List of Inter-County Highways in Minnesota

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Interstates: Interstate X (I-X)
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County roads of Minnesota
Inter-County Highways

Inter-County Highways in Minnesota are roads locally maintained by county highway departments in Minnesota. Though the majority of these Inter-County Highways runs concurrently with other County roads in Minnesota, some run concurrently with other highways in the state. Unlike most county roads in Minnesota that are designated with numbers that are unique only within a county, Inter-County Highways are designated with a letter, but this system is not shown on most maps.[1] However, as these highways provide important alternate routes to the state highway system, the Minnesota Department of Transportation have recommended a local route numbering / labeling system that clearly identifies county routes that are continuous into neighboring counties.[2] These routes, if marked, are marked with either a white square shield or a blue pentagon shield, with a blue square shield containing the route letter directly under shield with the route number.


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