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The following is a list of episodes from the Showtime original television series United States of Tara, created by Academy Award–winning screenwriter Diablo Cody and executive produced by Steven Spielberg. The series premiered on January 18, 2009 and aired its thirty-sixth and final episode on June 20, 2011.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 12 January 18, 2009 (2009-01-18) April 5, 2009 (2009-04-05)
2 12 March 22, 2010 (2010-03-22) June 7, 2010 (2010-06-07)
3 12 March 28, 2011 (2011-03-28) June 20, 2011 (2011-06-20)


Season 1 (2009)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "Pilot" Craig Gillespie Diablo Cody January 18, 2009 (2009-01-18)
Tara has discovered her teenage daughter's morning after pill prescription. After speaking into a camera, she takes off all her clothes while walking down the hall. Kate comes home to find T, the alter she is closest with, looking through Kate's clothes. Max comes home, not that surprised to find T instead of Tara, and neither is their son, Marshall. Charmaine comes over, annoyed that plans with her sister are broken since T has taken over. In the garage with Max, Charmaine expresses that she doesn't feel her dissociative identity disorder is legitimate. Later that night, T and Max share a brief moment of lust on the sofa. Max stops it, since Tara is not comfortable with him having sex with the alters, and makes T go to the shed, where she calms down and changes back to Tara. Kate meets up with her Visual Kei boyfriend and explains her mom's condition to him. The next morning, Tara drives by Kate's school and catches her boyfriend pushing her around, and she gets out to confront him in front of everyone, with zero success at all. This episode pushes her into becoming Buck. When Marshall and Max find Buck, they are intimidated, but convince him to go to a dance recital Kate is performing in that night. After the show, Buck starts a fight with the boyfriend for what Tara saw earlier. Marshall discovers why Buck is beating him up and joins. The episode ends with the family bowling, and Buck and Marshall having a moment.
2 2 "Aftermath" Craig Gillespie Diablo Cody January 25, 2009 (2009-01-25)
The episode opens to Tara on camera again explaining her annoyed feelings about the alters. The family has a meeting about what happened in the previous episode while she wasn't herself. She isn't used to the alters because she had just gotten off her medicine that kept them away. While doing the laundry, she finds Marshall's sheets smell like urine. When confronting him, Marshall shares a problem with his English teacher. He thinks on a higher level about a novel and sees an erotic meaning to it, which upsets the teacher. Their conversation is interrupted by Kate yelling profanities. Marshall wants only his dad to go talk to his teacher, which makes Tara feel rejected by her family. While shopping with Charmaine, they run into parents from the kids' school. They say they never expected her to contribute to the bake sale due to her DID, which upsets Tara and makes her transition into Alice. Alice shows up to the meeting with Marshall's teacher and successfully changes his mind by ridiculing how he was treated in high school. Out to dinner at the fictional restaurant Barnabeez, Alice upsets Kate by not being Tara. Kate purposefully upsets Alice in the bathroom where she washes her mouth out with soap. The commotion is overheard by Max, who comforts Alice. Kate, upset and needing a break from home, applies for a job at Barnabeez. Max later talks to Kate at home and shows a photo album Alice made for her, which makes her better, but sad about her mom's DID. The episode ends with Alice trying to get intimate with Max, with the idea of a baby in mind. She thinks the IUD Tara has won't work since she doesn't believe in them. Max refuses, and they both go to sleep.
3 3 "Work" Craig Gillespie Diablo Cody February 1, 2009 (2009-02-01)
Tara returns after her recent bout of being Alice but as usual, remembers nothing of what happened. She has a session with her psychiatrist, Dr. Ocean, and expresses her fears that her husband, Max, may be more interested in the 'alters' than in her. Meanwhile, Marshall tries out for a role in the school production of Grease. He strikes a friendship with a fellow student, named Jason, on the stage crew and is invited to his school church club. It's not quite what Marshall expected. Also, Tara's sister, Charmaine, refers a friend, named Tiffany, who wants some interior design work done. But Tara is none too pleased when it becomes obvious that Charmaine told Tiffany about Tara's multi-personality disorder. Desperate to get out of the house and away from Tara's alters, Kate takes a part-time job as a waitress at a local family restaurant.
4 4 "Inspiration" Mark Mylod Alexa Junge February 8, 2009 (2009-02-08)
Tara's abnormal stress levels (the trigger of her DID) are starting to come down as she gets to work on a mural for Tiffany. Tiffany starts to become too interested in Tara's DID and begins to probe Tara about her alter personalities, making Tara uncomfortable. When Tara arrives the next morning to work on the mural, it has been vandalized with profanities about Tiffany, but it is unclear who did it. However, Tiffany blames Tara and fires her, and in further retribution, gets Tara's sister, Charmaine, fired from her job as well. Meanwhile, Max takes Marshall to work with him. At work, Marshall is in an accident where he is stung by bees. Marshall is allergic to bee stings and his face becomes disfigured which he fears about looking awful to Jason and continues to work with him on his project. Also, Kate has some ideas for the restaurant which her boss, Gene, does not approve of.
5 5 "Revolution" Mark Mylod Alexa Junge February 15, 2009 (2009-02-15)
Tara and Max visit the former's DID therapist while their children watch tapes of Tara's alters (T and Buck commenting while Alice tapes herself making a dessert). After the session Max still thinks Tara alone is the one who trashed Tiffany's mural, which makes her emotionally uncomfortable and to add insult to injury, the NPR talks about DID, making her transition into T. Tara, as her teenage alter T, steals her own car and Max and Charmaine must chase after her, leaving Marshall home alone and upsetting him. He decides to throw a party to win the love of his classmate Jason, on whom he has a crush.
6 6 "Transition" Brian Dannelly Brett Baer & Dave Finkel February 22, 2009 (2009-02-22)
The episode begins with Buck revealing he is a Vietnam War vet (however, he instantly drank a bottle of booze and hits the camera, which match cuts into Max opening a door.). Tara and Charmaine's parents, Frank and Beverly, pay a visit in order to celebrate the latter's 34th birthday. However, they have a secret plan to get Kate and Marshall to live with them for a while, which Max rejects. He is determined to prevent Tara from slipping away this evening as her alters, especially Buck and T, will crash the party. The mood at the party is somewhat sullen, with Charmaine acting brattish. As their visit goes on, all of the issues of a dysfunctional family come to light: Beverly is always uptight and judgemental with everyone and everything, while Frank, despite the fact that he loves his children and grandchildren, will always side with his wife at every issue, while Charamine feels plain neglected by her parents. Kate leaves the dinner and goes to her boss's (Gene) apartment, where she begins a relationship with him. Tara's parents come out with the idea of taking the kids. Max, Tara, and Marshall are appalled. All the fuss pushes Charmaine to lose it, claiming that everyone has always paid more attention to Tara than her; then she flashes her lopsided breasts to everyone in the room. Although Tara seems to be fine right after the incident, Max wakes up in the middle of the night to find her urinating on her father.
7 7 "Alterations" Tricia Brock Diablo Cody March 1, 2009 (2009-03-01)
Charmaine finally decides to get corrective surgery on her breasts and asks Tara to be her 'boobie buddy' and take care of her at home while she's recovering. Unfortunately for her, it's not Tara who shows up at the clinic to collect her but Buck. They surprisingly develop a rapport of sorts. With Tara away for a couple of days, Max decides to speak to an old high school friend of Tara's, named Heidi, to see if he can figure out what might have happened to her to cause her alter personality disorder. He gets a lead on something that may have happened to her. Elsewhere, Marshall feels that Jason has been ignoring him at school and decides to follow Kate's advice and play hard-to-get by ignoring him right back.
8 8 "Abundance" Brian Dannelly Jill Soloway March 8, 2009 (2009-03-08)
Max talks to Tara about her new alter, causing her to feel uncomfortable and nauseated at the same time (due to Buck's smoking, which Tara isn't familiar with). This not only transitions her into Alice, but also making her happy. Max decides to embrace his time with her, even though he misses his wife. Alice believes she is pregnant shortly after she re-emerges (thinking Tara's vomiting due to Buck as morning sickness), and is later distraught when she thinks she has miscarried, but Max reassures her it is just Tara's period. Despite Marshall's concerns that Jason's father knows about his crush on Jason, the boys grow closer.
9 9 "Possibility" Tommy O'Haver David Iserson March 15, 2009 (2009-03-15)
Kate loses interest in her boss Gene. Needing a break, she and Tara head out to a nearby resort. Max uses this time away from Tara to search for answers about her past. Tara and Kate have a good time at first, even going incognito. But later, Tara catches Kate kissing an older man they met earlier. They have an argument where Kate points out how she was all over a guy at the arcade (see episode 5). Tara says that that was not her, it was T. Then Kate says that all Tara's identities are the same person. This pushes her to transform into T. T heads to a tattoo parlor to get the word 'slut' on her obliques. Kate comes and gets Tara to come back before the needle goes in. Tara and Kate end up getting matching Chinese characters in the same spot. Meanwhile, Marshall invites Jason to the house, where they kiss. Also, Max continues to investigate Tara's past to find the reason for her DID, but only uncovers more dead ends.
10 10 "Betrayal" John Dahl Christopher Santos March 22, 2009 (2009-03-22)
The episode begins with Tara videotaping herself again, stating that she can actually picture her alters (such as when there is one time Tara is cooking chili con carne but it doesn't turn out well, Alice suddenly appears and hands her honey which improves the flavor. This stupefies Tara when she suddenly disappears but she decides to add it as to improve the flavor.). Dr. Ocean tells Tara to switch to another more experienced DID therapist, leading to Gimme's first daylight appearance at Charmaine's day spa, followed by T. Kate finds difficulty dealing with her boss at work, who seems a little too obsessed with her. Jason walks over to Marshall's house, and says he is having a good time with him. The definition of their relationship is unclear. T and a very embarrassed Charmaine come home. Later, Marshall walks in on Jason and T making out in the shed. Devastated and angry, he later burns down the shed in revenge, and is angry not at T, but at Tara.
11 11 "Snow" John Dahl Alexa Junge March 29, 2009 (2009-03-29)
Tara checks into a facility that specializes in dissociation, where she meets Dr. Holden, who pushes for her to recover lost memories. Max tries to take advantage of the support groups for significant others but is reluctant. Believing that Marshall can never forgive him, Jason apologizes to Marshall and implies that their friendship is over. Kate mounts a claim against Gene at Barnabeez.
12 12 "Miracle" Craig Gillespie Diablo Cody April 5, 2009 (2009-04-05)
Marshall's excessive Xanax use continues. He learns that Jason is going out with a girl and realizes that Kate was right that T may have been trying to protect the gay Marshall from the "bi-curious" Jason. He visits the hospital and apologizes to his mother. Kate's sexual harassment claim falls flat. But later, she unexpectedly finds Gene at her house. He's been fired from his job and professes his intense love, and says that they should run away together. Kate slips out the back door and flees in her mom's car. Tara and Max agree to meet Tripp Johannesen, the man responsible for Tara's trauma, at the clinic under the supervision of Dr. Holden. Tripp and his wife arrive, and he says all that he can remember about that night. When he gets up to leave, he says "See you later, T." Everyone realizes that Tara had her alter-egos, or at least T, before the sexual assault, and something else earlier in her life did it. Tara's DID then goes crazy, as she quickly and wildly transitions between all her personalities (T->Buck->T->Alice, T is the first to be transitioned because Tara is T when Tripp "sexually assaulted" her, but however she enjoys it and explaining why she wants to seduce Max so badly). When it is over, Tara says she wants to go home. The Gregsons try to eat dinner together at home like a normal family but it feels uncomfortable and they go to the bowling alley instead. The season ends with Max, Tara, Marshall and Kate bowling while the images of T, Alice, Buck, and Gimme surround them.

Season 2 (2010)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
13 1 "Yes" Craig Zisk Diablo Cody March 22, 2010 (2010-03-22) 0.82[1]
The episode begins with the Gregson family donating all of Tara's alters' clothing. The whole family seems happy in the past three months; Kate had graduated early from high school after skipping a grade and has gotten her diploma, Marshall makes a new friend named Lionel. Tara is on a new medication and dissociation-free, Max is having success at his job, Charmaine and Nick get closer, and the Gregsons function happily. Then a reclusive neighbor of the Gregsons commits suicide and the family unexpectedly is given responsibility of the house since their neighbor had no close family. The Gregsons make friends with Ted and Hanny, "the gays" of the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Nick pops the question of marriage to Charmaine. Also, Kate gets a new job at a local debt collection agency. Tara transitions to Buck and Buck goes to see the barmaid named Pammy whom he has a crush on.
14 2 "Trouble Junction" Craig Zisk Jill Soloway March 29, 2010 (2010-03-29) 0.51[2]
Tara is distraught and devastated to realize her alternate personalities are emerging again (after a barmaid named Pammy shows up and thanks her because she thinks Tara is Buck, who Pammy has a crush on), but she keeps it a secret. Newly engaged Charmaine asks to move in with Tara and her family. Max decides to take on a new project by buying the neighbor’s house to redecorate it. Kate meets a mysterious woman, named Lynda P. Frazier who she finds out is an artist, while Marshall begins a new relationship with a girl named Courtney. Buck makes love to Pammy the barmaid.
15 3 "The Truth Hurts" Adam Davidson Tracy McMillan April 5, 2010 (2010-04-05) 0.41[3]
The family discovers the truth -- Tara’s alternate personalities are back (Buck keeps appearing daily so if he doesn't emerge, Tara has to impersonate him to Pammy to keep her tryst with her a secret). Buck’s actions have brought serious consequences that unleash a new side of Max. Meanwhile, Neil finds out about Charmaine’s engagement. Marshall and Courtney begin to experiment as Kate grows closer to Lynda over her paintings of the new superhero Valhalla Hawkwind.
16 4 "You Becoming You" Adam Davidson Dave Finkel & Brett Baer April 12, 2010 (2010-04-12) 0.40[4]
Tara decides to change therapists, and not a moment too soon as she's manifested a brand-new personality: Shoshana. Elsewhere, Max has a difficult time coping with Buck's affair; Tara and Max make their feelings known about Kate's relationship with Lynda when they find her modeling in a Valhalla Hawkwind costume for Lynda. Also, Marshall officially comes out of the closet to his father.
17 5 "Doin' Time" Craig Gillespie Sheila Callaghan April 19, 2010 (2010-04-19) 0.47[5]
Tara discovers just what it is that her most recently manifested personality, Shoshana, does. Tara concludes that her new alter is actually helping her remember things from her past but Max has a hard time with that. Charmaine goes for her first ultrasound and gets some surprising news. Meanwhile, Kate's video with her as Lynda's Valhalla Hawkwind becomes an Internet hit. Also, Max is arrested for assaulting the carpenter who took his money but didn't do any work on the house next door. Max has to get Neil to bail him out of jail when Tara doesn't show up.
18 6 "Torando!" Craig Gillespie Craig Wright April 26, 2010 (2010-04-26) 0.70[6]
Tara's new alter, the therapist Shoshana Schoenbaum, has a "session" with Max who is trying to make sense of it all. Marshall is having trouble ending his relationship with Courtney who is perfectly comfortable with his homosexuality and wants them to remain an asexual power couple. Kate is supposed to make an appearance at a comic book store in her Valhalla Hawkwind persona. Meanwhile, a tornado warning in the area is sounded and as the weather worsens, the Gregsons, their gay neighbors and Charmaine take shelter in the basement of their new house next door. Tara rapidly goes through a number of her alters with Shoshana deciding they should have a group counseling session. Unfortunately, she reveals Charmaine's secret. She may also have a clue to a hidden secret from her past.
19 7 "Dept. of F'd Up Family Services" Tricia Brock Dave Finkel & Brett Baer May 3, 2010 (2010-05-03) 0.59[7]
In the immediate aftermath of the tornado, Max races to clean up the house when he learns a social worker will be visiting them to see if he's a suitable parent in the aftermath of his arrest. The stressful Tara isn't much help and her alters emerge at the worst possible moment. Meanwhile, Marshall finally tells Courtney that he doesn't want to see her anymore because he needs help from several of his gay friends - but she just doesn't understand. This causes Marshall's temper to explode right before the social worker arrives-he rants about what he secretly thinks of each member of his family when Courtney calls him a liar. Kate is disappointed when her stint at a comic book store in her Valhalla Hawkwind persona doesn't generate any interest. Also, Neil learns that Charmaine is pregnant with his baby, but she doesn't like the advice he gives her. Tara gets a little too chummy with Kate's friend Lynda.
20 8 "Explosive Diorama" Penny Marshall Diablo Cody & Jill Soloway May 10, 2010 (2010-05-10) 0.56[8]
Kate is less than thrilled with her mother's new friendship with Lynda. Kate accuses her mother of taking away all that's important to her. Kate is also starting to connect on the Internet in her Valhalla Hawkwind persona, but she's not quite ready for what transpires. Meanwhile, Charmaine is still trying to figure out a way to have Neil's baby but stay with Nick. She finally tells Nick what's going on and not surprisingly, he doesn't take it well. Tara's alters haven't made an appearance for a while as she helps Lynda get ready for a neighborhood art show. Max's appraisal of her art doesn't go over well and they have a fight leading a fed-up Max to pay a call on someone. Elsewhere, Marshall grows closer to his gay friend Lionel who shows him more of his reckless world of drugs and partying.
21 9 "The Family Portrait" Jamie Babbit Craig Wright May 17, 2010 (2010-05-17) 0.56[9]
After their fight at the art show, Max spends the night with the waitress Pammy. It was supposed to be a one night stand with no strings attached but the next day Pammy has a change of heart. Meanwhile, Kate is growing a little weary of the lunatics she's met on her website but is intrigued by one client, named Zach, who asks her out on a date. Marshall and Lionel have an interesting meeting with a school counselor. Charmaine tries to get Neil to sign away his parental rights to the baby now that she has Nick on side about the pregnancy. Tara hopes to re-connect with her family through her latest art project, a family portrait. Marshall learns bad news about their gay neighbors Ted's and Hany's separation thanks indirectly to Lionel. Also, Nick asks Charmaine to take drastic measures against Neil.
22 10 "Open House" Jamie Babbit David Iserson May 24, 2010 (2010-05-24) 0.51[10]
Tara is hurt by the news of Max's infidelity. Max holds an open house for his newly finished re-model. Tara and Charmaine ask their mother, Bev, questions about Tara’s childhood memories, but she is more critical and judgmental than ever. Bev changes the subject to Charmaine's wedding and her decision to raise her unborn baby with Nick, despite Neil being the father. Later, Alice emerges and drops a bombshell on everyone. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lionel go cruising at a local park where Marshall has a run-in with Ted. Also, Kate’s new boyfriend, Zach, worries about their 10-year age difference.
23 11 "To Have and to Hold" Craig Zisk Tracy McMillan & Sheila Callaghan May 31, 2010 (2010-05-31) N/A
Tara and Charmaine drive to nearby Lawrence, Kansas to visit the woman, named Mimi, who is from Tara's vague memories. Mimi is clearly the template for Tara's alter-ego Alice. Tara and Charmaine discover that they were placed in foster care with the woman who also tells them that she only took on the "worst cases." When a man walks in Tara becomes T and accuses him of molesting both girls, but he was not around at the time Tara and Charmaine were left in foster care. But when Max arrives, Tara develops a new alter; a five-year-old girl named Chicken (her five-year-old self). Meanwhile, Kate attempts to change her attitude and personality for Zach. Marshall begins to fall for Lionel despite his bad influence over him. Also, Neil leaves town.
24 12 "From This Day Forward" Craig Zisk Diablo Cody & Jill Soloway June 7, 2010 (2010-06-07) 0.63[11]
It's Charmaine and Nick's wedding day at the Gregson house. Tara and Charmaine's parents, Bev and Frank, arrive for the ceremony. But Frank is clearly suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. He is forgetful and mentions something odd to Tara about an absentee sibling. Meanwhile, Kate orders Zach to leave the wedding when his controlling behavior becomes too much. Marshall and Lionel also have a falling out when the political-minded Lionel leaves after he reveals his thoughts that the rules of marriage and monogamy do not apply to gay people like him. The wedding becomes a disaster when Nick leaves Charmaine at the altar after the last straw--Tara acting out as her very young alter, Chicken. After the ceremony, Tara confronts both of her parents about her repressed memories involving her DID, and Mimi, and sexual abuse. Bev finally reveals that back in 1976, she and Frank placed one-year-old Charmaine and five-year-old Tara in foster care for two years because of how difficult it was for the family to deal with Bryce, Frank's illegitimate teenage son who had sexually abused and molested the young girls, and Tara's DID began shortly after they sent Bryce away. In the final scene, Neil returns to cheer up Charmaine.

Season 3 (2011)[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
25 1 "...youwillnotwin..." Craig Zisk Diablo Cody March 28, 2011 (2011-03-28) 0.41[12]
Tara's personalities have returned after several months of quietude. She naturally has no memory of what they're doing, but Buck is definitely looking for her long-lost, half-brother Bryce. Tara decides to go back to college and earn the few missing credits to earn her degree which worries Max a little because he thinks the stress will trigger Tara's alters. Meanwhile, Charmaine's pregnancy is advancing and she welcomes Neil's help and support after she experiences false labor. Kate, who loathes higher education to begin with, is looking for a new job but her past Internet life has caught up with her. Also, Marshall purchases a video camera for his film making class with Lionel.
26 2 "Crackerjack" Craig Zisk Dave Finkel & Brett Baer April 4, 2011 (2011-04-04) 0.29[13]
As Tara begins taking her first Abnormal Psychology class, she transitions into her psychiatrist alter Shoshanna and begins lecturing her fellow students, only to be interrupted by the actual professor, the cynical and mean-spirited Dr. Hattaras, who uses Tara's incident to later embarrass her in front of her classmates as well as to vocalize his outright skepticism about D.I.D. At the same time, high school film students Marshall, Lionel, and Noah set out to make a movie that their teacher won't soon forget. Meanwhile, Max has his own worries when his biggest lawn-care competitor, Larry, offers to buy Max's business which, if Max accepts, would put his best friend Neil out of a job. The timing couldn't be worse, since Neil has just moved in with Charmaine to help bring their baby into the world. This adds to Kate's desperation to get out of Charmaine's house (and away from her life), and she finds an opportunity to leave the country to teach English in Japan... an idea that leaves both Max and Tara less than thrilled.
27 3 "The Full Fuck You Finger" Craig Zisk Rolin Jones April 11, 2011 (2011-04-11) 0.41[14]
Tara is stretching herself thin between college and planning a baby shower for an unappreciative Charmaine, causing Tara to transition without warning. With no time to rest, Tara's alters begin to fight for control of the body, with terrible and physical consequences for Charmaine. Kate's plans to travel to Japan are almost derailed by a natural earthquake disaster, but a chance meeting with a beautiful flight attendant leaves Kate to wonder if there are better possibilities to pursue without permanently leaving the country. Meanwhile, Max must visit his compulsive and insane mother, Sandy, to get her signature and sell the family business to OrgaLawn. A few days later, Marshall returns with Max to help clean his grandmother's house and learns some things about his father's past that make him worry about the strength of his own family ties.
28 4 "Wheels" Penny Marshall Ron Fitzgerald April 18, 2011 (2011-04-18) 0.33[15]
When she finally goes into labor, Charmaine is rushed to the hospital in the same ambulance as Tara and declares that Tara's craziness be kept away from her newborn child, with Neil at Charmaine's side. Tara's stress about her upcoming mid-term exams almost pushes Max to the boiling point. Fed up and frustrated, Tara gathers all of her alters and attempts to make a deal, something Dr. Hattaras finds very intriguing. Meanwhile, Kate is stranded at the airport with a charmingly clueless luggage handler, named Ray, and nervous to tell her parents that she couldn't go through with Japan, but the beautiful flight attendant is there to inspire her once more. Elsewhere, Marshall, Lionel, and Noah use Charmaine's empty house to experiment with each other in new and exciting ways.
29 5 "Dr. Hatteras' Miracle Elixir" Penny Marshall Elizabeth Benjamin April 25, 2011 (2011-04-25) 0.33[16]
Unable to stand the mean and cynical Dr. Hattaras anymore, Tara attempts to drop his psych class, but he proposes an alternative idea to allow her to be a case study of his that Tara's not entirely sure about. Meanwhile, new parents Charmaine and Neil are finding out that raising a baby is harder than it looks. Despite Tara's attempts to help, Charmaine remains committed to keeping Tara away from the baby. Max is having trouble in his new job and finds himself at odds with his new boss. Kate begins Flight Attendant training classes and she finds herself alongside an incompetent and dim-witted trainee named Daisy, and a tough veteran trainer named Bunny. Also, Lionel walks in on Marshall and Noah being suspiciously close and flirty, leaving their relationship and their entry to the New York High School Film Festival in jeopardy.
30 6 "The Road to Hell Is Paved with Breast Intentions" Jamie Babbit David Iserson May 2, 2011 (2011-05-02) 0.32[17]
Tara seems to be making progress with her new contract and therapy with Dr. Hattaras as her alters seem to have found a way to co-exist and life is good. They are respecting each other's space, only coming out when it's agreeable to all. But Dr. Hattaras discovers something disturbing in an audio tape from one her therapy sessions. Much to the sisters' chagrin, Neil invites Tara and Charmaine's judgmental mother, Bev, to visit her grandchild. Neil however has an ulterior motive to ask Bev for money, but she tells them that she is broke after recently putting her Alzheimers-stricken husband into hospice care. As a result, Neil decides to leave town (and Charmaine) for a while in order to go looking for work. Meanwhile, Max is unhappy at his new job but can't talk to Tara about it because he knows that any stress will cause Tara's alters to re-emerge. Also, Marshall and Noah trade ideas on what their next video project should be and find inspiration in old videos of Tara and Max. Elsewhere, newly licensed flight attendant Kate is surprised when a handsome flyer, named Evan, rebuffs her flirting.
31 7 "The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp" Jamie Babbit Sheila Callaghan May 9, 2011 (2011-05-09) 0.29[18]
Max is delighted by Tara's suggestion that he reunite his old college-era rock band, Beaverlamp. Tara is turned away from further sessions by a strangely depressed Dr. Hattaras who is dealing with a personal crisis of his own. Once again, Tara is trying to arrange Charmaine's baby shower despite the disastrous first attempt, but it happens to be on the same day as Max's return to the stage with his reunited band. Meanwhile, Kate finally connects with frequent flier Evan. Also, Marshall and Noah stage a tense, revealing interview with Max for their film festival project. Marshall gets disappointed that Noah won't be able to travel with him at the New York Film Festival for the premier of their short film.
32 8 "Chicken 'n' Corn" Craig Zisk Dave Finkel & Brett Baer May 16, 2011 (2011-05-16) 0.23[19]
A scare at a local corn maze leaves Tara and her alters shaken. Max visits Dr. Hatteras (as does Alice, without Tara knowing) telling him he has an obligation to continue his work with Tara. He agrees, but Alice tells him that one of the alters has disappeared. Needing a break, Charmaine asks Tara to take care of the baby for the day while she goes to a spa where she meets a "fierce mommy". Tara babysitting Charmaine's daughter, Sandra Wheels, goes well at first until Tara comes out of an altered state in the middle of nowhere. She not only doesn't know where she is but has no idea which of her alters had emerged and set off with the baby. Meanwhile, Max and Marshall fly to New York City to submit Marshall's short film, but Max's extreme fear of flying makes a less than pleasant experience, until Kate is there on the flight to smooth things over. Also, Kate lands on a return flight to St. Louis where she meets Evan and his young son who quickly proves to be a little terror.
33 9 "Bryce Will Play" Adam Bernstein Rolin Jones May 23, 2011 (2011-05-23) 0.31[20]
Dr. Hattaras and Tara seek the help of another professional who is the chairman of the college psychology department Dr. Smolow (guest star Robert Picardo) to deal with her violent new alter Bryce. Tara is upset over the disappearance of Chicken but Hatteras convinces her to stick with him and let him attempt to help her. Dr. Smolow tells Dr. Hattaras that he may be in over his head in dealing with Tara's alter Bryce, who was her abusive and violent half-brother and probably the cause of Tara's DID, but Hattaras tells Smolow that he has everything under control. Bryce kills both Shoshona and Gimme. After Bryce tries to poison Dr. Hattaras by feeding him crab, to which he is deathly allergic, Dr. Smolow tells her she must cut all ties with Hatteras and urges her to attend a clinic in Boston that specializes in DID. Meanwhile in New York, Marshall is confused when his short film about Max clearly hurts his father's feelings after Max sees it for the first time. Charmaine hangs out with a group of "chic moms." Elsewhere, Kate continues her long distance relationship with Evan despite the interference of his crafty and impish son.
34 10 "Train Wreck" Bille Eltringham David Iserson & Sheila Callaghan June 6, 2011 (2011-06-06) 0.33[21]
A heavily-medicated Tara rids the house of all Bryce-ness, in preparation for the return of Max and Marshall from New York. Max is shocked to learn of Dr. Hattaras' swift departure from town and is understandably nervous about its implications on his wife's mental health, especially in the wake of shocking news about Marshall's ex-boyfriend Lionel Trane who is killed in a car accident. Elsewhere, Kate and Evan continue their struggle to define their relationship. At Lionel's funeral, chaos ensues when Bryce emerges and causes a violent scene. Later, Max confronts Bryce about when Tara is coming back, to which Bryce responds "She's not," and cuts off Tara's hair.
35 11 "Crunchy Ice" Craig Zisk Ron Fitzgerald June 13, 2011 (2011-06-13) 0.28[22]
Tara's alter Bryce has moved into Marshall's room and is wreaking havoc on the Gregson family. Marshall has moved in with the insane Grandma Sandy to keep distance from his family while he grieves the loss of Lionel as well as his mother, who he fears no longer exists. Meanwhile, Kate is spending more and more time with Evan and his son in St. Louis, while Neil tries to persuade a reluctant Charmaine that moving to Houston, Texas would be the best thing for their child. One by one, Tara's other alters are disappearing, after they all say goodbye to a different member of the Gregson family (the last one killed is Alice, after which Bryce sets his sights on completely taking over by eliminating Tara's original identity). Max realizes he has to take action before Bryce can do any more damage. He decides to keep Buck's guns and pornographic magazines inside Neil's home, which leads to the latter discovering that, before dying, Buck had indeed traced Tara and Charmaine's real half-brother Bryce Craine, who had died in a mental hospital nine years earlier on Christmas Day in 2002. After Bryce attacks Marshall, Tara briefly surfaces, and Max takes the opportunity to drive her to the clinic. On the way, Tara makes him stop the car, tells him she loves him, and then gets out and jumps off a bridge.
36 12 "The Good Parts" Craig Zisk Dave Finkel & Brett Baer June 20, 2011 (2011-06-20) 0.38[23]
In the series finale, Tara finally confronts her last surviving alter, Bryce. After jumping off the bridge, Tara has a confrontation with Bryce in her mind and "kills" him. Max wants Tara to go to the institution in Kansas City, but she convinces him to let her go to the doctor in Boston that Hatteras recommended. Tara tries to get everyone to have one last family dinner before she goes. The dinner does not go as planned-Marshall is still angry with Tara and Max flips out when they ask him to make a speech. He screams and hurls the turducken at the wall. Kate tells Evan that although she would like to be with him, she must stay home in Kansas with Marshall while Tara and Max are in Boston for three months. Meanwhile, Neil eases Charmaine's fears about Houston, and she proposes to him. After jokingly refusing, he accepts. Marshall finally forgives Tara and visits a memorial for Lionel. As Tara is about to get in Max's pickup truck to head to Boston, she sees T, Alice, and Buck silently sitting in the bed of the truck, battered and bruised, but definitely still alive. As Max and Tara drive away, she sticks her head out of the window to enjoy the warm sun and moving air, embracing the unknown future as well as her alters.


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