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This list includes all architectural projects realized by Friedensreich Hundertwasser including new buildings, alterations and design of buildings.

Hundertwasser started to work as an architect at the age of 55 already having a reputation as a painter. According to the views of the artist, every person is entitled to decorate his house. Hundertwasser's architecture differs from functionalism and rationalism typical of the 20th century, by his use of bright colors, decorations, distorted lines and the desire to be in harmony with nature. Hundertwasser believed that only a few buildings are "healthy." He made numerous restructuring and renewal of residential and functional buildings and had a reputation as "the doctor of architecture" because he treated buildings by decorating them in order to diminish the visual pollution of the environment. The largest architectural project of Friedensreich Hundertwasser is the hotel complex Rogner Bad Blumau in Austria completed in 1997.

Image Name Year started Year completed Place Country
Mierka Getreidesilo
(Mierka Getreidesilo)
1982 1983 Krems an der Donau  Austria
Rupertinum.JPG Rupertinum
1980 1985 Salzburg  Austria
Wien - Hundertwasserhaus (01).JPG Hundertwasserhaus
1983 1985 Vienna  Austria
Hundertwasser village
(Kalke Village)
1990 1991 Vienna  Austria
Oncological department of the university hospital
(Krankenstation (Onkologie))
1991 1994 Graz  Austria
Textile factory Rueff und Hausnummern
(Textilfabrik Rueff und Hausnummern)
1982 1988 Zwischenwasser  Austria
Hunderwasser Fernheizwerk.JPG Spittelau incineration plant
(de:Müllverbrennungsanlage Spittelau)
1988 1992 Vienna  Austria
KunstHausWien.jpg KunstHausWien
1989 1991 Vienna  Austria
Baernbach 04.jpg St.-Barbara Church in Bärnbach
(St.-Barbara-Kirche Bärnbach)
1984 1988 Bärnbach  Austria
Roiten Dorfmuseum.jpg Village museum in Roiten
(Dorfmuseum Roiten)
1987 1988 Rappottenstein  Austria
Bad Fischau Raststaette.JPG Motorway Restaurant, Bad Fischau
(Autobahnrasthaus Bad Fischau)
1989 1990 Bad Fischau-Brunn  Austria
Hotel Therme Rogner Bad Blumau Kunsthaus.jpg Hot Springs Village, Bad Blumau
(Thermendorf Blumau)
1993 1997 Bad Blumau  Austria
Spiral fountain І
(SpiralflussTrinkbrunnen I)
1994 1994 Linz  Austria
Hundertwasserbrunnen.jpg Fountain at Zwettl
(Brunnenanlage Zwettl)
1992 1994 Zwettl  Austria
Spiral fountain ІІ
(SpiralflussTrinkbrunnen ІІ)
1996 1996 Tel Aviv  Israel
Playa de Mogan "El Nido"
(Playa de Mogan "El Nido")
1991 Canary Islands  Spain
HoutemHundertwasserwkped07.JPG Ronald McDonald Kindervallei
(Ronald McDonald Kindervallei)
2005 2007 Valkenburg aan de Geul  Netherlands
Darmstadt-Waldspirale-Hundertwasser3.jpg Waldspirale
1998 2000 Darmstadt  Germany
Rosenthal factory
(de:Rosenthal GmbH)
1980 1982 Selb  Germany
Abensberg Kuchlbauerturm von Hundertwasser.JPG Kuchlbauer Tower 2007 2010 Abensberg  Germany
Hundertwasser-Kindergarten from Southwest.JPG Hundertwasser kindergarten
1988 1995 Heddernheim (Frankfurt am Main)  Germany
Magdeburg Hundertwasserhaus.jpg Die Grüne Zitadelle von Magdeburg
(de:Grüne Zitadelle von Magdeburg)
2004 2005 Magdeburg  Germany
Wittenberg Hundertwasserschule.jpg Luther-Melanchthon-Gymnasium
1997 1999 Wittenberg  Germany
Hundertwasserhaus-Essen.jpg Ronald McDonald House Charities
(de:Ronald McDonald Haus)
2004 2005 Essen  Germany
Hunderwasserhaus Plochingen.jpg Wohnen unterm Regenturm 1991 1994 Plochingen  Germany
Hundertwasserbahnhof-Uelzen.jpg Uelzen station 1999 2000 Uelzen  Germany
Hundertwasserhaus Bad Soden Autumn.jpg Wohnen in den Wiesen Bad Soden 1990 1993 Bad Soden  Germany
Hundertwassertoilette2.jpg Hundertwasser toilet block in Kawakawa 1999 1999 Kawakawa  New Zealand
Quixote winery.jpg Quixote Winery 1992 1999 Napa Valley AVA  United States
080427 ch altenrhein hundertwasserhaus2.jpg Market at Altenrhein
(Markthalle Altenrhein)
1998 2001 Altenrhein   Switzerland
Maishima waste treatment center Osaka JPN 001.jpg Maishima Incineration Plant 1997 2001 Osaka  Japan
Maishima Sludge Center Osaka JPN 001.jpg Maishima Sludge Center 2000 2004 Osaka  Japan
Kids Plaza Osaka 1996 1997 Osaka  Japan
Countdown 21st Century Monument for TBS 1992 1992 Tokyo  Japan


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