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This is a list of films, books, etc. about Nicaragua.


Non fiction[edit]

  • The Jaguar Smile; a Nicaraguan Journey, Salman Rushdie, Pan Books Ltd, 1987. ISBN 0-8050-5311-5
  • Sandinista: Carlos Fonseca and the Nicaraguan Revolution, Matilde Zimmermann, Duke University Press, 2001
  • The Life and Death Of Ben Linder, Joan Kruckewitt, Seven Stories Press, 2001
  • Nicaragua, Thomas W. Walker, Westview Press, 2003
  • Nicaragua: Those Passed By, Vern P. Asleson, Galde Press ISBN 1-931942-16-1, 2004
  • The Country Under My Skin: A Memoir of Love and War, Gioconda Belli, Anchor, 2003
  • Breaking Faith: The Sandinista Revolution and Its Impact on Freedom and Christian Faith in Nicaragua, Humberto Belli, The Puebla Institute, 1985. ISBN 0-89107-359-0
  • Dark Alliance : The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion by Gary Webb
  • Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua, Stephen Kinzer, The Presidents and Fellows of Harvard College, 2007. ISBN 978-0-674-02593-6
  • Nicaragua, back from the dead? : an anthropological view of the Sandinista movement in the early 21st century, Johannes Wilm. Oslo, Norway : New Left Notes, c2011.
  • Impurezas de la Democracia: La Conspiración de la Izquierda Continental, Eugenio Batres García, HISPAMER, 2006. ISBN 99924-57-80-5
  • Con Sandino en Nicaragua : la hora de la paz, Ramón de Belausteguigoitia. Managua, Nicaragua : Editorial Nueva Nicaragua, 1981.
  • Where is Nicaragua? Peter Davis. New York : Simon and Schuster, 1987.
  • Life is Hard: Machismo, Danger, and the Intimacy of Power in Nicaragua, Roger N. Lancaster. University of California Press, 1994.
  • Capturing the Revolution: The United States, Central America, and Nicaragua, 1961-1972, Michael D. Gambone, Praeger Publishers, 2001.
  • Banana Diplomacy: The Making of American Policy in Nicaragua 1981-1987, Roy Gutman. Touchstone Books, 1989.
  • Patchwork democracy : Nicaraguan politics ten years after the fall. David R. Dye with Jack Spence and George Vickers. Cambridge, MA : Hemisphere Initiatives, 2000.
  • A Strange Silence: The Emergence of Democracy in Nicaragua, Stephen Schwartz, Institute for Contemporary Studies, 1992. ISBN 1-55815-071-4
  • The Miskito Indians of Nicaragua, The Minority Rights Group, Report No. 79. ISBN 0-946690-59-6
  • The Real Contra War: Highlander Peasant Resistance in Nicaragua, Timothy C. Brown, University of Oklahoma Press, 2001. ISBN 0-8061-3252-3
  • The New Nicaragua: Lessons in Development, Democracy, and Nation-Building for the United States, Steven E. Hendrix. Praeger, 2009.
  • Nicaragua: Living in the Shadow of the Eagle by Thomas W. Walker and Christine J. Wade (Jan 4, 2011)
  • The Burden of Knowing: A journey, a friendship, and the power of truth in Nicaragua by Sharon Rezac Andersen (Sep 15, 2012)
  • Under the Big Stick: Nicaragua and the United States Since 1848 by Karl Bermann. Compita (August 1986). ISBN 0896083241,

ISBN 978-0896083240


  • Bernardo and the Virgin: A Novel, Silvio Sirias, Northwestern University Press, 2005
  • Meet Me Under the Ceiba, Silvio Sirias, Arte Publico Press, 2009
  • Margarita, How Beautiful the Sea, Sergio Ramírez, Santillana USA, 2005
  • Nicaragua Way]], Nina Serrano, Estuary Press, 2016 <[1]>


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