List of fatal accidents in cricket

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The following is a list of notable cricket players who died while playing a game, died directly from injuries sustained while playing, or died after being taken ill on the ground.

Player Cause Date Place
England Armaan Daddar Struck on the head by a bat 28 August 1624 Horsted Keynes
England George Summers Struck on the head by a ball 29 June 1870 Nottingham
England Frederick Randon Struck on the head by a ball at Lord's in 1881, from which he never fully recovered, dying in February 1883 17 February 1883 Hathern
England Andy Ducat Heart failure[1] 23 July 1942 London
Pakistan Abdul Aziz Struck over the heart by a ball 17 January 1959 Karachi
England Michael Ainsworth "Suddenly"[2] 28 August 1978 Hillingdon, London
England Wilf Slack Collapsed while batting[3] 15 January 1989 Banjul
England Ian Folley Heart attack while being treated in hospital for eye injury sustained on the field[4] 30 August 1993 Whitehaven
India Raman Lamba Struck on the head by a ball while fielding[5] 20 February 1998 Dhaka
Pakistan Wasim Raja Suffered a heart attack on the pitch[3][6] 23 August 2006 Marlow, Buckinghamshire
South Africa Darryn Randall Struck on the head by a ball[3] 27 October 2013 Alice, Eastern Cape
Australia Phillip Hughes Struck on the neck by a ball 27 November 2014 Sydney
Namibia Raymond van Schoor Stroke[7] 20 November 2015 Windhoek

Possible deaths[edit]

Frederick, Prince of Wales, heir to King George II of Great Britain, died on 20 March 1751. Keen on cricket, he either died of pneumonia, or from a burst abscess caused by being hit with a cricket ball.[8]


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