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Lip (plural lips or labia) may refer to:

As a word[edit]

  • Lip, a soft, protruding organ at the mouth of many animals, including humans
  • Labium (Latin for "lip"), referring to any lip-like structure, especially:
    • Labium (genitalia), the external female genitalia, consisting of the labia minora and labia majora
  • Labial scales, scales that form the lips of a scaled reptile's mouth
  • Lip, a colloquial term for dipping tobacco, or dip
  • Lip, a diminutive of the name Phillip
  • Lips, a minor Greek god and one of the Anemoi, representing the southwest wind
  • Embouchure, mouth position of a player of a wind instrument, or a glissando effected by changing one's embouchure

In entertainment[edit]

As an abbreviation[edit]

LIP or LIPS may be an abbreviation for:


In technology[edit]


  • Lipschitz continuity, a smoothness condition for functions that is stronger than ordinary continuity (named after mathematician Rudolf Lipschitz).

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