List of Petaling Jaya city sections

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Petaling Jaya city sections

Petaling Jaya is divided into several sections. Some sections themselves are subdivided into smaller neighbourhoods (kejiranan), for example SS5D. Some sections have their own names (SS1 is Kampung Tunku), while other sections are grouped together (SS4, SS5, SS6, and SS7 are part of Kelana Jaya).

Addressing format[edit]

These sections names are used in the addressing format for locations in Petaling Jaya.

No. 15, Jalan SS20/6,
47300 Petaling Jaya,

This system would point to house number xx, 5th street, SS3, Petaling Jaya. This would remove the need to have an additional address line for the housing estate name (in this example, Taman Subang) like most addresses used for the rest of the country.

The city sections are numbered as such that the older sections have no prefixes to their section number (Section 1, Section 9) while later sections have prefixes such as SS (Sungei Way-Subang), PJS (Petaling Jaya Selatan) and PJU (Petaling Jaya Utara).

List of Petaling Jaya city sections and postal codes[edit]

Section 1-14, 16, 17, 17A, 19-22, 51, 51A and 52[edit]

Sections Other Names Postal Code
Seksyen 1 Old Town 46000
Seksyen 2 Old Town 46000
Seksyen 3 Old Town 46000
Seksyen 4 Old Town 46050
Seksyen 5 Bukit Gasing 46000
Seksyen 6 46000
Seksyen 7 46000
Seksyen 8 46050
Seksyen 9 Taman Jaya 46000
Seksyen 10 46000
Seksyen 11 46200
Seksyen 12 46200
Seksyen 13 46200
Seksyen 14 46100
Seksyen 16 46350
Seksyen 17 46400
Seksyen 17A 46400
Seksyen 19 Taman Gee Huat 46300
Seksyen 20 Taman Paramount 46300
Seksyen 21 SEA Park 46300
Seksyen 22 46300
Seksyen 51 46050
Seksyen 51A Asia Jaya 46100
Seksyen 52 New Town 46200

SS1-SS9, SS9A, SS10, SS11, SS20-SS22, SS22A, SS23-SS26[edit]

Sections Other Names Postal Code
SS1 Kampung Tunku 47300
SS2 47300
SS3 Taman Subang, Taman Universiti & Seaport 47300
SS4 Kelana Jaya 47301
SS5 Kelana Jaya 47301
SS6 Kelana Jaya 47301
SS7 Kelana Jaya 47301
SS8 Sungei Way 47300
SS9 Sungei Way 47300
SS9A Sungei Way 47300
SS10 47300
SS11 Kelab Golf Negara Subang 47301
SS20 Damansara Kim 47400
SS21 Damansara Utama 47400
SS22 Damansara Jaya 47400
SS22A Damansara Jaya 47400
SS23 Taman SEA 47400
SS24 Taman Megah 47301
SS25 Taman Mayang 47301
SS26 Taman Mayang Jaya 47301

Note: The missing neighborhood between SS11 and SS20 (SS12-SS19), are within Subang Jaya, under the jurisdiction of the Subang Jaya Municipal Council

PJU1, PJU1A, PJU2-PJU10[edit]

Sections Other Names Postal Code
PJU1 Dataran Prima & Aman Suria 47301
PJU1A Ara Damansara 47301
PJU2 Taman Perindustrian Jaya 47301
PJU3 Tropicana, Damansara Indah & Sunway Damansara 47410
PJU4 Kwasa Damansara
PJU5 Kota Damansara 47810
PJU6 Bandar Utama (BU1-BU12) & Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara 47800
PJU7 Mutiara Damansara 47810
PJU8 Damansara Perdana 47820
PJU9* Bandar Sri Damansara 52200
PJU10 Damansara Damai 47830

Note *: PJU9 (Bandar Sri Damansara) the only section/township in Petaling Jaya is using the same postcode of Kuala Lumpur.

PJS1-PJS6, PJS7, PJS8, PJS10[edit]

Sections Other Names Postal Code
PJS1 Petaling Utama 46000
PJS2 Kampung Medan & Taman Dato' Harun 46000
PJS3 Taman Medan & Taman Sri Manja 46000
PJS4 Taman Medan 46000
PJS5 Taman Desaria 46150
PJS6 Kampung Lindungan 46150
PJS7* Bandar Sunway (Eastern) 47500
PJS8 Bandar Sunway 46150
PJS10 Bandar Sunway (Northern) 46150

Note *: Only a small portion eastern part of PJS7 is under the jurisdiction of the Petaling Jaya City Council. The remaining part of PJS7 together with PJS9 and PJS11 (Southern part of Bandar Sunway township) are within Subang Jaya, under the jurisdiction of the Subang Jaya Municipal Council.