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Famous for their peaceful community, unique culture with old ballads and chain-dance, hospitality and cosmopolitanism - despite, or due to their isolated islands in the North Atlantic: Faroese people.

This is a list of famous or important Faroese people. In a small island-society of fewer than 50,000 inhabitants, each person can gain certain meaning for the entire nation. The people listed below, are among those who played or play a distinct role in Faroese culture, politics and history. Many of them are renowned outside the Faroes, especially in Denmark and other Nordic countries.


Authors and poets[edit]

Cinema and theatre artists and film people[edit]


Painters, graphical artists and sculptors[edit]

Elinborg Lützen, bust by Janus Kamban. Photo: Ole Wich

Leaders and politicians[edit]



Scholars, scientists and academics[edit]

Explorers and travellers[edit]



Chess players[edit]


  • Jona Henriksen (born 1924), politician, one of the first women to be elected to the Løgting
  • Karin Kjølbro (born 1944), politician, one of the first women to be elected to the Løgting
  • Liffa Gregoriussen (1904–1992), fashion designer and feminist
  • Malla Samuelsen (1909–1997), politician, the first woman to sit in the Løgting

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