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List of The Umbrella Academy characters

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The following entry is a list of characters from The Umbrella Academy, a comic book series created and written by Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá.

The Umbrella Academy

The Monocle (Sir Reginald Hargreeves)

An alien disguised as a wealthy entrepreneur and world-renowned scientist. He was a recipient of the Nobel Prize for his work in the cerebral advancement of the chimpanzee. He was very cold in his raising of the children in that he refused to let the children call him father, instead preferring to be called The Monocle. When speaking to the children, he addressed them by their number, which he gave them in order of usefulness to him, but which actually denote the order of their power magnitude from least to greatest.

#1 Spaceboy (Luther Hargreeves)

As a child, he possessed the ability of super-strength. After a disastrous mission, The Monocle performed an experimental surgery where Spaceboy almost died, then getting injected with a serum of Pogo's blood. He most always only fights with his super strength, but he also sometimes has help fighting by his adoptive siblings. After his career with The Umbrella Academy, he moved to the moon and lived at the Annihilation Control outpost. On the moon, Luther is attended to by a robotic butler of sorts named Ben. As revealed on the Dallas storyline, Spaceboy and The Boy (Number Five) are twin brothers. He has been shown to have somewhat of a love interest in #3, The Rumor.

#2 The Kraken (Diego Hargreeves)

The reckless and rebellious member of the group; described by The Monocle as “an insolent brat.” He has the ability to hold his breath indefinitely and has demonstrated a strong affinity for knife-throwing. He and Luther have a very clear rivalry, and Diego seems unwilling to take orders from Luther. In his teenage years, he was the bass player in a band called the Prime-8s, with Body (Inspector Lupo's assistant), and Vanya Hargreeves. He is also seen to be left-handed in the short story "Anywhere But Here," as he is playing the bass left-handed. It appears that he harbors a secret love for his adopted sister, Vanya. [1]

#3 The Rumor (Allison Hargreeves)

Described as narcissistic, she has the ability to instantly alter reality by telling the truth. After her career with The Umbrella Academy, she married her boyfriend, Patrick, and had a daughter named Claire. The couple has since divorced, and Patrick has full custody of their daughter. She is romantically linked to her adopted brother, Spaceboy; however, their love for each other is unconsummated as Spaceboy sees himself as somewhat of a monstrosity due to his Martian gorilla body. She has a cybernetic left hand, as Dr. Terminal devoured her original hand when she was a child, though in "Dallas" when she goes in and gets vocal surgery, her arm is no longer drawn as if it were mechanical, showing that her arm had also been fixed.[2]

#4 The Séance (Klaus Hargreeves)

The Séance showcases a fretful, morbid temperament. His powers are the ability to contact the dead, although his powers only work when he is sober. He has the words "Hello" and "Goodbye" tattooed on his right and left palms, respectively. It has been theorized by Mr. Pogo that he's been taking drugs since he was a teenager. In "Dallas", Klaus is seen holding a Vietnamese baby, which he later reveals to be his, to the surprise of Luther. Handing it to an elderly woman before leaving in the elevator, he thanks her for taking care of the baby, to which she responds: "Where you are going is no place for kids. The baby is safer here." Before leaving in the elevator, Klaus apologizes to the woman, saying: "Really sorry about what happened to its mother." The conversation was in Vietnamese, implying that he learned it during the three years he ran a strip club named "Spookies". Klaus had been killed by Hazel and Cha-Cha in "Dallas", but was rejected from both Heaven and Hell, and later noted that it did not matter when a member of the Hargreeves family was shot in the head. He also has some abilities that have not been shown yet, explained by his father when he visited him in his conjuring. An example of this is when he makes contact with Ben (his deceased brother, with whom he makes contact at various times during the story).

#5 Number Five/The Boy

At the age of 13, Five disappeared by traveling 17 years into the future, which seemed to hold no difficulty for him. Sir Reginald warned that he "could never go back"; it took him 45 years until he discovered how to go back in time. He physically aged normally during this time, though upon returning to the past, he regained his 13-year-old appearance despite his adoptive siblings being 30. His body is apparently stuck in time and cannot age, as medical examinations prove that there are signs of neither cell growth nor death.

Five claims to have read accounts of the Academy's immediate future and their connection to an apocalypse. While trying to go back in time to warn his adoptive brothers and sisters about the apocalypse, he worked with the Temps Aeternalis. He was taught to perform "micro jumps" in time, allowing him to move faster than the eye can see. He is considered to be "the perfect assassin," as he has had the DNA of the best killers in history infused into him. He has a 100% chance of killing if he decides to kill.

It is revealed in the "Dallas" storyline that Five and Spaceboy are twin brothers.[3]

He has a puppy named Mr. Pennycrumb.[3]

#6 The Horror (Ben Hargreeves)

Possesses monsters from other dimensions under his skin (most often appearing as tentacles emerging from his torso). He is deceased, but no information about his death is given. There is a memorial statue of him located in front of the Academy. Even though he's been dead since before the start of the series, he's been portrayed as a member of The Umbrella Academy, appearing as his statue counterpart, in visions, or with Klaus since he has the ability to talk to the deceased.

#7 The White Violin (Vanya Hargreeves)

The most estranged member of the group. Vanya originally showcases no particular powers other than an interest in music. Vanya is known to have written a book detailing her life with the Academy and her decision to leave. According to The Conductor, leader of the Orchestra Verdammten, she's the most powerful of The Umbrella Academy. In her early childhood, The Monocle aka Hargreeves suppressed her powers and kept her on medication to keep them so, but they were eventually released by The Conductor which ended up driving her mad. She is capable of releasing destructive waves of force using her violin that can be strong enough to cut someone's throat or destroy an entire building with a single note.


Mr. Pogo

A talking chimp associated with The Monocle. When growing up at the Academy, Spaceboy considered Pogo to be his best friend. He was also a sympathizer of Vanya's plight when she is repeatedly told by Sir Reginald that she is not special, as she has no special powers.

Eudora Patch

A police officer, detective, and friend and ex-girlfriend of Diego. This character is exclusive to the Netflix series. In the comics, the policeman friend of Diego is Inspector Lupo.


The Monocle’s bodyguard and assistant. He also serves as the pilot of the Minerva. This character is absent in the Netflix adaptation of the series.

Hazel and Cha-Cha

A pair of extremely violent and psychotic assassins working for the Temps Aeternalis. They both wear brightly-colored cartoon character masks, exhibit maniacal and psychopathic behavior, and have a love of sweets. They die in the Ala ac bar story line when The Séance possesses Cha-Cha, kills Hazel, and then himself (as Cha-Cha).


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