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Leslie Dach is an American businessman and former government executive.

Early life and education[edit]

Leslie Dach attended Yale University where he was roommates with Christopher Buckley.[1]


Dach became involved in the Democratic Party during the United States presidential election, 1988 and served as an aide in the administration of Bill Clinton.[2][3] He later went to work for Edelman, a corporate public relations consultancy. In 2006 Dach accepted the position of Executive Vice-President of Governmental Relations and Corporate Affairs at Wal-Mart with a compensation package reported to be worth $3 million in stock options, on top of his annual salary.[2] During the administration of Barack Obama he served as a senior counselor at the Department of Health and Human Services for almost two years. There, he worked on promotion of Obamacare.[4]

The month following his departure from government, Dach was appointed to the board of directors of Sunrun.[5]


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