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Leone may refer to: Aidan Leone: Italian Editor/Producer


Given name[edit]


  • Carl Leone (b. 1976), Canadian businessman and criminal
  • Cinzia Leone (b. 1959), Italian actress and comedian.
  • Dominic Leone (born 1990), American baseball player
  • Giacomo Leone (b. 1971), Italian long-distance runner
  • Giovanni Leone (1908 – 2001), Italian politician who served as president and prime minister
  • Giuseppina Leone (b. 1971), Italian athlete
  • Jason Leone, former drummer for Michigan heavy metal band Battlecross
  • Matthew Leone (b. 1981), bassist of Madina Lake and twin of Nathan Leone
  • Miriam Leone (b. 1985), Italian television personality and beauty pageant titleholder
  • Nathan Leone (b. 1981), lead singer of Madina Lake and twin of Matthew Leone
  • Rob Leone, (b. 1976), Canadian politician
  • Sergio Leone (1929 – 1989), Italian film director
  • Sunny Leone (b. 1981), Indo-Canadian model and actress