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Peerages and baronetcies of Britain and Ireland
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Barons Baronies
Baronets Baronetcies
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This page lists baronetcies, whether extant, extinct, dormant (D), unproven (U), under review (R) or forfeit, in the baronetages of England, Nova Scotia, Great Britain, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The holders of some of the baronetcies listed on the lists have died but in each case, up to the present, no person has proved succession and thus been placed upon the Official Roll of the Baronetage. Those that are marked with a "D" in the last column are regarded as being dormant since, although heirs are known to exist, succession has not been proved within a period of five years from the death of the holder.

A baronetcy becomes extinct when heirs cannot be traced and are believed not to exist. In this case it should not be listed on the Official Roll but would be re-activated should an heir subsequently emerge.

The Royal Warrant of Edward VII of 8 February 1910 states "no person whose name is not entered on the Official Roll shall be received as a Baronet, or shall be addressed or mentioned by that title in any civil or military Commission, Letters Patent or other official document".

The lists below are not corroborated by The Standing Council of the Baronetage, the Lord Chancellor's Department or the Home Office. In addition, only the first is complete; the other five do not at the moment list all extinct baronetcies.

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