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St. Peter church in Zürich (Switzerland)
Aarau railway station clock
Royal Liver Building, Central Liverpool, England
The Royal Liver Building, in Liverpool, England, is home to the UK's largest clocks
The big clock on top of Moni Lazariston building (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Wrigley Building clock, Chicago

This is a list of the largest clock faces in the world.

  • The World's "Largest Timepiece" as recorded by Guinness World Records was created by artist Jim Bowers, with an official diameter of 1.75 Miles. The timepiece incorporated 3 lasers (hour/minute/seconds) at night, and the clocks 48' tall central laser tower acted as a sundial during the day (casting a shadow out to 14 granite numbered slabs embedded in the ground). The "1MileClock" mechanism was engineered by laser physicist, Marcus Hertlein (Lawrence Berkely Lab) and software for the device was created by scientist Tim Black. A total of 58 artists from around the world contributed to the project.
  • Scania Clock is a clock created with 14 Scania trucks driving for 24 hours at an abandoned airfield in Spain, showing on the web the local time where you are. It has a diameter of 300 metres and area of 70,000 square metres.[1]
  • Abraj Al Bait Towers clock in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a 43-metre diameter clock built on a 601-metre hotel tower in front of the Ka'ba.[2][3]
  • Istanbul Cevahir clock in Istanbul, a 36-metre clock with 3-metre-high digits laid on the transparent roof of the mall, built in 2005.
  • The floral clock in Surat, India, a 24.20-meter diameter and each of its hands weighs 800 kg, built by Chennai-based Clock India.[4][5]
  • Kryvyi Rih clock with a dial diameter of 22 meters and a length of a minute arrow of 13 meters. The clock dial is a concrete circle, which consists of 12 sectors planted with 22 thousands of flowers of six species.[6]
  • Central do Brasil clock in Rio de Janeiro, a 20-metre diameter four-face clock on top of a 135-metre tower in a railway station, built in 1943.
  • Duquesne Brewery Clock (Duquesne Brewing Company Clock), Pittsburgh, a single 18-metre octagonal clock built by Audichron of Atlanta, Georgia, in 1933, with 8.5-metre and 6.4-metre aluminium hands.[7]
  • Colgate Clock (New Jersey), a 15.2-metre clock built in 1924 in New Jersey to replace the old Colgate Clock, which was moved to Indiana.
  • Flower clock, Tehran, a 15-metre flower clock. It weighs 750 kg (1,650 lb), and was installed on 7 June 2005.[8]
  • Grozny-City Towers Facade Clocks, Grozny City, Chechnya-Russia, is a 13.6-meter diameter, two-piece clock built on 140-meter height and placed northwest and southeast sides of the highest Grozny City Tower. The clocks were built in September 2011 by Erben Kontrol/ Turkey with 7.30 m and 5.55 m pair of hands.
  • Allen-Bradley Clock Tower in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, four 12.25-meter clocks on an 86-metre tower, started keeping time on October 31, 1962 and was the biggest four-faced clock at the time. Each hour hand is 4.8 m long and weighs 220 kg. Each minute hand is 6.1 m long and weighs 240 kg. The hour markings are 1.2 m high.
  • Colgate Clock (Indiana), a 12-metre clock, built in 1906 in New Jersey for the centennial of the Colgate Company. Moved to Indiana in 1924.
  • The floral clock in Frankfort, Kentucky, a 34 feet (10 m) face with minute and hour hands that are 20 feet (6.1 m) and 15 feet (4.6 m) long, respectively. The clock face is composed of over 10,000 individual flowers.[9]
  • The clock of the railway station Gare de Cergy - Saint-Christophe is the largest clock in Europe with a diameter of 10 meters.[10]
  • The clock of the Aarau railway station is 9 meters in diameter. It behaves almost completely like a standard Swiss railway station clock.[11]
  • The clock on the main building of the Moscow State University is 9 metres in diameter. There are also a barometer and a thermometer of the same size.[12]
  • St. Peter, Zürich, an 8.7-meter clock, built in 1534, the biggest church clock face.
  • Oslo City Hall, an 8.6 meter clock on the east tower south side.
  • Raketa Monumental in Detsky Mir on Lubyanka Square in Moscow, 8-meter clocks with a 13 meters pendulum. It is the world's largest clock movement. Total weight of the movement is 5 tons.
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower, 8-meter clocks on all four side of this 213-meter tower built in 1909. Each hours hand weighs 350 kg and each minutes hand weighs 500 kg.
  • Ostend Leopoldpark: flower clock 51°13′44.38″N 02°54′53.56″E / 51.2289944°N 2.9148778°E / 51.2289944; 2.9148778. The flowerbed has a diameter of approximately 9 m. Its minutes hand, made out of copper and covered with leaf gold (size 4 m) weighs 90 kg, the hour hand (3 m) 70 kg. Originally constructed in 1933 and moved to its current location in 1963 due to nearby road enlargement.
  • Philadelphia City Hall, 7.9 meters clocks on all four sides of the metal portion of this 167 meters tower built in 1901.
  • Shell Mex House, The Strand, London 7.62 meters on a 12 story Thames side building built in 1930 on the site of the Cecil Hotel.[13]
  • Royal Liver Building clock, Liverpool, four 7.6 meters clocks on two 90 meters towers, three on the riverside tower and one on the landward tower, built in 1911.
  • Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, Prague, 7.6 meters clocks on flat 42 meter tower, built in 1932.[14]
  • Emerson Bromo-Seltzer Tower, Baltimore, Maryland, four 7.3 meters clocks on an 88 meters tower built in 1911. The largest four dial gravity clock in the world.
  • Minneapolis City Hall, 7.0 meter clocks on four sides with chimes on the quarter, half, and full hour. 345 feet (105 m) tower. Largest four-faced, chiming clock.
  • Big Ben, London, 6.9 meter clocks on all four sides of this 96-meter tower built in 1859.
  • The Ayer Mill Clock Tower, Lawrence, Massachusetts, 6.75 m clock built in 1909.[15]
  • Custom House Tower, in Boston, Massachusetts, features 6.7-meter clocks on each of the four sides of the 1915 tower, 151 meters in the sky.
  • Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland, four 6.2-meter clocks installed in 2000 on the top of the 237-meter skyscraper built in 1955.
  • Kremlin clock, Moscow, 6.12 meters chiming clock on all four sides of the Spasskaya Tower of Moscow Kremlin. First clock on the Spasskaya Tower was installed in the 16th century; current (fully mechanical) mechanism dates back to 1851.
  • Old City Hall, Toronto, four 6-meter clocks with chimes every quarter-hour on a 103.6-meter tower. Part of Toronto's third city hall (1899), it serves as a terminating vista for Bay Street, and it was first rung at midnight, 1 January 1900.[16]
  • Wrigley Building, Chicago, four 19 foot 7 inch (5.97 meter) clock faces at the 25th and 26th floor levels of 30-floor 425 ft (130 m) tower. The hour hands measure 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m), and the minute hands measure 9 ft 2 in (2.79 m). The hands were originally made of redwood, but were recently replaced with aircraft aluminum for better durability. The clocks are at a prominent position, visible east and west along the Chicago River, and south along Michigan Avenue, and are frequently viewed by people on the street or in nearby buildings to check the time.[17]
  • L'horloge fleurie (flower clock), Geneva, 5 m clock built in 1955, modernized in 2002.
  • Peace Tower, Ottawa, four 4.8-meter clocks with chimes every quarter-hour.[18][19] Named for the thousands of Canadians who lost their lives in World War I, the Peace Tower is the central, tallest, and most dominant feature of Centre Block on Parliament Hill.[18][20] Built between 1916 and 1927 in the Gothic Revival style, Centre Block and the Peace Tower replaced the original Centre Block and the Victoria Tower after they burned to the ground in 1916.[21][22][23]


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