List of Maccabiah medalists in football

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This is an incomplete list of Maccabiah medalists in football from 1932 to 2005.


Games Gold Silver Bronze
1932 Maccabiah  Poland  Eretz Israel
1935 Maccabiah  Romania  Germany  Eretz Israel
1950 Maccabiah  Israel  South Africa  Great Britain
1953 Maccabiah  Israel  South Africa  Great Britain
1957 Maccabiah  Israel  Great Britain  France
1961 Maccabiah  Great Britain  Israel  South Africa
1965 Maccabiah  Israel  Great Britain  Mexico
1969 Maccabiah  Israel  Argentina  Great Britain
1973 Maccabiah  Israel  Mexico  Brazil
1977 Maccabiah  Israel  Netherlands  South Africa
1981 Maccabiah  South Africa  United States  Israel
1985 Maccabiah  Israel  Netherlands Maccabi Modi'im 1
1989 Maccabiah
1993 Maccabiah  Israel  Argentina  United States
1997 Maccabiah  Brazil  Sweden  France/ Netherlands
2001 Maccabiah  Argentina  Mexico  Israel
2005 Maccabiah  Israel  United States  Mexico
2009 Maccabiah  Argentina  Great Britain  Israel
2013 Maccabiah  United States  Argentina  Canada
2017 Maccabiah  United States  Great Britain  Israel

1. Maccabi Modi'im was a delegation composed of Jewish athletes who couldn't compete under their nation flag, including USSR, Ethiopia, South Africa and Lebanon.[5]


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