Lidice (film)

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Directed by Petr Nikolaev
Produced by Adam Dvořák
Written by Zdeněk Mahler
Screenplay by Zdeněk Mahler
Music by Michal Hrůza, James Harries, Karel Heřman
Cinematography Antonio Riestra
Edited by Adam Dvořák
Distributed by Bioscop
Release date
  • 2 June 2011 (2011-06-02) (Czech Republic)
Running time
126 minutes
Country Czech Republic
Language Czech
Budget 70,000,000
Box office 50,000,000

Lidice (also known as Fall of the Innocent in the UK) is a 2011 Czech drama film produced by Adam Dvořák from a screenplay by Zdenek Mahler.[1] It was initially directed by Alice Nellis, but after she contracted Lyme disease (borreliosis) Petr Nikolaev took over. It tells a story involving the Nazi massacre at—and destruction of—the Czech village of Lidice. It was released in June 2011.[2]

The budget of the film was around 65-70 million (around US $4 million).[3]


The film is presented as a true story set during World War II. With the German takeover of Europe underway, the deputy Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich arrives in Prague and his underlings begin enforcing his authority in the towns and villages across the occupied country. In Lidice, the film's main protagonist, František Šíma, is sent to prison following a family dispute that boils over resulting in the accidental death of one of his sons. During Šíma's incarceration one of the other villagers, Václav Fiala, strings along his mistress with lies about his bravery as a resistance fighter against the Germans. Heydrich is assassinated and during the Gestapo investigation that follows, a letter Fiala has written describing his supposed heroism comes to their attention. It leads to the total destruction of Lidice and the mass execution and deportations of its citizens. Throughout the atrocity, Šima remains in jail, where news of what happened is kept from him. On his release, he returns to Lidice where he finds the village has been obliterated and finally learns of the tragic events.



Filming started on 26 July 2010, at the Mladá Boleslav prison, with Karel Schwarzenberg attending the first cut. The shoot lasted 49 days and involved locations including Nové Strašecí, and a secondary school in Kladno. The scenes portraying Lidice were shot at the village of Chcebuz[not in citation given] near Štětí.[4]

The first promotional posters appeared at the film festival in Karlovy Vary 2010 on 8 July 2010.[5]


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