beaver's Old Friend"Norman TokarDick Conway, Roland MacLane, Joe Connelly & Bob MosherMay 21, 1958 (1958-05-21)931A

Beaver finds his old teddy bear, Billy, while he, Ward, and Wally clean out the garage. When Beaver's teddy bear is carried away by the trash truck, he scurries after the truck and retrieves the bear. Ward and Wally had chided Beaver about his fondness for the toy and, having saved Billy, he now hides him. June finds the bear and has him dry-cleaned. Beaver recalls the comfort the bear offered him when he was sick and gives the bear to a sick little boy across the street, hoping he'll be comforted, too.

Guests: Jesse Kirkpatrick as Trash Man, Dennis Holmes as First Friend, David Halper as Second Friend, Stanley Fafara as Whitey Whitney.
3333"Wally's Job"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherMay 28, 1958 (1958-05-28)932A

Wally gets excited when Ward offers him a dollar to paint two garbage cans, until he finds out that Eddie's father paid someone three dollars for a similar job. Wally wants three dollars. Ward refuses and Wally turns the job down. Beaver offers to do the job. Wally is angry, thinking he should have been given another opportunity to do the job. Ward finally settles the quarrel by having each boy paint one can for fifty cents. When Ward and the boys run off to see a fire, June finishes the job and buys a hat.

Guests: Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell.
3434"Beaver's Bad Day"Norman TokarJohn WhedonJune 4, 1958 (1958-06-04)935A

Beaver rips his pants playing with Larry at a worksite and tells his parents a dog was the cause. His parents believe he is lying and punish him. Another day, Beaver rips his pants again and a dog is the cause this time. Wally tries to save him. His parents once again believe he is lying. Ward is furious and sends both Wally and Beaver upstairs. Mrs. Mondello calls and confirms Beaver's story. Ward prepares to apologize to Beaver.

Guests: Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello, Bobby Mittelstaedt as Boy at Worksite (uncredited).
3535"Boarding School"Norman TokarJoe Connelly, Bob Mosher, Dick Conway & Roland MacLaneJune 11, 1958 (1958-06-11)934A

Johnny Franklin, a former student at Wally's school, visits the Cleavers during his break at military academy. The boys love his stories and Wally asks his parents if he can attend the academy. Ward agrees to consider an application. Eddie says Wally's parents want to send him to military academy because they want to get rid of him. Wally and his father decide Wally should remain at home and go to Mayfield High with his friends.

Guests: Barry Curtis as Johnny Franklin, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell.
3636"Beaver and Henry"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherJune 18, 1958 (1958-06-18)937A

The Cleavers set a trap to catch the animal that's been chewing on June's flowers. A rabbit is caught in the trap, is caged, and soon has babies. Beaver is told not to touch the babies because the mother will reject them. He has touched the babies, however. Gus tells him to put talcum powder on the rabbits and the mother won't notice the human odor. Ward detects the talcum. Beaver confesses and Ward is disappointed he wasn't consulted. Beaver says his father is better at telling him what not to do rather than what to do.

Guests: Burt Mustin as Gus the Fireman, Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello.
3737"Beaver Runs Away"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherJune 25, 1958 (1958-06-25)941A

Beaver gets into trouble when he's pressured by Larry to use Ward's new drill and damages the garage wall. Beaver is determined to run away and Ward bids him farewell. When he doesn't return, June, furious, presses Ward to begin a search. Ward stubbornly refuses but June leaves the house, finds Beaver, and brings him home. Beaver apologizes to his father and asks him how he felt as boy when he ran away and his father didn't come looking for him. Ward says he forgot for a moment what it was like when he was a boy.

Guests: Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello, Madge Blake as Mrs. Mondello.
3838"Beaver's Guest"Norman TokarJoe Connelly & Bob MosherJuly 2, 1958 (1958-07-02)938A

The Cleavers are setting up to have barbecue outside. Larry Mondello arrives for a weekend stay but the boys fight and Larry wants to go home. Ward calls a taxi but the boys become pals again and Larry decides to stay. Late that night, Beaver rouses his parents. Larry has a stomach ache. June discovers the remains of four candy bars under his pillow and Ward says Larry has simply overeaten. The next day, when Mrs. Mondello arrives to take Larry home, Ward breathes a sigh of relief.

Guests: Rusty Stevens as Larry Mondello, Frank Sully as Cab Driver, Madge Blake as Mrs. Mondello.
3939"Cat Out of the Bag"Norman TokarTeleplay: Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher
Story: Dick Conway & Roland MacLane
July 16, 1958 (1958-07-16)939A

The Donaldsons leave their cat Puff Puff in the care of the boys for a few days. Due to the boys' neglect, the cat runs away. Late in the night, the boys find him in a tree. With Ward's help, they bring the cat safely down. Later, Mr. Donaldson tells the Cleavers the boys have told him of their troubles and have refused payment. He says they're a couple of little characters. June says the two are a couple of "nice" little characters.

Guests: Ray Kellogg as Mr. Donaldson, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell.


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