List of New York Cosmos (1970–85) players

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A grey-haired man in a black suit and yellow tie looks to his right, a microphone marked "MSG" held to his mouth.
Shep Messing, the Cosmos' goalkeeper from 1973 to 1974, then again from 1976 to 1977 and finally for three games in 1984, reports on a New York Red BullsPhiladelphia Union match in 2010

The New York Cosmos were an American soccer club based in New York. The club was formed in 1970 by brothers Ahmet and Nesuhi Ertegun, with the support of Warner Brothers president Steve Ross, and entered into the North American Soccer League (NASL), which had itself been founded in 1968. Backed by Ross's company, Warner Communications, the Cosmos became the league's strongest club, both on and off the field.[1] The team won five titles while drawing attendances unprecedented in American club soccer.[2] The Cosmos' commercial and on-field success declined during the early 1980s, along with the NASL itself, and after the league folded in 1984 the club dissolved a year later.[3] A new Cosmos team, formed in 2010,[4] is scheduled to begin play in the new second-tier North American Soccer League (contested since 2011) during the 2013 season.[5][6]

All players who played at least one league match for the Cosmos are given below. A total of 155 outfield players did so, along with 17 goalkeepers, giving a total of 172. Including the United States and Canada, a total of 34 nations from across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa were represented on the team's rosters over the course of its history. After the United States, the most common nation of origin was England, with 17 Cosmos players; Canada followed with 15. NASL all-star teams included 18 of the club's players in total. Eleven players who appeared as guests in exhibition games are listed separately below.


Regular season players[edit]

A cropped profile shot of an older, white-haired man.
Charlie Aitken, seen in 2006
A middle-aged, bespecatacled man smiles in front of a wall covered with New York Cosmos memorabilia.
Ron Atanasio, pictured in 2010 with Cosmos memorabilia
A white soccer jersey, viewed from the back; the cuffs and collar are green and on the back it is marked with the number 6 and the name "Beckenbauer".
A 1977 Cosmos shirt bearing Franz Beckenbauer's name
A black-and-white photograph of footballers in action, taken from behind the goal as a penalty kick is taken. The ball has been kicked by the taker to the left of the goalkeeper, who has dived forlornly to his right.
Johan Neeskens scores the opening goal of the 1974 FIFA World Cup Final
Two men in tailored suits laugh as they juggle a soccer ball between them, watched by a large crowd.
Pelé, right, with US President Bill Clinton in 1997
Mordechai Spiegler, right, pictured in 2008 with broadcaster Yoram Arbel
An out-of-focus portrait shot of a dark-haired man in a lime-green v-neck sweater.
Władysław Żmuda, seen in 2007
Name Country Position Years Notes
Abrahams, LaurieLaurie Abrahams  England FW 1984–85
Agoliati, ChrisChris Agoliati  United States MF 1977
Aitken, CharlieCharlie Aitken  Scotland DF 1976–77
Alberti, DinoDino Alberti  Canada GK 1980–82
Alberto, CarlosCarlos Alberto  Brazil DF 1977–80
Alberto, LuisLuis Alberto  United States MF 1984–85
Aly, AmrAmr Aly  United States FW 1984–85
Anastasio, AngeloAngelo Anastasio  United States DF 1974–75
Atanasio, RonRon Atanasio  United States FW 1978–79
Ayre, GarryGarry Ayre  Canada DF 1978–79
Bandov, BorisBoris Bandov  United States MF 1979–82
Barczewski, DominickDominick Barczewski  United States DF 1981–82
Beckenbauer, FranzFranz Beckenbauer  West Germany DF 1977–80
Birkenmeier, HubertHubert Birkenmeier  West Germany GK 1979–85
Blackmore, RichardRichard Blackmore  England GK 1972
Bogićević, VladislavVladislav Bogićević  Yugoslavia MF 1978–84
Borja, ChicoChico Borja  United States FW 1981–82
Bradley, GordonGordon Bradley  United States DF 1971–75 [A]
Brand, JackJack Brand  Canada GK 1978
Brcic, DavidDavid Brcic  United States GK 1977–79
Buljan, IvanIvan Buljan  Yugoslavia DF 1981–82
Cabañas, RobertoRoberto Cabañas  Paraguay FW 1980–84
Caetano, OmarOmar Caetano  Uruguay MF 1975
Canter, DanDan Canter  United States DF 1984–85
Carbognani, AntonioAntonio Carbognani  Argentina MF 1979
Carrette, EmanuelEmanuel Carrette  Brazil FW 1974
Caszely, CarlosCarlos Caszely  Chile FW 1984
Chardin, DelicesDelices Chardin  Haiti DF 1971
Chinaglia, GiorgioGiorgio Chinaglia  Italy FW 1976–85
Chinapoo, RichardRichard Chinapoo  Trinidad and Tobago DF 1982–83
Chinesinho, Chinesinho  Brazil MF 1971
Clements, DaveDave Clements  Northern Ireland MF 1976–77
Comrie, ElvisElvis Comrie  United States FW 1984–85
Correa, JulioJulio Correa  Uruguay MF 1975
Cummings, EveraldEverald Cummings  Trinidad and Tobago MF 1972–73
Damiani, OscarOscar Damiani  Italy FW 1984
Davis, RickRick Davis  United States MF 1978–84
Dawes, MalcolmMalcolm Dawes  England DF 1973–74
De, De  Brazil DF 1975
De Oliveira, RobertoRoberto De Oliveira  United States FW 1977
DeBrito, PedroPedro DeBrito  United States MF 1984
Delgado, JaimeJaime Delgado  Ecuador FW 1971
Ferdinando De Matthaeis  Italy FW 1982
DiBernardo, AngeloAngelo DiBernardo  United States FW 1980–85
Dillon, MikeMike Dillon  England DF 1975–77
Dimitrijević, VitoVito Dimitrijević  Yugoslavia MF 1977–78
Donlavey, FrankFrank Donlavey  Canada DF 1971
Donlic, TonyTony Donlic  United States FW 1975–78
Druckman, HermanHerman Druckman  United States ? 19??-19?? -
Durgan, JeffJeff Durgan  United States DF 1980–82
Eagan, KevinKevin Eagan  United States DF 1979
Eddy, KeithKeith Eddy  England DF 1976–77
Eskandarian, AndranikAndranik Eskandarian  Iran DF 1979–85
Etherington, GaryGary Etherington  United States FW 1977–79
Ferguson, DrewDrew Ferguson  Canada MF 1984–85
Fernandez, VidalVidal Fernandez  United States MF 1980
Field, TonyTony Field  England FW 1976–77
Fink, JoeyJoey Fink  United States FW 1973–75
Fitilis, KyriakosKyriakos Fitilis  Greece MF 1971
Formoso, SantiagoSantiago Formoso  United States/ Spain DF 1978–79
Fox, MikeMike Fox  United States MF 1983–84
Fry, ChanceChance Fry  United States FW 1984–85
de la Fuente, LuisLuis de la Fuente  Spain DF 1975
Garbett, TerryTerry Garbett  England MF 1976–79
Gee, DarrylDarryl Gee  United States FW 1980–84
Gray, GerryGerry Gray  Canada MF 1983–84
Green, AlanAlan Green  United States FW 1983–85
Grgurev, FredFred Grgurev  United States FW 1978
Hannigan, ErnieErnie Hannigan  Scotland FW 1971
Hasekidis, TheodoreTheodore Hasekidis  Greece FW 1971
Herrera, HelenioHelenio Herrera  Spain FW 1972
Horton, RandyRandy Horton  Bermuda FW 1971–74
Hulcer, LarryLarry Hulcer  United States MF 1980–81
Hunt, StephenStephen Hunt  England FW 1977–78
Hunter, PaulPaul Hunter  Canada DF 1977
Iarusci, RobertRobert Iarusci  Canada DF 1977–78
Ingram, GodfreyGodfrey Ingram  England FW 1979 [C]
Jarman, HaroldHarold Jarman  England MF 1974
Jelinek, JosefJosef Jelinek  Czechoslovakia FW 1972–73
Kapcinski, KarolKarol Kapcinski  Poland DF 1971–73
Kapp, ErhardtErhardt Kapp  United States DF 1981–83
Kerr, JohnJohn Kerr  Canada MF 1972–75
Kofie, EmmanuelEmmanuel Kofie  Ghana GK 1971–72
Kornek, ConradConrad Kornek  Poland GK 1971
Kozić, RefikRefik Kozić  Yugoslavia DF 1983–84
Kuykendall, KurtKurt Kuykendall  United States GK 1975–76
Lamas, AlfredoAlfredo Lamas  Uruguay MF 1975
Landi, RobertoRoberto Landi  Italy GK 1983
Lawson, DocDoc Lawson  United States DF 1984–85
Liveric, MarkMark Liveric  United States FW 1974–75
Lund, FlemmingFlemming Lund  Denmark FW 1985
Mahy, BarryBarry Mahy  United States DF 1971–75
Marcantonio, CarmineCarmine Marcantonio  Canada MF 1984
Mărdărescu, GilGil Mărdărescu  Romania MF 1975
Maria, ManoelManoel Maria  Brazil FW 1975
Marinho, Marinho  Brazil DF 1979
Masnik, Juan CarlosJuan Carlos Masnik  Uruguay DF 1975
Mate, AndyAndy Mate  United States MF 1971
McCully, CharlieCharlie McCully  United States FW 1971–72
McCully, HenryHenry McCully  United States FW 1973
McLeod, WesWes McLeod  Canada MF 1984–85
Meschbach, RobertRobert Meschbach  United States MF 1985
Messing, ShepShep Messing  United States GK 1973–74
Meyer, HorstHorst Meyer  West Germany DF 1971
Mfum, WilberforceWilberforce Mfum  Ghana FW 1971–72
Mifflin, RamónRamón Mifflin  Peru MF 1975–78
Minieri, MaurizioMaurizio Minieri  Italy GK 1971
Mitchell, CharlieCharlie Mitchell  Scotland DF 1976
Mitrovic, RadiRadi Mitrovic  Yugoslavia DF 1971
Monoki, BelaBela Monoki  Hungary MF 1974
Morais, NelsiNelsi Morais  Brazil MF 1975–80
Moyers, SteveSteve Moyers  United States FW 1982–84
Neeskens, JohanJohan Neeskens  Netherlands MF 1979–84
Neubauer, RobertRobert Neubauer  West Germany DF 1972
Niblock, MichaelMichael Niblock  Ireland FW 1973
Norris, DavidDavid Norris  Canada FW 1981–82
Nusum, SamSam Nusum  Bermuda GK 1975
Yasin Özdenak  Turkey GK 1977–79 [D]
O'Neill, AlanAlan O'Neill  England GK 1971
Ord, TommyTommy Ord  England FW 1975–76
Oscar, Oscar  Brazil DF 1980
Papoulias, AndyAndy Papoulias  United States MF 1985
Paredes, AmericoAmerico Paredes  Uruguay FW 1975
Parkinson, AndrewAndrew Parkinson  United States FW 1984–85
Pearce, RudolphRudolph Pearce  Jamaica DF 1971
Pelé, Pelé  Brazil FW 1975–77
Picciano, TonyTony Picciano  United States DF 1975
Poe, DennyDenny Poe  United States MF 1977–78
Primo, DavidDavid Primo  Israel DF 1975
Razak, Karim AbdulKarim Abdul Razak  Ghana MF 1979–81
Reardon, GerryGerry Reardon  Ireland MF 1984
Renery, LenLen Renery  United States DF 1973–74
Rigby, BobBob Rigby  United States GK 1976
Rijsbergen, WimWim Rijsbergen  Netherlands DF 1979–83
Rildo, Rildo  Brazil DF 1977
Rivera, GermyGermy Rivera  Ecuador MF 1974
Romero, Julio CésarJulio César Romero  Paraguay MF 1980–83
Roth, WernerWerner Roth  United States DF 1972–79
Rotner, KarolKarol Rotner  Israel DF 1973
Rowan, BrianBrian Rowan  Scotland DF 1975–76
Ryan, GregGreg Ryan  United States DF 1979
Scott, CarlosCarlos Scott  United States MF 1974–75
Seninho, Seninho  Portugal FW 1978–82
Sharp, SteveSteve Sharp  United States FW 1985
Spiegler, MordechaiMordechai Spiegler  Israel FW 1974–77
Siega, JorgeJorge Siega  United States FW 1971–76
Smith, BobbyBobby Smith  United States DF 1976–78
Sono, JomoJomo Sono  South Africa FW 1977
Stanisic, ScoopScoop Stanisic  United States GK 1984–85
Startzell, StanStan Startzell  United States MF 1972
Steadman, JanJan Steadman  Trinidad and Tobago DF 1971
Strasburg, ScottScott Strasburg  United States FW 1977
Stritzl, SiegfriedSiegfried Stritzl  United States MF 1971–73
Sularz, JerryJerry Sularz  Poland GK 1973–75
Tambi, KazbekKazbek Tambi  United States MF 1983–85
Terlecki, StanisławStanisław Terlecki  Poland FW 1983–84
Tinnion, BrianBrian Tinnion  England FW 1976
Topić, JadrankoJadranko Topić  Yugoslavia FW 1977
Tueart, DennisDennis Tueart  England FW 1978–79
Twamley, BruceBruce Twamley  Canada DF 1977
Van der Elst, FrançoisFrançois Van der Elst  Belgium FW 1980–81
Vigh, TiborTibor Vigh  Canada FW 1973
Vowden, GeoffGeoff Vowden  England FW 1974
Vujovic, DraganDragan Vujovic  Yugoslavia FW 1983–85
Waldrop, MichaelMichael Waldrop  England MF 1974
Wegerle, SteveSteve Wegerle  South Africa FW 1981–82
Wilson, BruceBruce Wilson  Canada DF 1980
Wilson, GiuseppeGiuseppe Wilson  Italy DF 1978–79
Wright, RalphRalph Wright  England DF 1973
Yazar, CeyhanCeyhan Yazar  Turkey FW 1971
Young, JohnJohn Young  Scotland MF 1971
Young, RobyRoby Young  Israel FW 1972–73
Zajdel, DieterDieter Zajdel  Poland MF 1972–73
Żmuda, WładysławWładysław Żmuda  Poland DF 1984

By nationality[edit]

Country Number of
 Argentina 1
 Belgium 1
 Bermuda 2
 Brazil 10
 Canada 15
 Chile 1
 Czechoslovakia 1
 Denmark 1
 Ecuador 2
 England 17
 West Germany 4
 Ghana 3
 Greece 2
 Haiti 1
 Hungary 1
 Iran 1
 Ireland 2
 Israel 4
 Italy 6
 Jamaica 1
 Netherlands 2
 Northern Ireland 1
 Paraguay 2
 Peru 1
 Poland 6
 Portugal 1
 Romania 1
 Scotland 5
 South Africa 2
 Spain 2
 Trinidad and Tobago 3
 Turkey 2
 United States 56
 Uruguay 5
 Yugoslavia 7

Guest players[edit]

Some well-known players from other teams turned out for the Cosmos in exhibition matches on a game-by-game basis when New York traveled on overseas tours. These guest players are listed below, along with the year they appeared in Cosmos colors.

Name Country Position Year Notes
Coyne, JohnJohn Coyne  England FW 1975
Banks, GordonGordon Banks  England GK 1976
Best, ClydeClyde Best  Bermuda FW 1976
, ClodoaldoClodoaldo  Brazil MF 1977
Rivelino, RobertoRoberto Rivelino  Brazil MF 1978
Eskandarian, AndranikAndranik Eskandarian  Iran DF 1978 [E]
Willey, AlanAlan Willey  England FW 1978
Jump, StewartStewart Jump  England DF 1978
Horváth, JoeJoe Horváth  Hungary MF 1978
Harsanyi, LaszloLaszlo Harsanyi  Hungary DF 1978
Auguste, ArsèneArsène Auguste  Haiti DF 1978
Cruyff, JohanJohan Cruyff  Netherlands MF 1978


A. ^ Bradley held the position of player-coach.
B. ^ Hunt's 1982 spell was on loan from Coventry City (England).
C. ^ Ingram played for the Cosmos on loan from Luton Town (England).
D. ^ Yasin Özdenak played in the United States under the name Erol Yasin, and is generally referred to as such in NASL records.[7]
E. ^ Although Eskandarian signed permanently for the Cosmos in 1979, he is counted as a guest player for 1978, and so appears on both lists.


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  • Background sourced to: Jose (2003), Newsham (2006) and Toye (2006).
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