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Li Fan
Alma materFudan University
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Li Fan is a computer scientist and the Head of Engineering at Lime. She has previously held positions at Pinterest, Google and Baidu. She is an expert on visual computation.

Early life[edit]

Fan was interested in painting as a child but was encouraged to focused on academia.[1] She studied computer science and Fudan University.[2] She earned her bachelor's degree in 1996, when she moved to University of Wisconsin–Madison for her graduate studies. Here she developed techniques for scalable web caching.[3][4] She studied the potential of web prefetching between low-bandwidth clients and proxies.[5]


Fan joined Cisco Systems as a software engineer.[6] She joined Google in 2002.[6] At Google she worked at google+, managing the infrastructure of ad spam and page ranking.[7] In 2012 she was appointed Vice President of engineering at Baidu.[6][8] At Baidu, Fan launched the cross-function data processing group.[7] Fan was responsible for product design at China's largest search engine and led 1,000 people.[9][10] She worked on big data analytics.[11] In 2014 she returned to Google and became Head of Image Search.[12][13]

In 2016 Fan joined Pinterest as Head of Engineering.[14][15][16] She built an artificial intelligence team to work on visual machine perception.[6] She led a team of 400 engineers and developed their discovery engine.[17][18]

Fan joined the scooter company LimeBike in 2018.[19][20][21] She was named as one of the most important engineers in the world by Business Insider and one of the most creative people by Fast Company.[1][10]



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