List of Alamannic pagi

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Map of Alamannia and Upper Burgundy in the 10th to 11th centuries.

The following is a list of pagi (the Latin term glossing Old High German gowe, corresponding to English shire) of early medieval Alamannia under Frankish suzerainty. Each pagus was ruled by a count (Gaugraf) who in turn responded to the duke of Alamannia. Many of the names of these territories survive in modern toponymy.

The territory between Alamannia and Upper Burgundy was known as Argowe (modern Aargau, named for the Aare river). The pertinence of this territory to either Alamannia or Upper Burgundy was disputed.

The county of Raetia was absorbed into Alamannia in the early 10th century. It comprised the Ringowe (Rheingau, named for the Rhine) and Retia proper.

Counties of the kingdom of Upper Burgundy:


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