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Linh Nga

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Linh Nga
Linh Nga,..JPG
Linh Nga
Born (1982-01-03) January 3, 1982 (age 36)
Hanoi, Vietnam
Residence California, U.S.
Other names Lina Linh Nga
Alma mater Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema (B.A. Film Directing) Vietnam Academy of Dance (B.A. Ballet) Chapman University (M.F.A. in Film Productions with Sound Design Emphasis)
Years active 1987–present
Title CEO & Founder
  • Thuyet Buon Vua
    (m. 2000; div. 2004)
  • Johnny K.P.
    (m. 2007; div. 2011)
Children 2
Parent(s) Quang Duy Nguyen, Thuy Bich Thi Le[8]
Relatives Linh Duy[9][10][11]

Linh Nga (/lɪn nɑː/ LIN NAH; born 3 January 1982),[12] also known as Lina Linh Nga, is a Vietnamese film director, film producer, actress,[13] and screenwriter[14][15] working in the United States. She is the founder of 9669 Films.

Biography and career[edit]

Linh Nga and family

Linh Nga was born in Hanoi, Vietnam, on January 3, 1982 to Quang Duy Nguyen, a composer, and Thuy Bich Thi Le, an opera singer.[16][17] When she was nine years old, her father left her mother to pursue his passion for music. As a result, the family moved frequently.[18]

Linh Nga began her career on stage at an early age. She often sang and performed at friends' and family's functions, and was part of a local song and dance troupe.[19] In 1990, she earned her first award for "Nam Dinh City's Best Young Voice". Two years later, she joined the Club of Love (Cau lac bo tinh thuong), a registered charity group formed by Tuong Vi. She began her professional dancing career at the age of ten.[20] In 1992, she began attending the Vietnam Academy of Dance (Truong Cao Dang mua Viet Nam),[21] where she achieved artistic and academic honors upon graduation.

Linh Nga was discovered at the age of thirteen by a newspaper photographer, when he noticed her during her dancing performance at the Vietnam Academy of Dance and took a photograph of her. Following this, Linh decided to pursue a career as a model.[22] (Đẹp) modeling magazine then started representing her.[23]

In 1999, Linh Nga graduated from the Vietnam Academy of Dance with a BA degree. Later that year, she was introduced to Giang Son, a composer for the Five Lines Band (Năm Dòng Kẻ).[24] Son invited her to provide vocals for the band. In January 2000, the Five Lines Band released its self-titled debut, but it failed to garner success until 2005. In March 2000, Linh Nga left the Five Lines Band in order to pursue her career in film directing. She made her film debut with a small supporting role in the 1999 romance drama Khoang cach (The Distance), directed by female director, Bạch Diệp. The success of Khoang cach brought Nga prominence.[25]

In 2000, Linh Nga began studying film directing at the Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema.[26] She wrote, directed, and starred in her first film as a filmmaker, Xuoi nguoc duong tran, in 2002. The film earned a National Television Award for Best Television Series of the year. In 2006, Linh Nga graduated. During this time, she also worked for Vietnam Television Station.[27] as an actress.[28] Upon graduation, Nga went abroad and successfully applied to Chapman University in California,[29] pursuing her Master of Fine Arts[30] in film production and sound design emphasis.[31][32]

Linh Nga on a film set in 2015

In May 2014, Linh Nga graduated from Chapman University. That same year, she founded her first film company in the United States, 9669 Films, LLC.[33] In November 2017, 9669 Films released its action comedy What's the good of being good? (2017 film).

Business ventures in Vietnam[edit]

Linh Nga and Thuyet Buon Vua in 2000

In 2003, Linh Nga helped found the Linh Nga Communication and Trading Company Lmt with her brother Linh Duy. The film company closed in 2010. Linh Nga also founded restaurants in Hanoi.[34][35]

Personal life[edit]

Linh Nga reportedly had a romantic relationship with Thuyet Tran, known as Thuyet Buon Vua, in 2000.[36] The pair planned to marry in March 2002, but called off the engagement. A week later Thuyet was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison related to the Năm Cam case,[37] which has been ranked as one of the largest criminal cases in Vietnam since the 19th century.[38][39][40][41] In 2007 she married Johnny K.P.; they were divorced in 2011.[42][43] She has two daughters.[42]


Year Film Role Notes
2019 Horror Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Actor Action/Horror/Feature (120 mins)
2018 Untitled Screenwriter, Director, Producer Feature Documentary (60 mins)
2017 What's the good of being good? (2017 film) Screenwriter, Director, Producer Action/Comedy/Adventure
2013 The Industry of Marrying Europeans Actor Thúy Nga Productions
2012 Dumb Luck Actor Thúy Nga Productions
Vstar Reunion MC VFTV
2006 Quynh Screenwriter, Director Drama
2005 Vung cua song Actor 3 episodes Vietnam Television
Dam cuoi o thien duong Actor 5 episodes Vietnam Television
Gio thien duong Screenwriter, Director Drama
2004 Tieng chuong dong Actor
Manh hon cong ly Actor 13 episodes Vietnam Television
2001 Xuoi nguoc duong tran Screenwriter, Actor, Director VIFF 2003 3 episodes (72 mins/episode)
2000 Dom lua bien thuy Actor
1999 Day neo hanh phuc Actor
Nu cuoi vang ma Actor
1998 Ong bau ca nhac Actor 3 Episodes Vietnam Television
1997 Khoang cach Actor Lead Vietnam Television

Honours & Awards[edit]

Years Honours & Awards
  • Gold Medal in the contest "Nam Dinh City's Best Young Voice"[44]
  • Gold Medal in the contest "Good singing voice of Hanoi"[45]
  • Student breaks highest grade record in the Hanoi Academy Of Theatre and Cinema’s (Trường Đại học Sân khấu và Điện ảnh Hà Nội) history.[48][49]

Albums and DVDs[edit]

Duet albums[edit]

  • Ngày Ban Mai, 1998 (with Năm Dòng Kẻ - The 5 lines)[50]




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