Let the Transmitting Begin

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Let The Transmitting Begin EP
Let The Transmitting Begin (SikTh album - cover art).jpg
EP by Sikth
Released 2002 (UK) 2004 (Japan)
Recorded 2002
Genre Progressive metal, mathcore, avant-garde metal
Label Infernal Records (UK)
Victor Entertainment (Japan)
Producer Colin Richardson
Sikth chronology
Let the Transmitting Begin EP
How May I Help You? EP
(2002) How May I Help You? EP2002
Alternative cover
Japanese edition
Japanese edition

Let the Transmitting Begin EP is the debut EP by metal band Sikth. It was originally released 2002 in the UK then re-released in Japan 2004 with extra tracks. The second CD of the UK pressing was recorded live for Mary Anne Hobbs' BBC Radio One Rock Show.[1]

Track listing[edit]

UK Release
1."Such the Fool"CD13:18
2."If You Weren't So Perfect"CD13:30
3."Hold My Finger"CD13:37
4."Pussyfoot" (Live at the BBC)CD23:05
5."Hold My Finger" (Live at the BBC)CD23:57
6."Such the Fool" (Live at the BBC)CD23:15
Total length:20:40
Japanese Edition
7."Skies of the Millennium Night" (Live in London)5:45
8."Wait for Something Wild" (Live in London)5:09
9."Suffice - Emerson Outro (Live in London)" (Live in London)7:18
10."Can't We All Dream? (No Need for Vultures Remix)" (Remixed by Mikee Goodman)7:22
Total length:46:12