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Lion-Mane fighting Hawkman on the cover of Hawkman vol. 1 #20,
artist Murphy Anderson
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Hawkman #20 (July 1967)
Created by Gardner Fox (writer)
Murphy Anderson (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Ed Dawson
Team affiliations Secret Society of Supervillains
Abilities Were-lion with super reflexes and strength.

Lion-Mane is the name of 4 characters in DC Comics.

Publication history[edit]

The Ed Dawson version of Lion-Mane first appeared in Hawkman #20 and was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson.

Fictional character biography[edit]


The first Lion-Mane resided on Earth-Two. This version was a human with feline features and heightened strength. He was initially a henchman of that world's Catwoman who betrayed him and buried the loot in the forest. Lion-Mane was captured after that. Years later, Lion-Mane orchestrated a prison riot and took the guards hostage.[1] Huntress infiltrated the prison and challenged Lion-Mane into 1-on-1 fight. If she could win, Lion-Mane would release the hostages, or if Lion-Mane won, she would have to reveal the location of the treasure Catwoman buried in the forest. The fight was tough and almost a draw, but eventually Huntress was able to defeat Lion-Mane. In the meantime, police had arrived and with nobody leading the prisoners, they were easily captured.[2]

Ed Dawson[edit]

Archaeologist and lion-hunter Ed Dawson touched a mystical meteor called Mithra which transforms him into a were-lion. He retained his mind, but as he saw some lions in captivity, he couldn't control his killing urges. While being feral from the lion's presence, he battled Hawkman. But the first meteor wasn't pure; the transformation would eventually kill him. Hawkman saved him by smashing the Mithra stone and Edward reverted to human. Hawkman theorized that the Mithra Meteor contains some radiation that transforms the one who touches it into Lion-Mane who then represents an alien race who wants to terraform this planet. Days later, Dawson continues his criminal career as the Lion-Mane when he found another Mithra stone in a museum. He didn't know that Hawkman was his friend standing next to him. Edward again sensing that a lion is in captivity, attacked civilians. Hawkman tried to stop him but failed and was knocked out. Edward wanted to be super-powered human. With this goal he sought other meteor pieces to increase his power and also to stay alive as Lion-Mane. With each meteor rock he touched his powers grew. Hawkman and Hawkgirl managed to find him again and defeat him; the Hawkman thought that he might still carry some pieces of the first meteor rock in his pockets, and smashed them with a stone, reverting Edward back to human once more.

Ed Dawson later had a nightmare of him turning into Lion-Mane again and killing Hawkman. Edward Dawson was invited to the museum where Hawkman worked, and he was considered to take Katar's place. When the Hawkman chairmen take their time to discuss Hawkman's issue, Edward Dawson was kidnapped and dragged to the basement. There he was made to touch one of the Mithra Meteor pieces, Edward tried to resist but he was overpowered by the strength of Thanagarians and he transformed into Lion-Mane. He first killed the two musclemen who forced him to touch the stone and then he turned to Coral Shilak, who orchestrated it. He didn't got far, as Hawkman and Hawkgirl heard Coral's scream and arrived shortly after that. In the fight, Lion-Mane managed to grab a spear from Hawkman's hands and thrust it through him. Lion-Mane then takes his leave and starts to remold the world in his image. Lion-Mane powers were still growing. He even affected people miles away and started to transform selected few into Lion-Men. Hawkgirl tried to fight him but her efforts were useless. In her last result, she grabbed him and flew high up. The cold at that height turned Lion-Mane back to Ed Dawson. Ed was then carried away to a hospital after that.

The character was initially removed from continuity post-Crisis/Hawkworld, but reappeared years later in the Hawkman regular series starring the Golden Age Hawkman and the modern Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders). In this incarnation, Ed Dawson was an archaeologist looking for the Mithra stone with Karen Ramis. When she examined it, Ed witnessed her transforming into Lion-Mane. When it was repelled from Karen Ramis by Hawkman, Ed Dawson broke into the Mount St. Croix lab where the meteor was. It transformed him into Lion-Mane. When it came to his fight with Hawkman, Karen touched the stone taking half of the Lion-Mane power enough for Ed to be apprehended. It was also revealed during this time that a previous hawk avatar (presumed to be Gabriel) and a lion avatar had previously battled each other.

Some months later, Fadeaway Man later approached Ed Dawson who invites him to join him and the other enemies of Hawkman making him a member of Alexander Luthor, Jr.'s Secret Society of Super Villains. Lion-Mane managed to poison Hawkman.[3] It didn't have long term consequences however and Hawkman got away. Fadeaway Man tried again at one of the parties where Hawkman attended.[4] This time they were able to kidnap him. Lion-Mane and the gang went for breakfast in the diner, while Thought Terror was working on Hawkman. Hawkman was rescued by Hawkgirl and Golden Eagle, but his perception was altered and saw Hawkgirl as an enemy; he beat her almost to death.[5] Lion-Mane then set some charges around the city as did others of his group. By blowing up building they caught Hawkman's attention and that was part of the plan. Manhawks arrived, but they only were there to prevent Hawkman from escaping. The gang then took turn to beat Hawkman; Lion-Mane got over zealous and tossed Hawkman into a burning building. Hawkman recovered and tried to escape, but the Manhawks attacked him. Fadeaway Man lets them do their job and left with his gang. Lion-Mane got his payment and went to vacation to Africa, where he was loved and treated as king. His happiness was a brief one, Hawkman had returned from the dead and attacked him with an axe demanding to know the whereabouts of Fadeaway Man.

In his fight with Hawkman, Lion-Mane was severely injured including the loss of his right eye.[6]

When Deathstroke's team attacked a prison to attack Bombshell, Lion-Man took the opportunity to escape.

The cover of Justice League of America vol.2 #13 shows a member of the Injustice League that appears to be Lion-Mane, though this was not corroborated by the story.

During the Brightest Day storyline, Hawkman and Hawkgirl encountered a tribe of alien creatures resembling Lion-Mane on Hawkworld. They are called the Lion-Mane Pride. So far, there is no connection to them and the actual Lion-Mane.[7]

Karen Ramis[edit]

A third Lion-Mane was introduced post-Zero Hour. A female scientist named Karen Ramis was transformed into Lion-Mane (a Lion Avatar) by the Mithra Meteor. She didn't want its power and that was how she was saved. Hawkman convinced her to fight the avatar and it left her seeking another host.[8] Although now back to her human form, she still craved the meteor's power as it was more addictive than any other drug. When Hawkman was battling Ed Dawson, Karen used the only way to stop him as she again touched the Mithra Meteorite. She was repowered, but not quite Lion-Mane as she had been transformed into a near lion-like state. Karen fled afterwards and hasn't been seen since.[9]

Lion-Mane IV[edit]

In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. In this new timeline, a fourth version of Lion-Mane is introduced. This version has a Wemic-like appearance. Lion-Mane ruled over the Marubunta Diamond Mines in Africa. When Batwing came to Africa to shut down the Marubunta Diamond Mines, Lion-Mane was confident that his three wives could beat him. When Lion-Mane's three wives were defeated, Lion-Mane confronted Batwing himself.[10] Despite Batwing's technological edge, Lion-Mane's physical might was too much for the hero to handle. Batwing gave up a good fight landing plenty of hits in the process, but ultimately Lion-Mane had Batwing at his mercy. It was then that Batwing called in his vehicle and it smashed Lion-Mane into a wall, knocking him out. The villain was then being transported via plane by authorities, but the Marabunta attacked and successfully took over the plane. They told Lion-Mane they were going to kill him, but the locked-up villain then bit off the gunman's arm. All of the other characters opened fire and shot him several times, but he was fine. Lion-Mane swiftly tore apart his enemies and then jumped from the plane.[11]

During the Forever Evil storyline, Lion-Mane is among the villains recruited by the Crime Syndicate of America to join their Secret Society of Super Villains.[12] Lion-Mane appears in Cheetah's Menagerie where they subdue Steve Trevor and Killer Frost. While Steve Trevor knocks out Cheetah, Lion-Mane is among the Menagerie members that are frozen by Killer Frost.[13]

In other media[edit]

Video games[edit]

  • Lion-Mane appears in DC Universe Online. He appears as one of the Cat Avatars alongside Cheetah Claw, Panther Fang, and Tiger Eye. The players encounter him in Gotham University where he has the Cat's Eye of Power. The players managed to defeat him with the help of the Lion Cubs that were harvested from the Lion Lords.



  • Lion-Mane is mentioned (but does not appear in person) by a reporter in a 1997 Baby Ruth commercial featuring Hawkman.


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