List of Parliamentary constituencies in Mid Glamorgan

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The Preserved county of Mid Glamorgan is divided into 6 parliamentary constituencies, one of which is shared with Gwent. The current boundaries have been effective since the Welsh Assembly election, 2007 and the 2010 United Kingdom general election.[1]


Name 1997 to 2010 From 2010
  1. Bridgend CC *
  2. Cynon Valley CC
  3. Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney CC (part)
  4. Ogmore CC *
  5. Pontypridd CC *
  6. Rhondda CC
  7. 1997-2010 Vale of Glamorgan CC (covered very small part of the Preserved County)

* pre-2010 parts coloured white were included and were in South Glamorgan
(in the case of Ogmore the part was too small to show)

Parliamentary constituencies in Mid Glamorgan
Proposed Revision
Constituency Electorate Majority Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map reference above
Bridgend CC 62,185 4,700   Madeleine Moon   Karen Robson 1
Cynon Valley CC 51,334 13,238   Ann Clwyd   Keith Dewhurst 2
Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney CC (western part is in Mid Glamorgan) 55,463 16,334   Gerald Jones   Pauline Jorgensen 3
Ogmore CC 57,125 13,871   Chris Elmore   Jamie Wallis 4
Pontypridd CC 60,564 11,448   Owen Smith   Juliette Ash 5
Rhondda CC 50,514 13,746   Chris Bryant   Branwen Cennard 6

Changes proposed for 2022[edit]

As part of the Sixth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies the Boundary Commission for Wales proposed changes to almost all the existing Welsh Westminster constituencies, giving their proposals official names in either English or Wales and offering an alternative in the other language.[2]

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