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The following is a list of episodes from the anime series Turn A Gundam:

# Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "Howl to the Moon"
"Tsuki ni Hoeru" (月に吠える) 
April 9, 1999
Loran Cehack, Fran Doll, and Keith Lajie land on Earth, and soon part ways. Loran is saved from a wolf attack by Lord Guin Lineford, then is saved from drowning in a river by Lady Kihel Heim, and is taken to the Heim Estate in Vicinity City. Loran is startled by how similar Kihel Heim is in appearance to Dianna Soreil, the Queen of the Moonrace. Loran begins working for the Heim family. At first, he works in the mines but is quickly promoted to being the family's chauffeur, at the request of Guin Lineford. Loran reunites with Keith Lajie and Fran Doll on a shopping trip to Nocis City. They have a clandestine meeting, during which they discuss what they have learned about Earth until now. It is decided that Loran should be the one to look for the FLAT-L06D in which they came to Earth. Although she cannot hear what is being said, Sochie Heim, Kihel Heim's little sister, witnesses the meeting, and, later that night, when the rest of the household is sleeping, Sochie follows Loran, unbeknownst to him, when he goes to dig up the FLAT. Sochie sees Loran excitedly yelling at the Moon, "Earth is a great place! Everyone, hurry and come back!!" 
02 "The Coming of Age Ceremony"
"Seijinshiki" (成人式) 
April 16, 1999
On the day before the Summer Solstice, the Heim Family attends a parade for the militia in Nocis City. During the parade, Loran, Fran, and Keith discuss the impending arrival of the Moon Race on Earth, calling it "The Return." Afterwards, Guin Rhineford offers Loran a job working for Sid in Vicinity City. That evening, Loran and Sochie go to their Coming of Age ceremony, while Kihel makes her social debut at a party at Bostonian Castle. During the party, Guin shows Kihel his wireless communications room, and tells her about the Moon Race's upcoming arrival and the spacenoids demands for territory on Earth. At the height of the Coming of Age ceremony, The Return begins. The attacks on Nocis City can be seen from where Loran and Sochie are. In response to Dianna Counter's WaDoms (the Moon Race's mobile suits), the rock surface of The White Doll crumbles away, revealing the WD-M01 Turn A Gundam. Loran climbs in to the cockpit (Sochie falls in after him), and successfully fends off Poe Aijee's attack on Vicinity City. 
03 "After the Ceremony"
"Matsuri no Ato" (祭の後) 
April 23, 1999
The cockpit of the WD-M01 drops, and Sochie notices a pattern of bruising on Loran's back left there by the pilot's seat. In Nocis City, the Moon Race's attacks continue, much to the confusion of Guin Rhineford, who tells Kihel that he has been talking to Dianna Soreil for the last two years. Also confused by this violent turn of events is Keith Lajie, who is desperately trying to help people fleeing Nocis City. Sid relays the news about the White Doll to Guin; Guin orders the area around Vicinity City to be excavated at once. Back in Vicinity City, Loran and Sochie arrive at the destroyed Heim Estate, and find that Lord Heim has been killed in the attack. Sochie lashes out at Loran, blaming him for being too slow, and blames him directly for her father's death. Poe Aijee is ordered to find the "mustached white mobile suit" in order to save herself from a 17-year prison sentence for her actions during The Return. Keith and Loran discuss their mutual reluctance to return to their people, and Keith voices his dream of owning a bread shop somewhere far from any fighting. The two friends promise to make this dream reality. While investigating and examining the cockpit of the WD-M01, Loran activates the display unit, and sees Dianna Counter's WaDoms approaching. 
04 "Soldiers from the Hometown"
"Furusato no Gunjin" (ふるさとの軍人) 
April 30, 1999
Poe Aijee and her forces attack; the militia and Loran in the WD-M01 defend as best they can. Poe's orders are to capture, so upon encountering increasing resistance from the humans, she decides to order a retreat. In Nocis, Kihel informs her mother of her father's death, which causes her mother to collapse. In Vicinity, Meishie gets Sochie out of her depression by telling her the militia needs pilots, and this is her chance to fly. While hiding the WD-M01 in the forest outlying Vicinity, Loran makes contact with Poe, and returns to Dianna Counter to report. Loran mysteriously faints in the middle of his report, but quickly recovers. He is ordered to accompany Captain Harry Ord to the negotiations to take place at Bostonian Castle, but then is ordered by Captain Phil Ackman to keep his identity hidden, so as to facilitate sabotage on the humans at a later date. The peace talks begin - suddenly, Elder Iru, who is seated next to Guin Rhineford, pulls out a crossbow and kills Dianna COunter's Captain Aji, seated across from him. When Captain Ackman fires at Guin in retaliation, Iru throws himself in the way, saving Guin. The peace talks will continue, but only just barely. Back in the Mountain Cycle, Sid and his crew finally hit the mother lode - a cavern full of mobile suits from the era of the Dark History. 
05 "The Advent of Dianna"
"Diana Kōrin" (ディアナ降臨) 
May 7, 1999
Kihel Heim and Loran accompany Kihel's mother home on an airship. On the way there, they are told their arrival will be delayed due to the need to detour around a battlefield that has erupted below. Loran notices a familiar plane flying in the skies near the airship - it's Meishie's plane, with Sochie Heim in the pilot's seat. Loran jumps out of the airship, onto Meishie's plane and goes with them. On the battlefield, Poe Aijee confronts Meishie, who is making a futile attempt to break into the cockpit of one of Dianna Counter's mobile ribs, and takes her as a hostage. Kihel Heim, now back at home, notices Sochie in the pilot's seat when she flies by the house. Piloting the WD-M01, Loran attempts negotiating for Meishie's release, but when Meishie sees a chance, she makes a break for it. In trying to recapture her, Poe gets the hand of her WaDom, with Meishie in it, sliced off by Loran in the WD-M01. This incident has far-reaching effect; Guin Rhineford and Harry Ord are both receiving news of the events in Vicinity, and both accounts are heavily biased, favoring whichever side the story came from. Guin makes plans with Sid over the phone to have the militia's mobile suits ready for the impending arrival of Queen Dianna Soreil. Kihel Heim goes to the Mountain Cycle, thinking to bring Sochie home with her, as she does not approve of Sochie's piloting a Kapool for the militia, but Sochie easily deflects her efforts, saying she will help her mother best by protecting her as a pilot in the militia. In a nearby cabin, Loran desperately tries to get the assembled officers to hear him regarding Queen Dianna, but they ignore him - the plan is to kidnap Dianna Soreil, and hold her until Dianna Counter ceases all attacks. At sunset that day, all forces for both sides are gathered at the airfield, tensely awaiting the arrival of Queen Dianna. The episode ends as Queen Dianna disembarks. 
06 "Forgotten Past"
"Wasurerareta Kako" (忘れられた過去) 
May 14, 1999
07 "Training to be a Lady"
"Kifujin Shugyō" (貴婦人修行) 
May 21, 1999
08 "Laura's Cow"
"Rōra no Ushi" (ローラの牛) 
May 28, 1999
09 "Corin Called it "Gundam""
"Koren, Gandamu to Sakebu" (コレン、ガンダムと叫ぶ) 
June 4, 1999
10 "Visit to a Grave"
"Hakamairi" (墓参り) 
June 11, 1999
11 "The Destruction of Nocris"
"Nokkusu Hōkai" (ノックス崩壊) 
June 18, 1999
12 "An Underground Corridor"
"Chika Kairō" (地下回廊) 
June 25, 1999
13 "An Older Person"
"Toshiue no Hito" (年上のひと) 
July 2, 1999
14 "Separated Again"
"Betsuri, Futatabi" (別離、再び) 
July 9, 1999
15 "Memories, Disappear"
"Omoide wa Kiete" (思い出は消えて) 
July 16, 1999
16 "Everything About Turn A"
"Tān Ē no Subete" (∀の全て) 
July 23, 1999
An overview of episodes 1-15 from Loran's perspective. 
17 "Dust Blows on the Founding of a Nation"
"Kenkoku no Dasuto Burō" (建国のダストブロー) 
July 30, 1999
18 "Kihel and Dianna"
"Kieru to Diana" (キエルとディアナ) 
August 6, 1999
19 "Sochie's War"
"Soshie no Sensō" (ソシエの戦争) 
August 13, 1999
20 "Anis' Power"
"Anisu Pawā" (アニス·パワー) 
August 20, 1999
The Moonraces' coup for the sunsphere is understandably not taken well by the people currently inhabiting it, and some, more than others refuse to be led away no matter the consequences. An isolated famer, Anis, may lose more than just farmland in the growing exchange between the militia and moonrace forces. 
21 "Dianna's Desperate Fight"
"Diana Funsen" (ディアナ奮戦) 
August 27, 1999
22 "Harry's Trouble"
"Harī no Sainan" (ハリーの災難) 
September 3, 1999
23 "Teteth's Last Words"
"Tetesu no Yuigon" (テテスの遺言) 
September 10, 1999
24 "Laura's Distant Howl"
"Rōra no Tōboe" (ローラの遠吠え) 
September 17, 1999
25 "Willgame Takes Off"
"Wirugemu Ririku" (ウィルゲム離陸) 
September 24, 1999
26 "The Battle of Enlightenment"
"Satori no Tatakai" (悟りの戦い) 
October 8, 1999
27 "Sunrise at Midnight"
"Yonaka no Yoake" (夜中の夜明け) 
October 15, 1999
28 "Entrusted Things"
"Takusareta Mono" (託されたもの) 
October 22, 1999
29 "The Two Named Soriel"
"Soreiyu no Futari" (ソレイユのふたり) 
October 28, 1999
30 "Holding it within the Chest"
"Mune ni Kakaete" (胸に抱えて) 
October 29, 1999
31 "Pursuit! Crybaby Poe"
"Tsuigeki! Nakimushi Pō" (追撃!泣き虫ポゥ) 
November 5, 1999
32 "The King of Legend"
"Shinwa no Ō" (神話の王) 
November 19, 1999
33 "Captured Manuipich"
"Manyūpichi Kōryaku" (マニューピチ攻略) 
November 25, 1999
34 "Fly! Through the Stratosphere"
"Tobe! Seisōken" (飛べ!成層圏) 
December 3, 1999
35 "Zacktraeger"
"Zakkutorēgā" (ザックトレーガー) 
December 10, 1999
36 "The Militia's Decisive Space Battle"
"Mirisha Uchū Kessen" (ミリシャ宇宙決戦) 
December 17, 1999
37 "Gateway to the Moon"
"Tsuki Sekai no Mon" (月世界の門) 
December 24, 1999
38 "Battle God Ghingnham"
"Sentōshin Ginganamu" (戦闘神ギンガナム) 
January 7, 2000
39 "Asteroid Explosion"
"Shōwakusei Bakuretsu" (小惑星爆烈) 
January 14, 2000
40 "Sea Battle on the Lunar Surface"
"Getsumen no Kaisen" (月面の海戦) 
January 21, 2000
41 "Determined to Fight"
"Tatakai no Ketsudan" (戦いの決断) 
January 28, 2000
42 "Turn X Activate"
"Tān Ekkusu Kidō" (ターンX起動) 
February 4, 2000
43 "Shocking Dark History"
"Shōgeki no Kuro-Rekishi" (衝撃の黒歴史) 
February 11, 2000
44 "New Enemy"
"Teki, Aratanari" (敵、新たなリ) 
February 18, 2000
45 "Guin's Betrayal"
"Uragiri no Guen" (裏切りのグエン) 
February 25, 2000
46 "Again, to Earth"
"Futatabi, Chikyū he" (再び、地球へ) 
March 3, 2000
47 "Ghingnham's Invasion"
"Ginganamu Shūrai" (ギンガナム襲来) 
March 10, 2000
48 "Return of Dianna"
"Diana Kikan" (ディアナ帰還) 
March 17, 2000
49 "Moonlight Butterfly"
"Gekkou-Chō" (月光蝶) 
March 24, 2000
50 "Golden Autumn"
"Ōgon no Aki" (黄金の秋) 
April 14, 2000

The three way outerworld opera comes to its end between: the Earth's milita, Guin's private ambitions, and Gym Ghingham ulterior motives.

Individualism and motives are all put aside as life fights to claim itself among the highest of values in an ending epic. 

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