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Mob Psycho 100 is a Japanese anime series based on the manga series created by One. The anime adaptation was produced by Bones and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa. Hiroshi Seko wrote the scripts, Yoshimichi Kameda designed the characters, and Kenji Kawai composed the music.[1] The series aired between July 12, 2016, and September 27, 2016, on Tokyo MX. For Season 1, the opening theme song, titled "99", was performed by Mob Choir, while the ending theme song, titled "Refrain Boy" (リフレインボーイ, Rifurein Bōi), was performed by ALL OFF.[2] The series was simulcast on Crunchyroll, while Funimation broadcast the show's simuldub.[3][4] The English dub was produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment.[5] On April 18, 2019, Funimation and Crunchyroll confirmed that season two will simuldub on April 25.[6]

A second season of the anime series was announced, with the staff and cast returning to reprise their roles.[7] Mob Psycho 100 II aired from January 7 to April 1, 2019, with the series being simulcast on Crunchyroll.[8]

A third season has been confirmed to be in production.[9] It is set to premiere in October 2022.[10]

Series overview[edit]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
112July 12, 2016 (2016-07-12)September 27, 2016 (2016-09-27)
213January 7, 2019 (2019-01-07)April 1, 2019 (2019-04-01)
3TBAOctober 2022 (2022-10)TBD

Episode list[edit]

Season 1 (2016)[edit]

No. in
Title [a]Storyboard by [b]Directed by [b]Written by [b]Original air date [11]English air dateRef.
11"Self-Proclaimed Psychic: Arataka Reigen ~And Mob~"
Transcription: "Jishō Reinōryokusha: Reigen Arataka ~to Mob~" (Japanese: 自称霊能力者・霊幻新隆~とモブ~)
Yuzuru TachikawaYuzuru TachikawaHiroshi SekoJuly 12, 2016 (2016-07-12)[c]October 27, 2018[12]
A self-proclaimed exorcist and fraud named Arataka Reigen attempts to exorcise an evil spirit, despite having only stumbled onto it by accident. Much to Reigen's shock, the spirit seems to only be annoyed by his ineffective attacks, which consist of throwing a handful of table salt at the spirit (actually meant to be purified salt). Reigen then unleashes his secret weapon: calling in an actual psychic (also referred to as an esper), Shigeo Kageyama (a.k.a. "Mob") to banish the spirit for him with his psychokinetic powers. Mob is an extremely powerful psychic, despite only being in middle school. Some time later, Reigen is contracted to get rid of evil spirits inhabiting a tunnel. Once again, Reigen manages to trick Mob into doing most of the work for him. One of the ghosts, the deceased leader of a biker gang, warns of an even more powerful monster located deeper in the tunnel, and begs Reigen and Mob to not fight it. However, Mob manages to take it down anyway. The spirits of the leader and his gang are finally at peace and move on to the afterlife.
22"Doubts about Youth ~The Telepathy Club Appears~"
Transcription: "Aoi Haru no Gimon ~Nōkan Denpa-bu Tōjō~" (Japanese: 青い春の疑問~脳感電波部登場~)
Yoshitomo YonetaniTakefumi AnzaiHiroshi SekoJuly 19, 2016 (2016-07-19)November 3, 2018[13]
The "Telepathy Club" at Mob's school is in danger of disbanding after it drops below the minimum number of members. The group desperately tries to convince other students in the school to join their club, and drags Mob into the clubroom in an attempt to convince Mob to join. The Telepathy Club's leader Kurata argues with Reigen over the phone as Reigen wants Mob to focus on his job instead of the club. Later, Reigen takes Mob on a contract to exorcise a spirit at a private all-girls high school. Both he and Mob try cross-dressing to infiltrate the school, but Reigen is immediately stopped by security while Mob goes on to meet his clients alone. The clients, a pair of schoolgirls, lead him around the school until he finds the large ghost of a dead schoolboy observing basketball practice on campus. After defeating the ghost, the ghost begs him to enjoy his youth before it disappears. The next day, the student council at Mob's school threatens to turn the Telepathy Club's room over to the newly-formed Body Improvement Club as Mob is about to join. After having a flashback where Mob remembers his poor physical abilities, Mob decides to join the Body Improvement Club instead.
33"An Invitation to a Meeting ~Simply Put, I Just Want to be Popular~"
Transcription: "Tsudoi e no Sasoi ~Kantan ni Iu to Motetai~" (Japanese: 集いへの誘い~簡単に言うとモテたい~)
Yuzuru TachikawaKatsuya ShigeharaHiroshi SekoJuly 26, 2016 (2016-07-26)November 10, 2018[14]
During Body Improvement Club practice, Mob faints and is left in the clubroom to recover. The Telepathy Club, permitted to stay in the room which is now being used to store bodybuilding equipment, comments that Mob will never be popular even if he trains his body. Distraught, he is intercepted on his way home by a woman in a smiling mask, who informs him that she can help him become popular. He follows her to an underground meeting area where a cult known as (LOL) has formed in service to a man with the power to make anyone laugh and smile. A reporter from Mob's school, Mezato Ichi, is forcibly converted, but even the cult leader Dimple is unable to convert Mob. It is revealed that Dimple is a high level spirit possessing a man, and the spirit emerges to kill Mob. The strain causes Mob to reach 100% and "explode", unleashing a terrible amount of psychic power and exorcising Dimple. This frees the converts of the cult.
44"Idiots Only Event ~Kin~"
Transcription: "Baka Onrī Ibento ~Dōrui~" (Japanese: 馬鹿オンリーイベント~同類~)
Yuzuru TachikawaTomoaki ŌtaHiroshi SekoAugust 2, 2016 (2016-08-02)November 24, 2018[15]
During the cold open, delinquents from Mob's school (Salt Middle School) are in a turf war with a rival school (Black Vinegar Middle School). When the rival delinquents are unable to win, they call for their leader, Teruki "Teru" Hanazawa. In spite of being physically unimposing, Teru disposes of the Salt delinquents with ease. In an attempt to get revenge, delinquent leader Tenga Onigawara attempts to recruit the Body Improvement Club into the turf war. When they turn him down, he concocts a plan to get Mob kidnapped by the rival school in order to force the Body Improvement Club to attack Black Vinegar Middle School. Meanwhile, Mob has been haunted all day by the weakened spirit of Dimple, who claims to have reformed. As per the plan by the Salt delinquents, Mob is captured by delinquents from Black Vinegar and refuses to use his powers to escape despite urging from Dimple. The Body Improvement Club members then defeat an army of delinquents in an attempt to rescue Mob, but they are similarly unable to defeat Teru once he appears, exhibiting his own psychic abilities.
55"Ochimusha ~Psychic Powers and Me~"
Transcription: "Ochimusha ~Chōnōryoku to Boku~" (Japanese: OCHIMUSHA~超能力と僕~)
Ken'ichi FujisawaKen'ichi FujisawaHiroshi SekoAugust 9, 2016 (2016-08-09)December 1, 2018[16]
After recognizing Mob's psychic abilities, Teru attempts to force him into a psychic duel by attacking him, but Mob refuses despite increasingly brutal attacks because of his ideals to never use psychic powers on a human person. Dimple attempts to defend Mob, but Teru quickly exorcises him. As Mob becomes cornered inside the school, Teru's sanity begins to deteriorate after Mob deflects his knives in self-defense which caused Teru's hair to be sheared off. This is because Teru's hair is a source of pride to himself. As Teru grows increasingly frustrated with Mob and his sanity weakens, Mob realizes that Teru's hatred towards him is because both psychics lack confidence and know that they are nothing without their psychic powers. Teru chokes Mob against the wall with brute force, where it is revealed that unlike him, Teru's frequent use of his psychic abilities in his daily life quickly established his popularity within his school and gave him a superiority complex, proclaiming himself as a "chosen one". Despite Mob's restraint of his psychic powers loosening as he is strangled, he passes out from asphyxiation before reaching 100%. Unconsciously awakening in "???%" form, Mob rips apart the school and hurls the rubble at a naked Teru, who is blasted off into the sky while apologizing and accepting Mob's ideals. In the aftermath, Mob's realises that he has used his powers against another person, which results in "100% sadness", where he uses his powers to rebuild the school.
66"Discord ~To Become One~"
Transcription: "Fuchōwa ~Naru Tame ni~" (Japanese: 不調和~成るために~)
Takefumi AnzaiTakefumi AnzaiHiroshi SekoAugust 16, 2016 (2016-08-16)December 8, 2018[17]
After the incident at the Black Vinegar Middle School, the whole town hears rumors pointing to Mob's abilities and his fight with Teru. Mob's brother Ritsu Kageyama is followed around by various people interested in him and his brother's powers. Ritsu is not happy about this because he curses his own lack of ability to use ESP. The leader of the Telepathy Club, Tome Kurata, takes an interest in the psychic fight and tries to get Mob to identify other Espers in public. Salt Middle School's Student Council president, Shinji Kamuro, confides in Ritsu to frame local gang leader Tenga Onigawara for stealing and being a pervert. Later, Ritsu tours a psychic research institute known as the Awakening Lab, but all of the subjects have minimal and weak ESP abilities. At the end of the episode, Ritsu accidentally bends a spoon psychically and sees the ghost of Dimple who is apparently still "alive" somehow. These incidents reveal that Ritsu does in fact have a hidden psychic ability, just like his older brother Mob.
77"Exaltation ~I've Obtained Loss~"
Transcription: "Kōyō ~Sōshitsu o Teniireta~" (Japanese: 昂揚~喪失を手に入れた~)
Takashi KawabataTakashi KawabataHiroshi SekoAugust 23, 2016 (2016-08-23)December 15, 2018[18]
As thugs from other middle school gangs hear about White T-Poison and make moves to defeat him, Ritsu meets Dimple and gradually learns about and improves his psychic powers. Due to his newfound power, he ends up making Kamuro pay for his dubious deeds. Meanwhile, Mob encounters two con-artists trying to swindle him for money for a "expensive" vase he damaged. However, Reigen arrives and bails out Mob by turning the tables against the con-artists. With his growing psychic powers and Dimple's guidance, Ritsu develops a superiority complex. Ritsu eventually runs into Teru and attempts to fight him despite Dimple's warnings. Teru's experience and already strong psychic powers nearly overwhelms Ritsu, as he is forced to flee. Ritsu then confronts the other middle school gang thugs in an alley and uses his psychic powers to easily subdue them. As Ritsu defeats the thugs, Mob arrives.
88"The Older Brother Bows ~Destructive Intent~"
Transcription: "Ani Peko ~Hakai Ishi~" (Japanese: 兄ペコ~破壊意思~)
Yuzuru Tachikawa,
Katsuya Shigehara
Yūji ŌyaHiroshi SekoAugust 30, 2016 (2016-08-30)January 6, 2019[d][20]
Mob is led by Teru to Ritsu and the middle schools thugs. Mob is happy to see that Ritsu has finally developed psychic powers. Ritsu, still relishing in his powers, attempts to end his relationship with Mob, but is shocked to see Mob protecting him by apologizing on his behalf to the thugs. The thugs make Mob get on his knees and grovel to them. Nearby, an adult esper named Cadre Koyama is watching this. Koyama intervenes and attempts to kidnap Ritsu after mistaking him for Shigeo. When Ritsu gets hurt by Koyama, Mob becomes enraged and goes 100%, overwhelming Koyama. Koyama uses a cursed spray on Mob to knock him out and escape with Ritsu. Elsewhere, Yusuke Sakurai, another adult esper working with Koyama infiltrates the Awakening Lab and kidnaps the subjects. Teru and Dimple rescue Mob and take him to Teru's apartment to recover. Teru reveals to Mob and Dimple that Ritsu was kidnapped by a member (Koyama) of Claw, a criminal organization of espers bent on world domination who have kidnapped other young adolescent espers to brainwash them and use them for their nefarious plans. Dimple informs Mob and Teru that Koyama may have found out about the Kageyama Brothers from the Awakening Lab. The trio arrive at the lab and question its founder, Kenji Mitsuura about what happened. Meanwhile, Koyama and Sakurai take Ritsu and the Awakening subjects to a Claw hideout, called the Seventh Division.
99"Claw ~7th Division~"
Transcription: ""Tsume" ~Dai Nana Shibu~" (Japanese: "爪"~第7支部~)
Katsumi TerahigashiYōko KanemoriHiroshi SekoSeptember 6, 2016 (2016-09-06)January 13, 2019[21]
1010"The Heinous Aura ~Mastermind~"
Transcription: "Kyoaku no Ōra ~Kuromaku~" (Japanese: 巨悪のオーラ~黒幕~)
Hiroshi KobayashiKatsuya ShigeharaHiroshi SekoSeptember 13, 2016 (2016-09-13)January 20, 2019[22]
1111"Master ~Leader~"
Transcription: "Shishō ~Leader~" (Japanese: 師匠 ~Leader~)
Takefumi AnzaiTakefumi AnzaiHiroshi SekoSeptember 20, 2016 (2016-09-20)January 27, 2019[23]
Reigen, tracking Mob's cell phone, arrives at Seventh Division. The Claw lackeys guarding the entrance try to stop Reigen, but they let him in when they mistakenly believe he is the leader of Claw. Reigen uses this façade to help the Awakening subjects escape and attempt to convince the lackeys the error of their ways. Elsewhere, Mob, Teru and Ritsu are trapped in a cursed room that prevents them from using their psychic powers. Reigen eventually arrives and is able to free the three young espers. While trying to leave, Mob, Reigen, Teru and Ritsu are confronted by Seventh Division leader Ishiguro and the three remaining Scars Sakurai, Matsuo and Muraki. Reigen convinces the lackeys to leave Claw and make something of their lives. Reigen eventually learns that Mob begrudgingly broke his promise to not use psychic powers against people. While Teru and Ritsu fight against the Scars, Mob is stressed whether to use his psychic powers to save his friends or to run away as advised by Reigen. As Mob is about to go 100% with Murderous Intent, Reigen snaps him out of it and tells Mob that he will end up suffering from his actions and that it's okay to run away and save himself. A brief flashback is shown to when Mob as a child first met Reigen about helping control his budding psychic powers. Sakurai comes up behind Reigen and cuts him down in front of Mob. This results in Mob going 100%.
1212"Mob and Reigen ~A Giant Tsuchinoko Appears~"
Transcription: "Mob to Reigen ~Kyodai Tsuchinoko Genru no Maki~" (Japanese: モブと霊幻~巨大ツチノコ現るの巻~)
Yuzuru TachikawaYuzuru TachikawaHiroshi SekoSeptember 27, 2016 (2016-09-27)February 3, 2019[24]
Reigen is miraculously uninjured from Sakurai's attack and proceeds to take on the Scars. The Scars' psychic attacks have no effect against Reigen. It's revealed that Reigen's words of wisdom to Mob just as he was about to go 100% changed the flow of his psychic energy. Mob subconsciously sent his psychic energy into Reigen, thereby "running away". The psychic energy in Reigen goes 1000% with Gratitude. Once he incapacitates Ishiguro, Reigen chastises the Scars for their delusions of grandeur, saying that even with psychic powers they are still human. Reigen's words drag Sakurai and Muraki back into reality. Ishiguro, having recovered, rejects Reigen's philosophical views by claiming that psychics are elite and superior to the rest of humanity and they should be worshipped. Mob counters Ishiguro by saying that having psychic powers doesn't make one popular. Ishiguro snaps and starts gathering psychic energy to destroy the Seventh Division and everyone in it. Reigen then loses Mob's psychic energy. Shou arrives and proceeds to take down Ishiguro and Seventh Division. Shou expresses disappointment in Mob before he leaves. Dimple finally escapes Matsuo's evil spirit jar and knocks him out. The fight ends and Mob, Reigen, Ritsu, Teru and Dimple move on with their everyday lives. A post-credit scene shows Mob and Reigen trying to hunt down a mythical Tsuchinoko, but Reigen ends up instead gathering a lot of mushrooms. Mob exorcises a spirit that may have been a Tsuchinoko but is told by Reigen they don't exist.
SpecialSpecial"Mob Psycho 100: Reigen ~The Miraculous Unknown Psychic~"
Transcription: "Mob Psycho 100: REIGEN ~Shirarezaru Kiseki no Reinōryokusha~" (Japanese: モブサイコ100 REIGEN ~知られざる奇跡の霊能力者~)
Yuzuru TachikawaKatsuya Shigehara,
Yūji Ōya
Hiroshi SekoMarch 18, 2018 (2018-03-18)TBA[25]

Season 2 (2019)[edit]

No. in
Title [a]Storyboard by [b]Directed by [b]Written by [b]Original air date [26]Ref.
131"Ripped Apart ~Someone Is Watching~"
Transcription: "Biribiri ~Darekaga Mite iru~" (Japanese: ビリビリ ~誰かが見ている~)
Takefumi AnzaiYūji ŌyaHiroshi SekoJanuary 7, 2019 (2019-01-07)[27]
Reigen accepts an exorcism job from a farmer and quickly deduces that there was some spirit involved, Reigen summons Mob, who exorcises the high level spirit Wriggle Wriggle by controlling plants using his psychic powers. Meanwhile, Kamuro Shinji resigns from his post as student council president for framing his fellow students. Mezato jumps on the chance to help Mob develop and become the leader of the Psycho Helmet Club and trains Mob to run for president. When it is Mob's turn to speak, he spends his allocated 5 minutes mute on the stage, being too scared to say anything. Mob places last, with Kamuro being re-elected as president. Feeling down, Mob is told to go home by the Body Improvement Club. After receiving a love letter, Mob meets Emi, who asks him out. Mob starts walking home with her every day after school. Emi tells Mob that she likes books and is writing a novel, which Mob agrees to read. Mob is happier at home and work. One week after the election day, Emi reveals that she asked him out on a dare, and asks him whether he has his own feelings or opinions, as she couldn't read him. She apologizes and leaves. Mob is seemingly not upset, but remembers the time he spent with Emi over the week. Emi's friends tease her for writing a novel and tear up her work. Mob confronts them and picks up the torn pieces and says he made the decision to consider his feelings more. When a gust of wind blows the pieces away, in a rare display of emotion, Mob uses his powers and reassembles the book and confesses to be an esper. While Emi thanks him, Tsubomi, who is watching the entire thing says she is very impressed. Dimple is surprised Mob showed his powers to another person and asks whether Emi fell for him. Emi gets an idea for a story by thinking about Mob, a middle school student with psychic powers.
142"Urban Legends ~Encountering Rumors~"
Transcription: "Toshi Densetsu ~Uwasa to no Sōgū~" (Japanese: 都市伝説 〜噂との遭遇〜)
Katsuya ShigeharaKatsuya ShigeharaHiroshi SekoJanuary 14, 2019 (2019-01-14)[28]
Reigen and Mob are hired to eradicate certain urban legends that have emerged, but they face competition from a Rival Psychic. Reigen quickly shows Mob how average things are misconstrued and blown into Scary Urban Legends, like a Human-Faced Dog merely turns out to be a Dog whose face was drawn over by some children. However, things take a turn for the worse when one of the Urban Legends turns out to be real. Mob quickly destroys the evil legend, and Reigen decides to start a web-site for his psychic business.
153"One Danger After Another ~Degeneration~"
Transcription: "Kasaneru Kiken ~Henshitsu~" (Japanese: 重ねる危険 ~変質~)
Ken'ichi FujisawaKen'ichi FujisawaHiroshi SekoJanuary 21, 2019 (2019-01-21)[29]
Reigen's web-site proves to be successful, but he attracts a bad job, when a man asks Reigen to curse someone. Initially refusing, Reigen eventually placates the man, by giving him a false charm and saying that something bad will eventually happen. Mob is slightly disturbed; he is unable to understand the desire to curse someone and that the man will live the rest of his life believing he had someone cursed, much to Reigen's surprise. They are then hired to exorcise a woman's apartment, where the "Evil Spirit" is revealed to be a neighbor who fell in love with the woman and used his out-of-body experiences to spy on her. The woman rebuffs his feelings in disgust, and he is arrested. Mob is puzzled at her change in attitude, from fear to disgust, on discovering he was just human. Several college students hire Reigen and Mob to protect them from an evil spirit, while they take a "spirit photo" at a haunted area. They refuse to pay Reigen since nothing bad happened. Later, some bullies attempt to mug Mob, but Mob is protected by Dimple, Ritsu and the Body Improvement Club, who warn him that he has to fight back against such people, for his good and the good of society. The college students return, when their "spirit photo" was actually real. They ask Reigen to exorcise the spirit, promising to pay this time. They go back to the haunted area, where Mob discovers three spirits; A deceased family, who died together, and have only wanted to live a bit longer together in peace. The father points out that they will fade away naturally when their desire is fulfilled, and Mob tries to plead for them. The college students refuse to hear him out, but Reigen is slightly more troubled, not wanted Mob to destroy innocent, peaceful spirits, but desiring to maintain his reputation as a reliable psychic who listens to customers. Dimple attempts to provoke the father into become an evil spirit, and kill the college students, but the father does not change. Reigen and Dimple try to tell Mob that he doesn't have to exorcise them, but Mob begins to tremble, stating that if he protects the spirits, then he must harm the students. Reigen quickly realizes that Mob's recent feelings are a result of his unique world view where spirits and humans are equal and that taking on so many jobs, so quickly, has forced Mob to confront ideas he's not ready for. Reigen quickly performs a faux-exorcism to placate the students and comforts Mob. Mob contemplates what would happen if he ever decided to curse someone, and if anyone would stop him, but falls asleep as he thinks.
164"Inside ~Evil Spirit~"
Transcription: "Nakami ~Akuryō~" (Japanese: 中身 ~悪霊~)
Masahiro Mukai,
Yuzuru Tachikawa
Shōhei MiyakeHiroshi SekoJanuary 28, 2019 (2019-01-28)[30]
Mob and Reigen are hired to do an exorcism for a rich man named Masashi Asagiri. Upon arriving, they see that he has hired many other psychics as well, including Banshoumaru Shinra and Kirin Jodo, leader of the Sun Psychic Union. Asagiri described how his daughter, Minori, was possessed by an evil spirit and he had been forced to lock her up. They do rock-paper-scissors to determine what order the psychics get to go in and see her in. Reigen wins and goes in to talk to Minori. It seems as though she is not possessed at all, leading many of the psychics to believe that Asagiri was just abusing her, but Reigen notices inconsistencies in Minori's conversation with him, causing the spirit to reveal itself. Dimple recognizes the spirit as Keiji Mogami, a former psychic. While the psychics go in to exorcise the spirit one by one, Dimple explains who Mogami was, warning Mob and Reigen not to get involved. However Mob tries to exorcise Mogami from Minori's body anyway. Eventually Mob realizes that Mogami is rooted too deep in Minori and decides to use an out-of-body experience to go inside of Minori to chase the spirit out. Succeeding in leaving his body, Mogami attempts to possess Mob's body but Dimple is already inhabiting it, allowing Mob to enter Minori's body whilst Mogami is distracted. Mogami explains to Mob how they are in a mental world and he can bend it to his will. He demonstrates this by making Mob think he can damage him while there, before taking away his powers and defeating Mob. Mogami explains that psychic powers are fueled by emotions and that negative emotions are stronger. He crafts the mental world into an exact copy of Mob's life except that he has no powers, friends or family.
175"Discord ~Choices~"
Transcription: "Fuwa ~Sentaku~" (Japanese: 不和 ~選択~)
Hakuyu GoHakuyu GoHiroshi SekoFebruary 4, 2019 (2019-02-04)[31]
Keiji Mogami explains that he was a psychic like Mob. When he was alive, his mother had fallen ill. Keiji undertook extreme jobs (ex: not sleeping enough to kill people) to pay for his mom's treatment. His mom died of unknown reasons, but she blamed Keiji for her death. Keiji then committed suicide and became an evil spirit. Keiji, disguised as Minori, also transfers into his class and she leads her classmates in constantly bullying Mob. The high schoolers that bullied Mob earlier also show up and Mob is powerless to stop them. Even Ritsu is a stranger in this world and he does nothing to help Mob. Over the course of 30 minutes in the real world, Mob experiences 6 months in the mental world with all of his negative emotions building up. After an incident where Mob is powerless to save a stray cat from Minori and her friends, Mogami explains his backstory and why he despises people who use others. Dimple manages to use Mob's powers to open the door and let the other psychics go free, but he stays and decides to go into Minori's body and save Mob. Meanwhile, Mob gets beat up by Minori and her friends, so Mogami gives him his powers back. Mob immediately turns the tables and is about to kill one of has bullies. Dimple shows up and brings Mob's memory back. Mogami then reveals that the people in this world are actually all of the spirits he had absorbed. They start attacking Mob, who is determined to save Minori at least. Mob unleashes the power of his courage on Mogami and defeats the army of spirits. Mogami's defeat releases a mass of spirits that even he could not control, which proceed to destroy Mob's body. Mob is eventually overwhelmed by the monstrous conglomeration of spirits, but reaches ???% and blasts the entire mental world apart. Mob wakes up in his own body. Mogami leaves Minori's body and attempts to leave the Asagiri residence, but Matsuo captures him into a flask, renaming him Pudding-chan. Minori wakes up and walks up to Mob. She could see everything that happened in her head and saw how Mogami portrayed her. Mob asks her if she actually acted like that in real life which she confirms. Minori starts crying and apologising over and over again. Mob says it was okay because now he sees that people could change.
186"Poor, Lonely, Whitey"
Transcription: "Kodokuna Howaitī" (Japanese: 孤独なホワイティー)
Takefumi AnzaiTakahiro HasuiYuzuru TachikawaFebruary 11, 2019 (2019-02-11)[32]
With Mob torn between his friends and his work as a disciple of Reigen, he finally realizes that Reigen has just been using him for his psychic powers. As Mob and Reigen go their separate ways, Reigen also realizes, after a night at the bar, that he has no friends and that his life is a little miserable. Even though Mob left him he reminds himself that he himself started this business and can go on without Mob's help. As he is by himself he starts to change. He begins to film the process of exorcising and uploads it to the net, giving free courses to prevent people getting tricked by frauds and giving people advice about their life. Reigen's reputation increases and he soon becomes known as "Seasoning City's bro". A few days later Reigen is interviewed by magazines and even offered to be on a television show. He gladly accepts as it could make him even more famous. However, the show is actually a set-up by Kirin Jodo to exploit Reigen as a fraud due to Jodo having a grudge after discovering that Reigen kneed him in the face while possessed by Keiji Mogami.
197"Cornered ~True Identity~"
Transcription: "Oikomi ~Shōtai~" (Japanese: 追い込み ~正体~)
Yuzuru TachikawaTsuyoshi TobitaYuzuru TachikawaFebruary 18, 2019 (2019-02-18)[33]
Due to the hoax, Reigen is revealed to be fraudulent and is completely humiliated. Rumours about him being a fraudster increase and his old customers even create a group of Reigen's "victims". Mob eventually hears the news but doesn't get worried. He believes it was all his master's plan to get even more famous. Eventually, Reigen is hunted down by reporters and detectives hired by TV and magazines, and he is forced to explain himself at a press conference. The night before the conference he tries to build up a plan to confront the media. Even so, when the conference finally gets underway, he finds himself backed into a corner and begins to mock the media, claiming that they have no proof that he was not a psychic. After a while he is asked the question of why he entered the supernatural business at all. Reigen thinks back three years to when he first met Mob, realising that it was Mob's psychic powers that inspired him. Regretting that he had only used Mob he smiles at the camera and says "You have grown up" whereupon the whole conference building starts to shake and cameras begin to hover. The media is freaked out, believing that it was Reigen's doing, and accuses him. Afterwards Reigen meets up with Mob and Dimple, asking why they came. Mob answers that there was no particular reason, but Reigen still asks him if he now knows his true identity, after what the media discovered. Mob simply answers that he knew Reigen's true identity all along, that he was a "good person".
208"Even Then ~Continue Forward~"
Transcription: "Soredemo ~Mae e~" (Japanese: それでも ~前へ~)
Yūji ŌyaYūji ŌyaHiroshi SekoFebruary 25, 2019 (2019-02-25)[34]
Mob wants to participate in the marathon to impress his crush Tsubomi. He tells his friends that last year he was 291st place out of 300, and during the marathon he is at 74th place before fainting. Meanwhile, Tsubomi and her friend visit Reigen to ask for relationship advice. Tsubomi lies saying that she has a crush that is at her same school to test if Reigen was a con artist. Mob wakes up, but feels accomplished and heads home. Ritsu and his parents are at home when Ritsu hears a knock on the door. Ritsu opens the door to see Sho Suzuki, one of Claw's espers. When Mob heads home he sees his home burned to the ground and burned bodies, which causes his emotional state to go ???%.
219"Show Me What You've Got ~Band Together~"
Transcription: "Misete Miro ~Shūgō~" (Japanese: 見せてみろ ~集合~)
Hiroshi TakeuchiHiroshi TakeuchiHiroshi SekoMarch 4, 2019 (2019-03-04)[35]
On the verge of exploding emotionally, Dimple calms Mob down and reveals that the bodies were fake. Mob starts looking for espers, only to find two Scars from the main branch of Claw looking for him, none of whom know what has happened to his family. Koyama and Sakurai suddenly show up to unite Mob with the rest of the gang, including the esper kids from the Awakening Lab, most of the former 7th Division's Scars and Reigen. It turns out Claw was going for an all-out attack against the city, whilst getting rid of all obstacles that might pose a threat. Mob falls asleep after Reigen's comfort. Elsewhere, the boss of Claw gets ready to mobilise their forces with Hatori of the Ultimate 5 hijacking the signal in order for the boss to announce Claw's plans of world domination. Meanwhile Sho and Ritsu plan their move to take down Claw's boss, Toichiro Suzuki, who turns out to be Sho's father. Later on, Toichiro orders Shimazaki of the Ultimate 5 to capture the prime minister, which he does effortlessly. However, Teru intercepts him and tries to save the prime minister but, despite Teru's great progress and best effort, he is no match for Shimazaki's teleportation ability and ultimately ends up being defeated.
2210"Collision ~Power Type~"
Transcription: "Shōtotsu ~Pawā-Kei~" (Japanese: 衝突 ~パワー系~)
Katsuya ShigeharaKatsuya ShigeharaHiroshi SekoMarch 11, 2019 (2019-03-11)[36]
While the rest of the gang are on their way to infiltrate the tower Claw had taken over, Toichiro sends Shibata of the Ultimate 5 and a group of espers to find and eliminate Mob, who is still asleep. Reigen manages to take out the group of espers but also inadvertently turns Shibata into an implacable juggernaut hell-bent on crushing Mob in the process. Dimple takes possession of Mob's body and escapes, but is forced to fight back when Shibata is about to hurt a crowd of people including Tsubomi. After Shibata hits Mob's body into the Body Improvement Club, they attempt to stop him but are massively overpowered, leaving only Musashi left to protect Mob. Musashi states that it was Mob's determination and tenacity that gave them the courage to go on, and that he will protect Mob. Dimple takes possession of Musashi and releases the full usage of his muscles, surpassing Shibata's psychically-augmented muscular strength. Mob finally awakens and defeats Shibata for good.
2311"Guidance ~Psychic Sensor~"
Transcription: "Shidō ~Kanchi Nōryoku-sha~" (Japanese: 指導 ~感知能力者~)
Itsuki TsuchigamiItsuki TsuchigamiHiroshi SekoMarch 18, 2019 (2019-03-18)[37]
Mob, on his way to the tower, is forced to fight an esper group of Claw, until Minegishi of the Ultimate 5 arrive to stop him. Matsuo comes to Mob's aid but loses the flask he used to seal Mogami to the esper group. Despite his warning, the espers shatter the flask, releasing a very angry and seemingly unstoppable Mogami. When Mogami is about to crush Minegishi, Mob pleads for Mogami to let him live because of how Minegishi can still become a better person. Mogami leaves, giving Mob the advice to be more strict towards others, as this would make Mob unbeatable. The rest of the gang gets intercepted and are quickly defeated by Shimazaki. Shimazaki, who then intercepts Sho and Ritsu, lets Sho pass only to focus on Ritsu but before he can deal the finishing blow, the entire group shows up to assist Ritsu. Despite their best effort, it seems impossible to defeat Shimazaki. However, with Teru's prompting, the group takes the advantage until Shimazaki goes all-out and quickly takes them all of them down. In his heightened state, Shimazaki notices Mob's presence and gets ready to confront him, only to be defeated by Reigen.
2412"The Battle for Social Rehabilitation ~Friendship~"
Transcription: "Shakaifukki-sen ~Yūjō~" (Japanese: 社会復帰戦 ~友情~)
Atsushi TakahashiToshiyuki Sone,
Yuzuru Tachikawa
Hiroshi SekoMarch 25, 2019 (2019-03-25)[38]
Meanwhile, Sho effortlessly takes down Hatori and finally confronts his father, Toichiro Suzuki. The fight does not go as Sho had planned when he finds out how his father's power works and Sho is soundly defeated. Before defeating Sho, Toichiro reveals that when he was young, Toichiro's immense ESP powers made him superior to everyone else. Toichiro explains his plans to take over the world, and reveals his ability to store and transfer psychic energy between beings, and demonstrates by taking back the energy he gave to the now-defeated Claw soldiers strewn about the area. Mob frees the prime minister and meets with Serizawa, the last and most powerful of the Ultimate 5. It turns out Serizawa was a social shut-in because of his power incontinence, but Toichiro Suzuki offered him a job and a way to control his power. Serizawa firmly believes in his boss' ideology, but Mob convinces him through his own emotions that Mob is just like him, and Mob can be his friend. Mob eventually confronts Toichiro and sees the kind of person he is, beginning the battle between the boss of Claw and the powerful middle schooler. Mob, despite his best efforts, is unable to convince Toichiro, who is completely power obsessed and delusional. Before Toichiro can kill Mob, Reigen arrives and tries to punch Toichiro, but Toichiro dodges and prepares to blow up Reigen, who is barely saved by Serizawa. Mob reaches 100% emotional state, and during the chaos Reigen, Serizawa and Sho land on the ground with Ritsu and rest of Claw. Toichiro berates Mob as a weakling, but Mob states that now that his friends and allies are away, Mob can finally go all out in his rage.
2513"Boss Fight ~The Final Light~"
Transcription: "Bosu-sen ~Saigo no Hikari~" (Japanese: ボス戦 ~最後の光~)
Shinji SatōYūji Ōya,
Yuzuru Tachikawa
Hiroshi SekoApril 1, 2019 (2019-04-01)[39]
Through a gradual shift of different 100% emotions, Mob forces Toichiro to go 100% with his own power, which in turn makes him lose control over it, causing Toichiro to turn into a living bomb capable of wiping out the whole city. Mob, showing his kindness to Toichiro, redirects the power into his body, leading to a seemingly smaller explosion that keeps the city safe. In the aftermath, Toichiro admits his mistake and allows himself to be taken into custody, after apologising to Sho. On television, it is shown that the apparent huge explosion actually caused the sudden growth of the broccoli seed that Mob kept in his shirt pocket, forming the Divine Tree.
OVAOVA"Mob Psycho 100: The Spirits and Such Consultation Office's First Company Outing ~A Healing Trip that Warms the Heart~"
Transcription: "Mob Psycho 100: Dai'ikkai Rei Toka Sōdansho Ian'ryokō ~Kokoro Mitasu Iyashi no Tabi~" (Japanese: モブサイコ100 第一回霊とか相談所慰安旅行~ココロ満たす癒やしの旅~)
Yūji ŌyaYūji ŌyaHiroshi SekoSeptember 25, 2019 (2019-09-25)[40][41]

Season 3 (2022)[edit]

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