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This is a list of episodes from All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 September 21, 1996 (1996-09-21) February 22, 1997 (1997-02-22)
2 13 September 20, 1997 (1997-09-20) February 28, 1998 (1998-02-28)
3 14 July 31, 1998 (1998-07-31) November 6, 1998 (1998-11-06)

Season 1 (1996–1997)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Written by Original air date
1 1 "The Doggone Truth" Mark Young September 21, 1996 (1996-09-21)
For having messed up three missions, Charlie is on probation and he isn't allowed to do, say, or even think anything bad until he does a good deed. When Carface and Killer take over the Flea Bite Café and turn it into a video game arcade, Charlie and Itchy have to dress up like girls to get the café back! But will their disguises work?
Note: There is a running gag in this episode. Since Charlie is on probation, they're not allowed to do, say, or think anything bad. So whenever Charlie is about to say something bad (which includes telling lies), a lightning bolt strikes him on his rear end.
2 2 "Field Trip" Bruce Talkington September 28, 1996 (1996-09-28)
When Charlie and Itchy get into an argument, Anabelle decides to take Itchy's place on their next mission. But when their mission gets them sent to the pound, will Charlie admit that he needs Itchy's help?
Absent: Sasha, Carface, Killer. Bess doesn't count, because this is before she comes into the show as a main character.
3 3 "Lance, the Wonder Pup" Mark Hoffmeier October 5, 1996 (1996-10-05)
A new Guardian Angel, named Lance, comes to town. With more heroism and bravery than Charlie and Itchy, Charlie grows jealous of the new, deeply devoted angel. Did Anabelle send this new dog to take over their jobs?
4 4 "Puppy Sitter" TBA October 19, 1996 (1996-10-19)
Anabelle gives Charlie and Itchy the assignment to find a home for a little puppy, although Charlie does mess up her signal on the receiving end and leaves out the part that the puppy was a wolf cub. The puppy turns out to be extremely wild and impossible to find a home. However, Charlie figures out that Sasha gets all goo-goo eyed when she sees how sensitive he is to take care of a puppy, thus, he tries to go on a date with Sasha, using the puppy to his advantage.
5 5 "Dogs in the House" Steve Brasfield November 2, 1996 (1996-11-02)
Itchy is unable to properly beg for food, unlike Charlie, who masters it quite often. Under Charlie's guidance, Itchy begs a rich kid for ice cream, who, in return, takes Itchy as a new pet. Charlie successfully rescues Itchy from the clutches of the kid, but Itchy refuses to leave and tells Charlie that the kid is lonely and they must help her make friends. Meanwhile, Carface and Killer have picked the same house as their next target in a string of burglaries.
6 6 "Cyrano de Barkinac" Ellen Svaco and Colleen Taber November 9, 1996 (1996-11-09)
Itchy falls in love with a dog named Bess, but when Bess is convinced that Charlie loves her, will Charlie and Itchy's friendship be broken?
Absent: Anabelle, Carface, and Killer.
7 7 "An Itch in Time" TBA November 16, 1996 (1996-11-16)
David receives a voice recorder on his birthday, as Charlie and Itchy bump into him with it on the streets the following morning. However, David shows off his new gadget in school, and ends up receiving detention. Charlie, who never had a birthday of his own due to him being a street dog, wants to give David a great birthday. Using David's new voice recorder, Charlie creates an impromptu David look-alike with the voice recorder repeatedly saying mathematical equations and sneaks him out of detention. Will Charlie, Itchy, and David play hooky for too long which David knows will soon get him even more detention service?
8 8 "Mission Im-paws-ible" Jeanette Shelburne November 23, 1996 (1996-11-23)
Carface and Killer steal Itchy's Heavenly Collar, so Charlie, Itchy, and Sasha plan to get it back! But when the plan involves Sasha flirting with Carface, will Charlie's jealousy flub the whole plan up?
9 9 "Mutts Ado About Nothing" Steve Brasfield November 30, 1996 (1996-11-30)
Bess and Sasha meet for the first time, and decide to plan a double date with Charlie and Itchy in order for the two to stop fighting. But the problem they don't know is that Anabelle switched Charlie and Itchy's personality souls into each other's bodies. Charlie is in Itchy's body, and Itchy is in Charlie's body and it becomes worse.
Absent: Carface and Killer.
10 10 "Dog Eat Dog" Don Gillies January 18, 1997 (1997-01-18)
Sasha leaves town to see her sister's new puppies in Los Angeles and leaves Charlie and Itchy in charge of the Flea Bite until she returns. All goes well at first, but with an evil money-stealing scheme from Carface and Killer around the corner, will Charlie end up losing the Café's money?
11 11 "Will Success Spoil Itchy Itchiford?" Michael Patrick Dobkins January 25, 1997 (1997-01-25)
Charlie auditions to be the new spokesdog for Gulpo Dog Food, but the advertising company picks Itchy instead. Now Itchy is famous and Charlie is left wailing his woes in the Flea Bite Café, leaving everyone wondering, "Will success spoil Itchy Itchiford?"
12 12 "Heaventh Inning Stretch" Jymn Magon February 1, 1997 (1997-02-01)
Charlie and Itchy are assigned to help a boy who wants to join a baseball team. But if they succeed, Itchy is going to move back into Heaven! With the separation between him and his best friend at hand, will Charlie screw up the mission on purpose? Or will he help out and let Itchy go back to Heaven?
Absent: Bess, Sasha, Carface, and Killer.
13 13 "The Perfect Dog" Mark Zaslove February 22, 1997 (1997-02-22)
Sasha wants the perfect dog, and Charlie's gonna give him to her... by "pretending" to have been hit by the car so bad, he's turned nice and smothering her with love and kindness, of course! Will Sasha drown in the affection, or will she find out and fight back?

Season 2 (1997–1998)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Written by Original air date
14 1 "La Doggie Vita" Mark Zaslove September 20, 1997 (1997-09-20)
Charlie and Itchy's new mission is becoming a bit more mysterious, and that they believe that Anabelle has sent them an evil mission: to join Carface and Killer at a meat packing plant. Anabelle believes that "she", actually being her evil cousin Belladonna tricked them, and that she wants Charlie to be in her group, but Itchy won't allow it at all. Will Charlie stay on the good side, or go to the dogs?
Absent: Bess and Sasha.
15 2 "Travels with Charlie" TBA September 27, 1997 (1997-09-27)
Charlie is dog-tired and needs a vacation. Which is exactly what he manages to convince Itchy into taking. But with so many bad things happening in the city today, Charlie can't even go a block without being someone's Guardian Angel! Will Charlie finally leave the city for a while?
16 3 "Charlie's Cat-Astrophe" TBA October 4, 1997 (1997-10-04)
Charlie and Itchy are assigned to return a cat named Dilly to her owner. But when Dilly gets taken in by a dog-hating old lady, Charlie and Itchy must use a Miracle Dog Tag to become cats to rescue her!
17 4 "Magical Misery Tour" Mark Zaslove October 11, 1997 (1997-10-11)
Charlie seems to have overbooked his schedule between a fight with Otto's gang, his Poker buds, and having lunch with Sasha! Charlie's worried until he, Itchy, and David find a magic multiplying box, which he uses to clone himself to make each appointment! Now Charlie is in triple trouble when each of his clones mess up in their own way during each appointment, ultimately leaving the real Charlie to confront his friends, enemies, and Sasha! Oh, Charlie, what are you going to do?!
Absent: Bess, Carface, and Killer.
18 5 "Miss Guidance" TBA October 18, 1997 (1997-10-18)
Charlie volunteers to go get notes that David's crush, Alex, left in her mom's car. But Sasha must go with Charlie instead of Itchy, because he's sick from running around in the rain. Unfortunately, Charlie doesn't see women as good partners for this type of thing... Looks like it's[clarification needed] time for Sasha to show Charlie just what women can do!
19 6 "Fearless Fido" Brian Swenlin November 8, 1997 (1997-11-08)
Bess is being threatened by Manfred and wants out of the relationship to be with Itchy. Itchy tries everything to protect her as Manfred makes fun, but Charlie saves Bess from being hurt by Manfred. Itchy is later hypnotized by a magician who turns him into a superhero.
Absent: Sasha, Carface, and Killer.
20 7 "Pair-a-Dogs Lost" TBA November 15, 1997 (1997-11-15)
Charlie and Itchy are watching a wilderness movie, and Itchy becomes frightened. Charlie tells Itchy that every dog has got wolf blood in them, even Itchy. Charlie then decides that they are going on a trip into the wild, so Itchy can live up to his heritage.
21 8 "Kibbleland" Steve Brasfield November 22, 1997 (1997-11-22)
Kibbleland's new game has come out and Charlie decides to try it, but he becomes selfish to not only think of himself and nobody else, not even Sasha. This makes the big step become a serious situation, when Belladonna tricks Sasha into playing the game as a big tornado comes and sucks her into the world of Kibbleland. Charlie and Itchy must find a way to rescue her before she's stuck there forever.
22 9 "The Rexx Files" Michael Patrick Dobkins January 31, 1998 (1998-01-31)
Anabelle tells Itchy and Charlie to guard a "crystal". Charlie and Itchy have been playing pranks. Charlie thinks he sees a UFO and tells Itchy. Itchy thinks it's just another prank, and leaves. Then the "aliens" come into Itchy and Charlie's home, and scare Charlie away. The "aliens" were actually Carface and Killer. When Charlie finds this out, he polts a scheme to get them back and the "crystal".
23 10 "Sidekicked" TBA February 7, 1998 (1998-02-07)
Itchy gets sent to the pound and has to break out with help from Killer. Can the two work together and get out, or will Charlie get caught?
24 11 "Heaven Nose" TBA February 14, 1998 (1998-02-14)
Charlie has been lying a bit too much lately, so Anabelle makes his nose grow every time he tells a lie. Will Charlie start telling the truth, or face the consequences?
25 12 "The Big Fetch" Jeanette Shelburne (premise), and Jymn Magon with Henry Gilroy (story + teleplay) February 21, 1998 (1998-02-21)
Charlie gets knocked unconscious and has a dream of him becoming a detective to find out about a cat-scheme back in the 1930s.
Absent: Bess.
26 13 "All Creatures Great & Dinky" TBA February 28, 1998 (1998-02-28)
The next mission for Charlie and Itchy takes them to the sewers to help a colony of mice. Toxic smelling paint and other junk are washed down the drains, taking away their freedom of living without anything to worry about. Charlie and Itchy team up with Moxie, a mother mouse in the colony, to crack the case. They follow the drain to Carface and Killer's curio shop, trying to transform new looking toy trains to look like antiques to sell for loads of money. The problem is almost unbearable for Charlie to succeed in, until Anabelle tells him that the pollution in the water would someday end up in his dish. This was the last episode to have Charlie rendered with a dark brown & white coloring on his fur as it was replaced with light brown and yellow fur.

Season 3 (1998)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Written by Original air date
27 1 "Free Nelly" Don Gillies July 31, 1998 (1998-07-31)
Circus animals are being mistreated, and Charlie and Itchy are on the case! They find out an elephant named Nelly is being abused, and it's their job to video tape it and send it to animal control. But on the tape, Charlie is caught doing some embarrassing things, so he tells Itchy to forget the tape, as they will find Nelly a new home. Will Charlie's stubbornness lead to the mission's failure?
28 2 "Dogfaces" Steve Brasfield August 7, 1998 (1998-08-07)
Charlie and Itchy are told to go to a military base and show a kid how to have fun. But Anabelle also sent them there so Charlie would learn some respect for authority figures. Will Charlie's stubbornness side-track their mission?
29 3 "Charlie the Human" Michael Patrick Dobkins August 14, 1998 (1998-08-14)
Charlie and Itchy are assigned on a mission to watch an absent-minded scientist. The two dogs have a miracle dog tag, supposed to be used for emergencies only. But when Charlie persuades Itchy to let him have it, Charlie turns himself into a human. Chaos erupts, and will Charlie realize it is easier being a dog?
30 4 "History of All Dogs" Henry Gilroy August 21, 1998 (1998-08-21)
Itchy and Charlie write a report for David on the history of all dogs and how they helped society.
31 5 "Trading Collars" Diane Fresco August 28, 1998 (1998-08-28)
Charlie and Itchy take a stroll on the upper-class neighborhood and meet a rich show dog named Thor, who looks exactly like Charlie! Charlie wants to know what it's like to be pampered, and Thor wants to know what it is like to be a free street dog, so the two switch places. But when Thor's difficult agility contest comes up, and Charlie's expected to do a dangerous move, will Charlie realize that being a show dog is not what it's cracked up to be?
32 6 "Whacked to the Future" Michael Patrick Dobkins September 4, 1998 (1998-09-04)
Charlie Barkin sees himself in 200 years in his life, that he lives dirty and very filthy, that many others don't seem to get along with him at all. But when his dream takes him to a future where dogs live under the oppressive rule of the canine-hating "Deliverer", he decides to change his ways before it is too late.
33 7 "Dr. Beagle and Mangy Hide" Brian Swenlin September 11, 1998 (1998-09-11)
Carface gets his hands on a dangerous substance that is supposed to turn dogs into monsters, were-dogs and even werewolf-like monsters. But does it really work? He and Killer don't know, so they decide to test it out on Charlie! Killer taints Charlie's dog food when he is not looking, and Charlie turns into a monster before Itchy's very eyes! Carface and Killer plan to use Charlie to steal things for them, and then turn Charlie in to the cops when they're done with him. Can Itchy save his friend in time, or will Charlie be doomed to be a lab dog for the rest of his life?
34 8 "Charlie's Angle" Don Gillies September 18, 1998 (1998-09-18)
Charlie is assigned to train three angels-in-training. But when he fails to do so, and he needs their help, they mess up, and Charlie gets in deeper trouble.
35 9 "Agent from F.I.D.O." Jymn Magon September 25, 1998 (1998-09-25)
Itchy tells the story of the amazing Double Dog Dare, and how he saved the world.
36 10 "Bess and Itchy's Dog School Reunion" Jeanette Shelburne October 2, 1998 (1998-10-02)
Charlie's little advice to Itchy "Be a phony to impress a phony" and "Show dogs never itch in public" makes Bess' reunion turn to disaster. Itchy, hiding the fact that he was a street dog, escorts Bess to her dog school reunion. All the dogs attending are high-horsed snobs, especially the Afghan Hound Tiffany. When she puts down Bess, Charlie convinces Itchy for revenge. Prank after prank, nothing is resolved but a big mess for the spaniel to clean up. After Tiffany secretly puts fleas on Itchy, the beam she is standing on collapses. With the other dogs not willing to help, it's Itchy to the rescue.
37 11 "When Hairy Met Silly" Michael Patrick Dobkins October 9, 1998 (1998-10-09)
Charlie tells the story of how he met Itchy, and how he had been a bad dog to a pair of puppies arguing over a bag of dog food.
38 12 "The Wrong Stuff" Diane Fresco October 16, 1998 (1998-10-16)
Charlie becomes obsessed with being caught on tape doing a heroic act. That is, until Itchy almost drowns. But the reporters catch him saving Itchy, and the two dogs get to go to an exclusive hotel suite.
39 13 "Haunted Is as Haunted Does" Jymn Magon October 30, 1998 (1998-10-30)
When Itchy gets so scared that he couldn't help Charlie, Charlie decides it's time for Itchy to face his fears. He tells Itchy they're spending the night in a "haunted" mansion. Charlie thinks it will help Itchy get over his fears. It appears at first nothing is in the house, but both dogs soon realize that they are very wrong.
40 14 "He Barked, She Barked" Jymn Magon November 6, 1998 (1998-11-06)
Charlie is on trial, accused by Belladonna of abusing his angelic position. If he is found guilty, Charlie will be dismissed from Heavenly duties and forced to work for the other side! Will Charlie be able to get out of this mess, or will the judge throw the book at him?

An All Dogs Christmas Carol[edit]

The third and final film in the saga of All Dogs Go to Heaven, that consequently is the series finale. This Christmas-related film features neither Anne-Marie nor David and is notable for concluding the series with no new episodes.