List of baronies in the peerages of Britain and Ireland

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Peerages and baronetcies of Britain and Ireland
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The peerage is the collective term for all those holding titles of nobility of all degrees. The term superseded the term "baronage" used of the feudal era. A Barony is a rank or dignity of a man or a woman who is a participant of a small rank of a British nobility.

British Isles[edit]

Hereditary baronies[edit]

The hereditary Baronies fall into five classes:

These have precedence in the order named, except that Baronies of Ireland created after 1 January 1801 (the date of the Union between Great Britain and Ireland) yield to earlier-created Baronies of the United Kingdom.

Life baronies[edit]

The life Baronies fall into two classes:

All life Baronies are in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, and rank amongst hereditary Baronies in that Peerage (and each other) by date of creation.

Hereditary feudal baronies[edit]

These are distinct from the titles above, created by writ or patent, and were constituents of the now defunct feudal baronage and are not therefore constituents of the modern, post-feudal peerage:

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