List of Atlantic Coast Line Railroad precursors

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These railroads were bought, leased, or in other ways had their track come under ownership or lease by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.

The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad later merged with the Seaboard Air Line Railroad to form the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad.

The Georgia Railroad was partly owned by the ACL.

The ACL gained stock control of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad in 1902; see List of Louisville and Nashville Railroad precursors.

Atlanta, Birmingham and Coast Railroad[edit]

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad of Virginia[edit]

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad of South Carolina[edit]

Central Railroad of South Carolina[edit]

Cheraw and Darlington Railroad[edit]

Florence Railroad[edit]

  • No precursors

Manchester and Augusta Railroad[edit]

Northeastern Railroad[edit]

  • No precursors

Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta Railroad[edit]

Norfolk and Carolina Railroad[edit]

Richmond and Petersburg Railroad[edit]

Wilmington and Weldon Railroad[edit]

Bamberg, Ehrhardt and Walterboro Railroad[edit]

Charleston and Western Carolina Railway[edit]

Conway Coast and Western Railroad[edit]

Florida Central Railroad[edit]

  • No precursors

Florida Midland Railway[edit]

  • No precursors

Florida Southern Railroad[edit]

Jacksonville and Southwestern Railroad[edit]

St. Johns and Lake Eustis Railroad[edit]

Sanford and Everglades Railroad[edit]

Sanford and St. Petersburg Railway[edit]

Savannah, Florida and Western Railway[edit]

Winston and Bone Valley Railroad[edit]


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